Tank Chats #66 Leopard 2 | The Tank Museum

Tank Chats #66 Leopard 2 | The Tank Museum

Tank Chats playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBAEOsdxIbLPFEomzphaZQ0A5Vujkpjd8 Curator David Willey gives chapter and verse on the German Main Battle Tank, Leopard 2, which first entered service with West Germany during the Cold War.

The Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank was kindly temporarily loaned to The Tank Museum by the Historic Collection of the Royal Netherlands Army.

Some stills and footage: © All rights reserved. (AR2011-0034-009, PA01-2016-0139-076, IS2010-3030-24, IS2011-1021-15, IS14-2017-0003-049, B11-ATHENA-020) reproduced with the permission of DND/CAF (2019)

At 8:55 Leopard 2 from The Arsenalen Museum, Sweden.

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  1. 1:55 Ach Du Scheisse! Wie uns damals der Pi-Papst beigebracht hat, warum man S-Drahtsperren gegen Panzer (3 Rollen hintereinander) und Schützen (3 Rollen im Dreieck zweistufig aufeinander) etwas anders aufbaut: "Schützen können springen … [Panzer nicht]" Er hat sich offenbar geirrt; Panzer können doch springen.

  2. Angling isn't really the purpose of the chisel shaped addon-armor modules, at least not in the usual sense of the word angling.
    If that were the case, the lower half would just create the mother of all shot traps.
    No. This armor works by purposefully letting the projectile penetrate it and due to the angle and several other plates at different angles inside the package, either make the projectile tumble or break it, before it impacts on the main armor.

    Most sources I saw say that they did not use Chobham armor, but instead chose a perforated steel armor with ceramic inserts.
    The perforation of the armor is supposed to give a penetrating projectile a path of less resistance away from the inside of the tank, thus diverting it and the ceramic elements are supposed to scrape and grind the projectile.

  3. Fun story.. Was in Munster 2010.. Driving on a road with my bike. Bike started to sound extreamly strange. Eased on the throttle to try and isolate drivetrain of enginge …… a rumbeling strange noise that I felt in the saddle .. looked right and on the field beside me approx 10 meters I was overtaken by a leaopard2. I was going .. 40 he was going more. I curse the day I didn't have a actioncam while driving…

  4. Isn't the current size of the German military in violation the treaty of Versailles? Also its a violation of that treaty to have tanks, planes, or machine guns I think.

    Just cause the nazis invented Germans military vehicles doesn't mean its legal to manufacture them, especially without license of acknowledgment of the original inventors of said vehicles, weapons, and tactics.

  5. Also just to add on to what David Willey said about the Canadian Army's adoption of the Leopard 2 at the 18:30 mark of the video, I remember a while back that there was a huge kerfuffle around the old Leopard C2 tanks not having air conditioning, and armored soldiers were passing out due to heat exhaustion from the intense Afghanistan heat in Kanadahar province. I think that also had a huge role in getting the Canadian Army Leo 2's as a news report stated that these tanks were fitted to fight an anticipated cold war that never materialized and were as a result unsuited to operations in Afghanistan.

  6. 1972 I remember going to the ranges and my father told me not to go past the tree line as the germans were testing a new type of lepard tank. From my memory it was very similar to this one.

  7. "Composite armor doesn't have an advantage by angling it"… said every "expert" who never have done armor penetration calculations or lack even the basic knowledge of what composite armor means in the context of tanks… this and the "muh magic compressed ceramic" armor must been some of the greatest counterintelligence ops in history, we are decades on and "experts still believe and spread the patent absurd.

    It's all NERA, all angled NERA arrays all the way down. You use external boxes because you can put more of the array inside, and it's easier to build, but the arrays themselves are angled and benefit greatly from it, more so than non reactive armors (but they still do.)

    One should be ashamed of spreading BS like this. Go home, go look yourself in the mirror and just stop.

  8. @7:04 they show a Leopard 2 and what I assume is the WWII Tiger tank in the same frame. It is amazing how much bigger, sleeker, and more powerful looking the Leopard 2 is compared to the Tiger.

  9. All main gun for western tanks made within Germany, the Rheinmetall Rh-120 my smoothbore tank gun. And even now the enormous 130 mm gun is being looked at. The French are looking at a 140 mm gun. The infantry must love seeing these weapons on patrol missions. “The biggest stick in the valley” is without doubt so true as these modern monsters could pick out a flash on a mountain.

  10. Really germany and rotten USA should work together or maybe for the worst build a thing together, even with the UK people that has not worked in car building. And americans or nothing more mostly as an UK that escaped from that island. We where mostly build thing with the east, we never have an good relationship with the west.

  11. The arrowhead on the A5 model and onwards is actually completely hollow. Apparently if a penetrator dart enters this hollow compartment with its full length before strinking the actual armor it gets destabilized and again apparently the hollow compartment is at the right size to basically turn the dart 90 degrees and hitting the turret front flat.

  12. Fun Fact: Its far easier to take out and put back the engine of an Leopard 2, compared to CV90.

    I am a mechanic in FDF, do work on Leopard 2a4, 2a6, CV9030, XA-180 and multitude of general use trucks, etc.