Triangular UFO appears in the sky over Amsterdam

Triangular UFO appears in the sky over Amsterdam

This triangle shaped object was sighted near Amsterdam in Wormeveer, Netherlands. The film-maker discovered it to the east outside the village. Since it was windy he first thought at a kite. But it looked larger on the sky and it looked like made of some sort of metal. Also a string was not seen. The object did absolutely not move like a kite. As afterwards the object suddenly flew away lightning fast the film-maker was scared.

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  1. This Triangular Craft LOOKS Just Like Our U.S.A.F ' s TR3-B / anti-Gravity reversed engineered craft ! I recommend That Every One KEY This Up , and Check This Out !

  2. Saw one yesterdag over my house at dawn it was following a plane and stopped in the middel of the sky above my neighbourhood it had the same apearance as this one and it also just blasted away at crazyyy speed. It was not in sandy shores but located in the netherlands aswell

  3. It looks like a play button. We could if you believe it is geniune have gotten that symbol from them in our memories embedded at the back part of our brains. So we subconsiously use it then. Who knows? Pyramids, algebra equations all triangular shapes.

  4. 1:17 Liquid Mercury Plasma, anti gravity air / space craft briefly jumps into and out of "space time." These things are going to other star systems and perhaps through time itself. I don't mind our tax dollars being spent on THIS stuff. Damn…I'd LOVE to be a passenger in one of these just once. I would imagine there are no passengers, just all business on them. 2:06 "warp speed."
    [ For the lack of a better term. ]

  5. Holy shit take this for what you will but I was in Amsterdam 2years ago and I told my friends that I saw a green triangle in the sky that they all said I was full of bs. I saw this with my own eyes this is 100% legit holy shit!!

  6. Fantastic video! Looks like we have made our own UAP. Now if we could just get this tech in the GA aviation sector. I fly a gas piston airplane, I need one of these.

  7. Toen ik hoorde dat de driehoekige objecten niet van buitenaardse oorsprong zijn, maar door de mens zijn vervaardigd, dacht ik dan aan hun toch al hoge technologische reikwijdte, dus waarom gebruiken ze nog steeds raketten om sondes en satellieten in de ruimte te plaatsen?

  8. TR3B. AMERICAN MADE AND DECLASSIFED A FEW YEARS AGO. THERE IS A PATENT ON IT. THIS MAY HAVE JUST BEEN A 3D HOLOGRAM THOUGH. Repent and come to Christ Jesus while you still have time. Most of the world was easily fooled by the plan-demic over the last year and a half and bought into the lying narrative. Yeah, it was a plan-demic, they were talking about it 15 or so years ago and were using the same lingo like "social-distancing". You will only make it to heaven if you give your life over to Christ as things are just getting deceptive. A worse deception is coming. Wait till the signs, wonders and miracles really get going. Some might even think they are from God but they will come against the Bible's teaching and that is how someone will know even though MY EYES are seeing the miraculous I know it isn't of God because He wouldn't contradict His word. Wake up.