UK election: Prime Minister rejects Farage Brexit pact – BBC News

UK election: Prime Minister rejects Farage Brexit pact - BBC News

Boris Johnson has rejected the suggestion from Nigel Farage and Donald Trump that he should work with the Brexit Party during the UK election. It comes as the Brexit Party launched their campaign, with their leader calling on the Prime Minister to ditch his deal with the European Union.

Deputy Political Editor John Pienaar reports on the Brexit Party campaign launch, and Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg interviews Boris Johnson.

Part of coverage for the BBC News at Ten.

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  1. He's so desperate to get a foothold isn't he, after all, the globalist turncoat will find it much easier to distroy Brexit from within, if he can't achieve that, he'll have to water down the vote for Boris as much as he can & just hope we're stupid enough to vote for him instead !

  2. The days of 'landslide victories' and 'majority governments' are over. The UK is too polarised and divided. Whomever wins this election will not attain enough seats to run the country efficiently. The UK is dying before our eyes.

  3. e Tories knew what direction the EU was going when they signed us up Dont trust them vote Brexit party they have already started throwing money at voters promising them more money in their paypacket dont trust them

  4. This farage is a curious figure. He is a disaster capitalist hiding behind a facade of UK zealot with underlying themes of nationalistic proto fascist attitudes. This is similar to themes of religious zeal, interpretive intolerance and extremism found in for example, high Islam, North Korea, the USSR or plutocratic [ eg Cuba pre Castro ], fascistic [ Franco's Spain, Pinochet's Chile ] or theocratic societies. However, the next issue to consider is if Brexit is in fact secured and then fails [ economically, culturally, politically etc ] will those leave 'purists' he courts as a result of capital insecurity, show a sliding scale of demands for EU re-entry and/or the resignation/prosecution of those MPs etc [ Gove Johnson Mogg Banks and so on ] for what some consider to be the blatant exploitation of a naïve electorate? After all, Brexit would not be the first high belief system to prove inefficient or simply impracticable: take ancient Cyrenaicism, the poll tax or 20th Cent communism for example?

  5. Yet Remain parties will form a coalition, what a total load of trash it's just a total con. The end result will either be an absolute weak waste of time Brexit or a second referendum where people will vote remain just to end the circus. Anyone who still believes in politics should head straight to the nearest psychiatric assessment centre. I said it at the start and will say it again, whatever the establishment wants to happen will happen regardless of the "democratic process" they claim to be in place. Globalism is the greatest evil of our time.

  6. all people please go to search and try to comment(39 found dead in lorry 'were Chinese nationals' – BBC News), BBC please tell your people ,39 are vietnam ,shame of BBC!!!!!!

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