Honda leaves UK amid Brexit business fears

Honda leaves UK amid Brexit business fears

Workers at the Honda factory were given the day off today after receiving confirmation that they will lose their jobs by 2021.


The company says it didn’t take the decision to cut 3,500 jobs lightly, but with global changes it was left with no choice. That’s little consolation to the workers, though. We spent the day talking to many of them.


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  1. To avoid unnecessary political problems, companies would not directly say they will leave due to Brexit. But come one, if you are not Aspergers, you can understand what the issue is.

  2. This is.not true. They and Nissan made the decisions before Brexit but with idiotic climate change fears they will not have a viable market in UK.
    How are they to generate electricity for electric cars?

  3. Can you imagine the subsidies the government offered to bmw maybe buy the place and to keep the factory going.??? British Leyland didn't work the why now?

  4. The brexiteers are all losing their jobs hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahah breath hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahah. Skit, it serves you all right hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  5. The title is: Honda leaves UK amid Brexit business fears yet Honda announces they are closing due to popularity in Electric Cars and car industry changes where is anything related to Brexit? Just in Channel 4's scaremongering video titles.

  6. That is wat brexit means to lose businesses and jobs, you have voted for. Out of the single market already nearly 100 businesses came only to the Netherlands. The EU have given England the entrepoint to the EU, but that is over now. And i hope that Europe will get another European financial centre, instead of London.

  7. Do your research, Patrick Minford, the economist that Jacob Rees Mogg relies on haas already said “Brexit will all but destroy manufacturing in the uk” post Brexit. (This was said in 2012) They’ll be no protection and certain industries will be run down like the coal industry. The government already know farming, car and manufacturing are all but finished. don’t be fooled, Brexit and no deal Brexit will be the nail in the coffin for certain trades…. Swindon voted to leave… Sunderland voted to leave…. wales voted to leave. This is a generational disaster…. do your research folks… seek the truth. With a Brexit deal with Europe we might have a chance…..

  8. Business is not waiting to see what will happen in the uk, they make plans and forecasts, look at Dyson moving headquarters. Do your research, and stop hood winking yourself with 13 other reason why…..

  9. If overseas companies of other national origin leave the UK isn’t that a good thing to reduce competition for UK companies encouraging and enabling growth for them here? If companies come to the UK like from America and China and other nations, if the country wants to become a corporate haven, it can be. The incentive now for that to happen is that we don't have any of the restrictions being in the EU like regulation for instance has, so the bigger picture is important not to forget.

  10. the bias of channel 4 is crazy. everyone is saying it's the uncertainty (which is the daily of the remainer government) which is causing the problems. but channel 4 spins it to blame prospect of Brexit. oh and just like Japan, the UK could have a free trade agreement with the eu if remainers anc the EU allow Brexit to go forward. your job is to inform people, not to push your agenda onto them.

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