Watch again: Nigel Farage launches Brexit Party's general election campaign

Watch again: Nigel Farage launches Brexit Party's general election campaign

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This morning Mr Farage is launching the Brexit Party’s election campaign in Westminster.

Arguments have raged in the party in recent weeks about whether to field a large number of candidates, including in Tory target constituencies – which some senior figures say could benefit Labour – or to concentrate resources on a small number of potentially winnable seats.

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  1. Farage has not got the balls for UK government and everyone knows Bojo will never change the deal with the EU because that's already been agreed so why are we still in Europe ? No one actually knows who is running the country, Bojo lost everything against overwhelming traitors from those that were voted into office to uphold democracy but in fact killed it, now these scumbags are saying, 17.4 million people never knew what they were actually voting for so we're have another vote, and to be fair IF we vote ''leave'' again then on that result along we leave the EU automatically but will we ? I bet every penny I have in the world this will never be

  2. boris is saving us thousands of pounds a year with his deal because we wont need meps anymore because we wont need to be represented anymore as we wont have a say in anything to do with our country we will still have to pay billions into the eu but they will control all our forces our borders and we wont be able to do anything about it we will be like greese treated like dirt and of course will will join the euro and go bankrupt still why should that matter we fought 2 world wars with germany and millions of people died for this countries freedom and now we give it to germany why did we bother when all it takes is an egotistical idiot to surrender england to the germans

  3. Its time for genuine leavers to vote for the Brexit party. The Boris deal is no better than May's deal, just camouflaged. I think it is absolutely stupid that people keep voting the Conservatives and Labour out of tradition. Heck with tradition.

  4. I love this manifesto but would like to include; Outlaw zero hours contracts. Any company with large numbers of UK customers must have a UK based contact centre. Change company law so that Directors of LTD companies are made responsible and cannot just walk away with their Customers money when the company fails. As well as a minimum wage, introduce a maximum wage. No-one is worth millions of pounds a year. Scrap the second home scheme for MPs and instead construct a purpose built hostel for those finding it necessary to stay overnight in London. MPs salary increases to be kept inline with official RPI increases. All recipients of NHS healthcare to provide evidence of entitlement. Posts such as Chief Police Commissioner etc., to be filled by someone having worked their way up through the ranks. Outlaw "Golden Handshakes" and huge pensions for "Captains of Industry and finance" who are proven to have been failures in their role. Adopt a more rigorous approach to clawing back money from convicted criminals, even if their families suffer as a result. Make prisoners work to earn their keep. Lot's more I can think of, but probably too long a list for here. If I knew how to do it, I would like to start a website which calls for a boycott of any company that moves production out of the UK. Lastly, I would ensure that Water, Gas, Electricity, Phone, Broadband and Public Transport companies faced strict control over their charges and were to forced to adopt the providing of service as their priority rather than Shareholder's dividends.

  5. I just can't wait to see Nigel Farage be burnt in Hell for all eternity, for the evil acts that he has committed, against the United Kingdom and our European Union!

  6. So what's Farage's plan?

    How many years has Farage had to come up with a Brexit plan? 20 years?
    He's been given hundreds of millions to do this.
    Yet still nothing.

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