Craziest Scientific Experiments You Won’t Believe Were Actually Conducted

Craziest Scientific Experiments You Won’t Believe Were Actually Conducted

Science is fine as long as it involves laser beams and space flight, but every now and then, it can lead to some pretty intense “what were they thinking!?” moments. Of course, if you are a fan of science fiction, you’ll probably enjoy the strange, jaw dropping, and twisted experiments we are about to take a look at, but beware! For some, they may be a bit much to stomach. These are the Craziest Scientific Experiments You Won’t Believe Were Actually Conducted!

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Make sure to watch all the way to the end to find out what experiments made our top 10!


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  1. I agree with your #1, most quickly accelerated man alive, I had never heard of that before and would have guessed it would have been an astronaut. After seeing those rocket sleds in some movie I always wanted to try one, also that G-Test machine that spins, but alas, what amusement parks offer is the best I have managed.

  2. …Mike, It sounds like you stated that Hoffman first took LSD in 1983….I find that hard to believe considering I made two parachute jumps on acid in 1979…(on a side note, I also made 6 jumps on Mescaline).

  3. You were not the only one to notice Lee Fisher. Mike mentioned they were going to play around with the amount or number of facts. To make the channel List 25, even better. They may have more than 25, facts or less depending on how deep they might go or not go into the facts. Maybe you should go back and find that video. Stir things up a bit for more interest, etc. It is a wise move on their part as we all need to make changes in certain areas in a progressive way. With the times and all. FYI. Blessings & wishing you happy holidays. I do not intend to sound short but you are not the only one to notice okay? Have a great day.

  4. If you want to add a 25th experiment, add the one where scientist spent a bunch of taxpayer money to determine whether or not a frog would implode if you passed over it in a car at 35 miles an hour with it perfectly straddled between the Wheels

  5. My pharmacology lecturer told us a true story to illustrate how important knowing exactly what a drug does in a bioassay. While she was finishing up at one uni there was a big conference and the head of the next lab she went to and a researcher at the current lab started arguing over how the formalin test (a bioassay for inflammatory pain) actually worked. So to prove why she was right, the researcher went back to her lab after the conference, injected formaldehyde into the back of HER OWN HAND and documented everything that she experienced over the next few hours. She then typed up her findings and sent it to the person she had been arguing with.

  6. From past research I remember; Dr. Duncan did experiments on dogs first and then terminally ill people and he did in fact find a measurable weight loss when a person died.

  7. Two questions: 1. Number 10 on your list, my husband wants to know "LSD has been around at least since the 60s. How is it that the scientist was the first person to take it in 1983?" 2. My question: Your light blue Disney shirt – where exactly at Disney World did you get that????

  8. In the mid-1950s, my grandfather did his thesis on the effects of LSD on betta fish (aka The Siamese fighting fish). The fish if put-together will kill each other. However, when dosed with LSD, they don't fight and will swim upside down and backward.