How the Nationalists Won the Spanish Civil War (ft. History w/Hilbert) | Animated History

How the Nationalists Won the Spanish Civil War (ft. History w/Hilbert) | Animated History

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Dawn without End by Zach Heyde

Long Note Three by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Antonio Salieri, Twenty six variations on La Folia de Spagna
London Mozart Players
Matthias Bamert, as conductor


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  1. How did the Nationalists win the the war? Fortune favors the bold! Republicans fought mostly a defensive war and more often than not was reacting rather than acting. Citizens and foreign volunteers against a disciplined military force. Yeah didn't see that coming?

  2. i think you overestimate the participation of Franco on the previus time of the war.
    For undestanding the civil war, you must understand well 3:30. Spain was a land full of different ideologies. All of those didnt match very well in one side or the other, but all had to choose side. The army was separate between 2 groups. The continentalist, rich military whit tradition and good family, and the africanist, not so wealty who goes to africa for a better future. among the africanist there was very thought and hardworking militars, who got a realy good reputation between population. One of them was franco.
    But actualy, the ones who started the rebelion, where the continentalist. Those ones tried to get alliances and africanist where one of those alliances, franco where actualy not joined the rebelion untill the last moment.
    All continentalist leaders, died the same day the coup was done. Coup was a complete fail. Only 2 survive and the territory they got, was actualy the worst. But the africanist turn it back whit the ofensive on andalucia, the shouth of spain.
    The interestering point, is that the 2 only left leaders of the rebelion, died short time after franco started to gain power. Both of them died in a plane crash, differents planes crashes in 2 different planes. In both cases the pilot was the same, in both cases the pilot survived.

  3. Please, you don't have to confuse the word nationalist with "nacionales" because this is not the same. The word "nacionales" means "to belong to a nation and love her" very different than nationalist what means extremism. The word "republicans" applied to frente popular parties is not correct because this group of parties falsified the eleccions on 16 february 1.936, so they to usurp the spanish government, and then, they started two illegal process: an bolxevic revolution in order to kill all the burguese class in Spain and an holocaust in order to kill all the Catholic Church and all your authentic believers. This is a very important criminal behavior against Humanity that lead the nation to war. During the war, the reds, tortured and killed many thousands of innocent people into the chekas, an invention from sovietic communism by Stalin.

  4. The author of this video are very confused about mister Gil Robles, because he never said what the author put in your mouth. In contrast, mister Largo Caballero, the leader of PSOE, said the socialist go to the war if they don't won the election on february 16 1.936. Mister Gil Robles, the leader of CEDA party, didn't was a fascist, as your political adversaries want, because he was a very authentic christian leader who promoted the democracy in every moment and practice ever a goodwill behavior, although the evil behavior of your adversaries. Were this who start killing innocent people on 17 february 1.936 in order to kill all the burguese class into Spain and robber them. Also, the frente popular parties, then to usurp the government started an holocaust to kill all the Catholic Church which costs almost 7.000 religious life and a lot of thousands of innocent civilian life along the civil war. In the red Spain were working along the war about 400 chekas, where a lot of innocent people were tortured and abused in many ways and finally killed and left your body without sepulture. Is supposed the innocent victims of red Sapin were about 70.000. You should remember that and the cruelty used always by red army against your own troops and all the rest of people.

  5. Spanish Republicans were full of Communist traitors selling out their
    gold reserve to buy Red imperialist weapons & inviting NKVD
    murderers to slay priests & burn down churches all over Spain.
    Glad the "insurgent" side didn't lose & Spain was spared from
    turning into something like Khmer Rouge Kampuchea.

  6. Nationalism will always defeat communism because their ideas are so different! Nationalists unite behind the nation, always, whilst communists will always squabble with each other

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