Reaction to Barcelona's loss vs. Levante: Griezmann looks lost – Ale Moreno | La Liga

Reaction to Barcelona's loss vs. Levante: Griezmann looks lost - Ale Moreno | La Liga

ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Sebastian Salazar break down what went wrong for Barcelona in their shock 3-1 loss vs. Levante in La Liga. Moreno says that summer signing Antoine Griezmann still looks lost in Barca’s formation and questions whether the team’s on-field vulnerabilities come down to the players relationship with embattled manager Ernesto Valverde.


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  1. The one solution would have to be to play a 4-2-3-1 back 4 alba umiti pique semedo. Then busgett and de jong. Middle dembele grietzman messi. Lastly suarez. Semedo has a sub. Author can sub either busgett or de jong. Vidal can sub grietzman for defence. And dembele has a sub fati

  2. Semedo out of position. Roberto out of position. Griezmann out of position. No width. Firpo on the bench. Suarez starting. Valverde saying "it's normal". Smfh

  3. Barca problem isn’t the coach either Barca just fail to replace players like Xavi and iniesta and Messi is having a hard time been highly effective without players like that which is cause Barca’s decline . The problem with teams these days as soon as the a team lose a few games everyone wants the manager sacked..Its the same energy they had with Luis Enrique after wining two la liga title the champions league, super cup

  4. I think Barca should play a 4-2-3-1 Attack

    Dembele. Griezman Messi
    De Jong. Arthur
    Alba. Lenglet. Pique.smendo
    Ter stergen
    Would give griezman more of a prominent role and allow him to rotate with saurez from CF to ST time to time and have chances of macking runs

  5. If velverde remains the manager, players like cautinho, griezmann will become ordinary.
    It feels like tactics are just to pass the ball to messi and see if he can produce the magic.
    Players like griezmann shouldn’t have signed for barca at the first place considering what happened with cautinho.

  6. We will be much better if we find what griezmann actually want. He was more defends than attack in the match. Find him solution or lets sell him januar and exchange neymar.

  7. I think looking at FC Barcelona, even though yes they won back to back La Liga titles, they are playing like a team that doesn't really have a clear cut strategy and is playing game by game based on instincts which will catch up to you and it's catching up to them now. People talk about Valverde, forget Valverde he's a prop at best because the team flows through Messi, which is a gift as well as a curse. I believe now more so than other past two seasons the players are managing the team. Some key players are dictating the team play team decisions and that's why they are performing the way they are now but credit to them for being able to do that the past two seasons and get two or three titles. If you look at the defense apart from Ter Stegen everybody is inconsistent and some like Pique are absolutely obsolete and should only be starting some games. If Alba is not fit, Junior Firpo should be given the nod automatically because he had one bad game and then he raised his game in the next three before he got injured. Semedo should only start and play as a right back. Midfield not much of a concern except how to rotate Busquets and Vidal. Up Front someone has to put their foot down and say Suarez you will start mostly from the bench and come on and Griezmann will start. Another team issue is fitness; Barcelona cannot play or are taken out of the game against teams whom play high octane football. In terms of sacking Valverde, even though it is warranted but with the current team climate, which is unmanageable, who in their right minds would want to come in and deal with this.

  8. Barcelona will fail in Champions League quarters or semis losing bad AS GUESTS again. They were warned long ago to change that coach! It will be the same like vs Roma and Liverpool. They will get destroyed as guests vs some big club and that will be the end of their CL campaign. Messi won't help them at all! Get some famous coach that knows how to set the team up gor away games! That's the missing piece for this Barca. They are waaaaay better than Liverpool or Roma. Just the coach DESTROYED them. Get some great coach instead of this nobody, and watch Barca dominate every competition!

  9. Sure Valverde needs to be sacked and he's a terrible coach but are we going to act like Suarez hasn't been terrible in the Champions league the past 3 seasons. He's constantly missing easy chances for goal and is slow can't outrun any defender. He's always trying to pass the ball to Messi when Dembele, Griezman and Coutinho(when he was there) are in a better position. He hasn't scored more than 3 goals in a single champions league season the past 3 years, and when Barcelona play away he's non existent. Idk how Barcelona fanboys still claim he's the best number 9 in the world. Another player who needs to be benched is Pique, sure he always sticks up for Barcelona on social media and defends his Team from trolls online but he's a liability on defense on the field. He's terrible in the Air therefore barcelona aren't a threat from corners considering his height is useless on offense and not great on defense. His decision making is slow and takes forever to pass to Arthur or De Jong so they can start a play. His passing is terrible through the air. Yet you fanboys only defend both Pique and Suarez because they are close friends with Messi. Im a Barcelona fan but definitely not a fanboy. When Barcelona got rid of Samuel Eto and David Villa they were at a higher level than Suarez has been the past 3 seasons it's time for him, Pique, Rakitic to be benched or sold.

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