🔥 War ESCALATION, and Endless War? 🔥 Donbass

🔥 War ESCALATION, and Endless War? 🔥 Donbass 1

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Video 01:56 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dIaBgpo_JA
02:17 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlSVBEKFHe0


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  1. My heart goes out to The People. Here in USA they are asleep. It could happen anywhere. Those perpetrating these acts are evil imho. It cannot be any other way. It feels unnatural to me. Thank you Graham fo your fair and heartfelt reporting. If one feels then I guess it means we're alive and human.

  2. Грэм,спасибо!Правда все равно пробьётся,благодаря Вам в том числе.Удачи Вам,смелый человек,

  3. Graham vielen Dank dass du die Wahrheit zeigst was da passiert. Die Faschisten aus Kiev werden zur Verantwortung gezogen werden. !!!! Gott schütze dich Graham. Sei vorsichtig!!!

  4. Thanks Graham, good reporting.
    I think the separatists are going to have to retaliate for this, surely there's only so much they can take before getting angry and retaliating.

  5. I'm glad that people in Donetsk start to realize all the horror that Russians have brought on Donetsk soil- the Ukrainian land. As Ukrainian economy is growing and economy of occupied territories is impaired due to the corrupt terrorists that proclaimed themselves as a 'government', more and more people will demand Donetsk back under civilized Ukrainian rule. GLORY TO UKRAINE!

  6. Mr. Phillips, Thank you for the reporting. Our western media is so corrupt that I cannot watch any television any longer. My heart , MY AMERICAN HEART, goes out to these people. As far as I know there has not been any shelling in Kiev, Dniper, Kharkov or Odessa etc. since WWII. Seems a bit odd. God bless the people of the Donbas.
    I especially like your ‘people on the street’, interviews without edits. What lovely people you have found there.
    I any one would like to troll my comment then keep in mind that I will stand by my principles and any troll can go sit on a mine. Your friends, I’m sure have plenty.

  7. Thank you Graham.

    It is helpful to see the news from these areas. What can be done..?
    The western policat are will fully turning a blind eye to this warfare and bloodshed on Europe’s doorstep

    It is disgusting that all the NGOs are trying to illegally bring radicalised fighting age men from Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan etc to Europe – yet Ukrainians – be they ethnic Russian or Ukrainian or separatists – continue to fight and die so close by.

    Our humanitarian and forces disengagement soldiers should form a buffer between the warring sides.

    Ukraine can only win by killing the people of Donetsk. Surely, this must be stopped. UK foreign policy is forgetting suffering of our neighbours.

    Let’s stop focusing on Africa and offer resources to Europe.

    What would be a useful means to help?

  8. Why President Trump gave Petroshenko USA military drones Reaper+ Predator + lethal Raytheon missiles? Does he not see how these poor people in Donbass are being shot within a genocide killing corral? So shameful…Feminist Nuland & Lunatic McCain behind the overthrow of a duly elected President & the five years of brutal war against the 3,000,000 civilians who speak Russian in Eastern Ukraine. Shameful how much hate Congress hates the Slavic Peoples!