Watch again: Nigel Farage reveals Brexit Party's 600 general election candidates

Watch again: Nigel Farage reveals Brexit Party's 600 general election candidates

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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice give speeches and present 600 MP candidates.

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  1. In 1965 Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia. We were poor and had no money ; no army and no navy; Today we are a rich nation with one S$1 equivalent to RM 3

  2. Singapore is a small nation; we survive; UK is a big country and should be able to survive even better than singapore. Boris and Nigel are more intelligent than Lee Kuan Yew

  3. Wales is labour country rule by kinnock family, one of them are married with the prime minister former. She was labour. 3 million pound houses in the world. Steal from the from the poor. She fitt in to the kinnock family.
    Million and millions in the bank. Look at Tony Blair, million of pound in the bank and 5 houses around the wordl.
    They are the real labour, like communist. The leader live the good life. stealing from the poor.

  4. Dont be traitor to your country vote brexit or all them people who died in wars died in vien because we fought for freedom why not now we not babys we can look after ourselfs

    People who remain are traitors or foreigners and im sure EU planting loada foreigners in uk to try tip votes i think if this happens all 17.4 million brexit people shpuld riot and teach the goverment who pays there wages who votes for them to take our money we got mugged off need be fixed we need out clean break brexit

  5. We need to do a complete demolition job an LABOUR and some TORIES and Liberals who have taken this country from being DEMOCRATIC to a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP. I would have liked to have seen there UNDEMOCRATIC names plastered all over the country, and they should be brought to book. (TRAITORS TO DEMOCRACY)

  6. I love Nigel's comment " . . but it won't be splitting the vote, because WE are the only party actually offering BREXIT!" Meaning, the Tories and the others are not actually offering Brexit. The Tory Party is the party of BRINO. Only the Brexit party really actually offers BREXIT.

  7. The 'deal' Boris wants to sign is a legally enforced treaty and hands over control of our Defence and Security services (with guaranteed future funding) to the EU. YES buried within the Withdrawal Treaty Theresa May removed our objections to the EU Defense force, guarantee unlimited future funding for it and passed control of our armed services to EU control. We also cannot take any action in defense of the UK without agreement from the EU. BTW it has been said that this isn't a surrender document!! If we sign this we are no longer a sovereign nation.

  8. hung parliament, labour snp alliance, no brexit, independent Scotland, unlimited immigration- you'd better believe it. oh and Boris will lose his seat. our society is lost. we must fight to liberate our land.

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