25 Missing Person Cases That Haunt the Police

25 Missing Person Cases That Haunt the Police

There’s only so much the police can do to find missing people. In the best case scenario, clues are left behind, helping the police piece together the puzzle and solve the mystery. It’s also vital they start searching within the first 72 hours. After that window closes, it’s much more difficult to find a missing person. The leads usually turn into dead ends and the trail eventually goes cold. Without anything to go on, the best the FBI and the police can do is keep the file open and hope something comes up that helps. As you can imagine, this is not only aggravating for the missing person’s family, but also for the brave men and women assigned to the case. And, as days turn into weeks which turns into months, those missing people act almost like ghosts, haunting the police.

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  1. You're cute thick and cuddly beard haver. Very cute. You sound just like you look. That almost never happens. Thank you for getting these faces out there. Good job.

  2. Ive looked into the Mark Himebaugh case since he lived in my town. Thomas Bukcavage seems so gulty. I really think he did it but they cant prove it. I hope he gets justice one day

  3. Hi Sir. I am from afghanistan, my uncle is missing since 1989-1990 from afghanistan , at the age of 18 he have left the country (afghanistan) toward pakitan. once we heard that he is in pakistan and after that don't know any thing about him up to now
    his name is sayed Nader S/O Ahmad shah, how you can help me sir? guide us please I don't have any pics of him

  4. #list 25 re my sister missing when I was 17 suitcase found in motel outside Winnipeg Manitoba Canada that was in the summer of 1980 / 81? Hiedi Davidson. She would have been around 14 thx she lived with mom we the rest of us lived in CAS until adulthood all separated from each other. She had run away from mom and our older brother.

  5. Men love killing women… especially young girls. Most of these women have been randomly murdered. A guy will go out for a beer and see a girl and just take her, rape her and kill her. Guy gets off work and see's a woman and will pull over, get her and kill her then goes home and kisses his wife. They love pretty young blonds. Sad.

  6. Its heartbreaking that they disappeared and were never found. My brother went missing for 3 days and I remember the feeling of terror I went through. I found him safe but without any help from the cops. They dropped the ball with my brother but thank god I found him.

  7. Missing person number 11 is actually a much bigger and more complex case then was presented here. His mothers were two lesbians who have adopted quite a few mixed race and black children. As first they were held up in the community as being really substantial citizens and then it started to go bad. I suggest that you look into this one and get all the facts as it will really startled you