25 Biggest Box Office Movie Bombs of All Time

25 Biggest Box Office Movie Bombs of All Time

What movie do you absolutely hate? If you’re like most people, you probably have a few movies that you saw recently or in the past that you just couldn’t stand.It could be the lack of chemistry between the actors, the absence of a plot, or the bad graphics.Whatever the reason, there are some movies that not only do horribly according to critics. They also do pretty badly at the box office. Maybe a poorly-made sequel just failed to make the cut, or a movie based on a book simply couldn’t compare. Did any of these 25 Biggest Box Office Movie Bombs make it to your “worst movies” list?

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  1. The movie I hated the most was "Druids". With such a great historical event (the Gauls rising up against the Romans) you would think there would be something redeemable. There wasn't. Chris Parry from eFilmCritic.com summed it up pretty well…"Beyond the laughable writing, direction, editing, production design and acting (isn't that the whole movie?), the storyline is almost incomprehensible. If you can keep up with what the hell is going on here from one scene to the next, you're probably way ahead of the editor, who seems to have been on crack cocaine at the time he was working on the film."

  2. Ok man, A bad movie isn't necessarily a bomb.
    Spiderman 3 actually made a crap load of money.
    Blade runner 2049 is a really good movie and it bombed because it's a sequel to a 30 year old cult movie and will satisfy only a certain amount of people.

  3. I got thinking about movies I absolutely HATE and you gave me one answer when you mentioned remakes. "Star Trek: Into Darkness" was HORRID and I barely managed to get through it the only time I've watched it. Granted, part of it was I can't bare to look at Cumberbun's ugly face, but the fact they took my beloved "Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan" to put their own bent on it was the biggest insult. As one meme I saw said, they rebooted the ONLY movie from the prime ST universe that didn't NEED to be rebooted in any shape or form.

    I'm a major, tried-and-true Monty Python fan, and I loathed "the Meaning of Life." I don't know why, either, just something about it rubbed me the wrong way. After my friends and I left the theater and they were hooting and hollering about it, I just said, "THAT SUCKED and I'm NEVER going to see that movie ever again!" I liked Mr Creosote and I loved the Galaxy Song (since I already knew it), other than those two bits it was awful.

  4. Aw come on, some of those movies were great. Ballistic was an action movie…lots of shoot-em-ups and explosions. Pure mindless entertainment (I wasn't looking for depth when I watched this.

  5. Don't remember if I commented on this post before, but one of the worst movies i ever saw was Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow. It was the only movie I ever fell asleep in a movie theater, that's how bad it was imho.

  6. You're great for saying "Remakes are bad"! My parents actually saw Istar in a theater… lol. I got a Redbox of "Identity Thief " with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy and could only watch about 40 minutes before returning it.

  7. IF anyone to like a movie, Gotta Love the characters, If you don't, you won't give a CRAP about the character, you not going to like the movie…Love the plot, (Story) If you don't love the story, your not going to care at all.

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