UK election: Trump attacks Labour leader – BBC News

UK election: Trump attacks Labour leader - BBC News

President Trump has launched an unprecedented attack on UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn on the day he launched his bid to become the country’s Prime Minister. The US President said Mr Corbyn would be bad for the country and heaped praise on his rival Boris Johnson. Mr Corbyn hit back, accusing the president of trying to interfere in the election.

BBC North America Editor Jon Sopel and Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg look at the extraordinary beginning to the UK’s election campaign, with analysis from John Pienaar.

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  1. It's O.K for the biased BBC to interfere in our elections and referendums with their constant Anti-Brexit, Pro-Globalist rhetoric though apparently…This is why I stopped paying my TV licence.

  2. Talk all the smack you want this American is safe knowing we carry the biggest stick! We have the best healthcare all the worlds sick giving a choice would say USA hands down to receive treatment. All of our minorities and womens employment is highest ever as a nation our economy strongest it's ever been. Our trade is renegotiated to benefit the usa! And as soon as your broke ass European countries start paying 2%towards your military as the agreed plan then we can stop sending OUR military to whipe your asses. Trump is a business man not a politician!! Now you see there's a difference politicians sell out their country for greed and gain . Where trump is exposing the corruption !! But hey follow Corbin that ensures you as a nation won't progress you will either stagnate or regress. Either way we still maintain the superpower in the world !! So hate all you want. We're rich ,fat and happy. While you wait in line for healthcare.

  3. The leftwing BBC and anti-Semite Corbyn seem to forget how Chris Steele interfered in US 2016 election. The friggin UK can't even carryout BREXIT passed in 2016!!!! Good grief.

  4. Apparently Trump saying a few words is interfering in a UK election. What about all the politicians from the UK that were slagging off Trump before the 2016 election. Hypocrisy 101.

  5. The BBC slipped up big time here. At 2:07, Obama makes a veiled threat to the British people and the BBC commentator said that 'it backfired' and that there was a 'backlash'. This is the BBC admitting to promoting the Remoan agenda and expected Obama's intervention to work in THEIR favour. So, that's the 'lack of impartiality point'.

    After showing the Obama clip, the BBC exposes its rank hypocrisy by objecting to a similar intervention from Trump and its dishonesty by claiming that Trump's intervention was unprecedented.

    Now then viewers, you had better pop out and buy that television licence… BBC lies must be propagated at the sheeple's expense.

  6. Trump is just a law unto himself. In this era of post-truth politics, people will vote with their feelings. Objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. Labour gets my vote every time.

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