Most Influential Japanese Anime In The US

Most Influential Japanese Anime In The US

Have you ever wondered what the most influential Japanese anime in the U.S. is? Perhaps, you might be surprised that is changed American animation in ways no one expected. Not surprisingly, Japanese Animation, or “Anime” as it’s known in the U.S., took America by storm in the 80’s and 90’s. Needless to say, they’re known for exaggerated features, such as big eyes and oddly colored hair. Moreover, popular anime movies and television shows portray fantastic stories, and usually, it’s about some supernatural power, that is just as beautiful to watch as they are entertaining.

For a long time, most American cartoons geared their stories toward children, making them silly and generally wholesome. Sadly (or not so sadly), it stayed away from serious storylines and ideas that pushed the envelope. Interestingly, American kids watched G.I. Joe fight a bad guy and give a life lesson at the end. In contrast, Japanese Anime broke the mold, showing dynamic Japanese anime characters struggling with nuanced emotions and concepts. You know, kid stuff, like existentialism.

With stunning animation, grounded storylines, deep characters, and serialized stories, the most successful anime reshaped American animated programming for years to come, influencing several American spins on the anime style. Here are the Most Influential Japanese Anime in the US.

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  1. Of the anime listed, I loved these growing up: Yu Yu Hakusho and Full Metal Alchemist.

    Of ones that I think should have been listed: Inuyasha, Ouran High School Host Club, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and maybe Clannad or Clannad: After Story. Can't think of what else I liked, and I never finished Naruto enough to list it despite that it was in the video. I recently saw these really interesting series in the last year that I liked as well. They were called No.6 and From the New World. I saw all of these series in the English dub since I don't watch subbed much, if at all, due to personal preferences.

  2. You lost all credibility with me when you left out Ninja Scroll. By the time you got to putting Naruto at #12 I was beginning this comment. By the end and NO inclusion of Inyuasha, Bleach or OF ALL THE NONSENSE no Vampire Hunter D, I just have nothing left…….

  3. ……..(stunned face with water drop) and CRASH! head on the floor legs in the air! "What kind of absurd list was that!?" (yellow and red flashing shout lines) (Pause and contemplate for a moment while making a "aheeea" sound) List 25 puts its hand on its head speaks in a muttering but sincere tone "I don't see what wrong. There's 25 of them and they are in a list so……… My head get massive and raises up eclipsing the entire background, pupils are literally small fires and my mouth is wide, sounding like me but also like a dragon "CONTEXTUALIZE THE SOCIAL RELEVANCE OF YOUR LIST AND EXPLAIN THE OMITTANCE OF OBVIOUS STAPLES OF THIS EXACT TOPIC NOT INCLUDED!" >>> On the other hand the editing was well done 🙂

  4. This list is only the most recent anime… you did not mention 8th Man, Astro Boy, or even Speed Racer… let alone Battle of the planets… these were far more influential in animation than the more recent ones

  5. I only seen Code Geass
    D Grey Man
    Naruto Shippuden
    Death Note
    Dragon ball z
    you still Forgot these animes: Inuyasha
    Sailor Moon
    Guilty Crown
    Black Clover
    and some more anime

  6. Inuyasha, My Hero Academia…the list goes on, yet Clannad also was a good one. My screenname just shows how much anime I'm crazy for. lol I can't list all of them, they're well beyond 25

  7. WTF…no mention of Speed Racer, Eighth Man, Astro Boy, or War of the Planets????? these anime set the foundation of anime in America….NOT these later shows…