UFO Hunters: FULL EPISODE – Crash and Retrieval (Season 1, Episode 4) | History

UFO Hunters: FULL EPISODE - Crash and Retrieval (Season 1, Episode 4) | History 1

Want more History? Catch new episodes of In Search Of Fridays at 10/9c! In August of 2007, in the Mexican towns of Ciudad de Valles and Xilitla, reports of “a …


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  1. A lot of good it does, to hide, someone's identity, when there's a man wearing mirrored sunglasses showing your reflection. And, with today's technology, it wouldn't be hard to zoom in to identify the two men. LOL

  2. Background information on the series bills it as reality television. Facts are indeed presented. But even in the context of the History Channel there is an emphasis on dramatic elements and entertainment value. The evidence is not presented in a totally detached, clinical manner.

  3. What I have always noticed about this History Channel TV series ist how the UFO Hunters
    are always saying…"We need more evidence to solve this UFO case file."
    This ist quite useless commonality to every UFO case file they have investigated.
    The American UFO Hunters have "never solved" even one UFO case file. 🙂

  4. I hear these guys were just too good at their job and they were taken off the air. This show was too good to not be still be on the air. I believe the US government should you guys are getting too close and you're letting out too many secrets and pulled the plug. The guy with the cap, I can't think of his name at the moment but he has since moved to the supernatural programs on TV. Bill Brown or something like that is it? Anyway, this is one of the better UFO shows that was on today too bad it's not on anymore.

  5. that's funny but I see ufo's just seating on my porch at night I see them so much that it's not even funny, it is a lot of them flying around up there in the sky.

  6. Why is the older guy wearing a pea coat and everybody else is in t shirts in the desert its hot these guys jump to conclusions real fast no proof of anything morons show me pictures and real proof ,i seen ufos in and around seattle and alaska watch the night sky with a teliscope or binoculars u will find them

  7. I wonder why life has to be so hard, I wonder why life has to be so evil and cruel, I wonder why life has to be so spooky, I wonder why we can't just be left alone to just live the life we were given, I wonder why there has to be so many mysteries, I wonder why we are here

  8. Well its interesting that Mexico was able to recover "supposedly" wreckage of a alien wreckage beings America covered up Roswell after first calling it a alien wreckage and later calling it a "weather ballon".

  9. Roswell was a cover up that was kept hush hush cause if the American public new that aliens were coming here that people would panic. And in a sense they would. When we act like we are so ahead of our time like the tv show star trek, but in reality we panic every time we here about a UFO landing here we have like small bursts of panic attacks. Sometimes the brain can't comprehend the discovery of a UFO has come to our earth to visit us. People at first you are intrigued then you are fascinated but you are still in a protection mode of your self and your loved ones. The excitement you feel at first stays with you until you calm down. It's not every day that a human being is contacted by an alien from another planet. We are not alone. We are a speck of dust amid zillions of particles that live within our existence.

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