What Would a Trip Through the Past Be Like

What Would a Trip Through the Past Be Like

Well, hello, there! I’m Fernando, Fern for short, and today’s my birthday! To celebrate this event, I’d like to take you on a journey through my life…. All 360 million years of it! The history of the planet where I (and you, for that matter) come from started about 4.6 billion years ago. Before I came around, a lot of cool stuff had already happened.

Oh, how interesting would it have been to see the first liquid water appearing on Earth 4.4 billion years ago. 3 billion years ago was when the first photosynthesizing bacteria appeared. The earliest land fungi that started growing 1.3 billion years ago are also worth mentioning. But I feel pretty bad for them when the land got completely covered with a thick layer of ice 850 to 630 million years ago! Glad I wasn’t around yet! So, guys, are you with me? It’s gonna be fun!

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What the Earth looked like before I was born 0:31
The largest known insect 😱 2:40
The Golden age of sharks 3:10
A creature I’ve never met before 3:39
How I saw the first land dinosaur 🐉 5:13
When everything is becoming enormous! 5:44
The Triassic-Jurassic Extinction 6:13
The first blood-sucking insect 7:20
My first love… 💕 7:37
The day I’ll never forget 8:22
Who is it? The first primate! 9:08
One of the most beautiful creatures ever 10:16
Oh, those guys look a little bit like you! 👦 11:11

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– 485 million years ago, jawless fish appeared. They were the first animals with real bonesю
– 370 million years back in the past, some plants developed special tissue that started to produce wood. That’s how forests of tall massive trees appeared on Earth.
– While before this time sharks looked more like huge eels rather than deadly torpedo-shaped predators, they now have well-developed teeth and a whole variety of forms and shapes.
– A real reptile as you know them today doesn’t appear until 305 million years ago. At around that same time, other kinds of reptiles started showing up: the ancestors of modern-day crocodiles, snakes, turtles, and tuatarasю
– More and more different species, including new kinds of fish, are appearing in the oceans. That was about 251 million years back.
– I remember seeing the first land dinosaur ever about 225 million years ago. It has a small head sitting on a long neck, and you have no idea how flexible this neck is!
– About 201 million years ago, I witness one of the most —biggest events ever, and that’s the Triassic-Jurassic Extinction. It wipes out countless animal species both on land and in the oceans.
– It’s 155 million years ago, and I hear some annoying buzz. It’s the first blood-sucking insect, also known as no-see-ums.
– The mass extinction occurred 65 million years ago. It wiped out all the dinosaurs and half of other animal species.
– Also, a million years after the extinction, with the giant reptiles out of the way, mammals become the dominant species.
– One day, approximately 60 to 55 million years ago, I see a bizarre creature. It has a long tail, climbs the nearby trees, uses its thumbs, and has a family! Later, I find out that it’s the first primate.
– 35 million years ago I have to start fighting for my home – grasslands begin to expand and diversify, and I do my best to fend off the invaders.
– Starting 25 million years ago, it’s as if this planet exploded with life! The first deer, hyenas, giraffes, bears – my neighborhood got a lot noisier almost overnight!
– About 4 million years back in the past, I see one of the first creatures that look a little bit like you, my friend. It’s an Australopithecus, believed to be your close relative.
– About 350,000 years ago, the first archaic humans called Neanderthals appear.

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