How Not To Reboot A Movie

How Not To Reboot A Movie

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The Predator 2018 was a poor film, its writing was weak, and it failed to capture what made the original predator so great. In this video essay I ask why…

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  2. yeah this is why I dont really like sequels and reboots… they aint even that good… and besides the story, the fact that we use cgi and back then they used dolls and models… just makes it more realistic and scary… I mean when we use dolls and realistic stuff…

  3. Глядя на Дениса, играющего за нюрсу, понимаю, что не ту короткометражку назвали "Ужасно медленный убийца с крайне неэффективным оружием".

  4. I find rules are important in films like this. In the original Predator for example we know that the predator sees through infrared and it bleeds therefore we’re able to put ourselves in their shoes and think about how we would deal with the situation. It’s easier to immerse yourself. I struggle with films that involve ghosts for example because it is often unclear what they can and can’t do and what kills them and as such absolutely anything can happen.

  5. Maybe quite late to saying this but oh well, better late than never:
    Fortnite somehow done Predator more accurate then the 2018 Reboot done Predator. If you played Fortnite during Chapter 2 Season 5 you could go to "Stealthy Stronghold" where his NPC was at, and that Predator NPC was MORE accurate to the Original Movie then the Reboot Predator was. And that says something. The NPC was tactic and will attack you when it has the upper hand in terms of Surprise attack, and like in the original movie, he attacks you by surprise when you don't look, he lands the hits he wants and then retreats, preparing his next move. not to mention like in the movie, you can unload on him a lot of ammo and you could either totally miss him or just get 1 hit(maybe more if you can track his movement or you can track him by the sounds of his footsteps).
    So yes, a Battle Royale game can do a better and more Accurate Predator then an "official"(I will rather go with unofficial cause it's pants) Reboot.

  6. Man, there’s another reason I despise this movie and it’s because it disrespects the entire predator culture from beforehand
    Predators are honorable hunters, and I feel like they should’ve introduced another clan of rogue predators so that way it makes sense why they seemingly disrespect Predator code

  7. The trick to make a good horror/comedy is the threat HAS TO BE REAL. Tremors, Slither, Cabin in the Woods, Arachnophobia. All of these are funny, but not parodies. They don’t mock the threat or make the “monsters” the butt of the joke.