Schizophrenia Myths

Schizophrenia Myths

There are several myths about schizophrenia that can prevent people from seeking help for their condition. Knowing the facts about schizophrenia is an …


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  1. I feel sacred sometimes going for work or even to do regular activities, feel like people will insult me or yell at me! Is this the symptoms of schizophrenia? Why this happens? Can anyone tell me something!

  2. Do you want the chemical formula to make one cause i know tuning forks real well and oscillators and can point you in the direction of then cymetics used also they turn your bodies into a inverse transducer / receiver and i know some of you had their wisdom teeth taken out as well, The reason i know this is because ive been investigating medical privately and came to the conclusion that the system derives off of a form of psychoacoustics and bone conduction which ive been studying transducers and different matter to recreate a liquid inverse transducer using cymetic , Thought is bass demodulated and transduced in the auditory lobe threw the apex of the basilar membrane here is a great comparison Lightning produces thunder but thunder is not lightning it is a by product of light which is reverb that follows the guidelines of the laws physics your brain produces electricity so to hear yourself think then demodulation occurs in ears this sound then returns back to the brain to be received to then be interpreted in the broca, The same process is called auditory transduction which is the basics of how we all hear , Now medical likes to claim that this memory in the past tense hippocampi located in the left hemisphere of the brain which sits near the left auditory lobe which plays a role in muscule memory since the broca is connected to then past tense hippocampus and has shorter wavelength to travel since the nerve is shorter the nerves from the creative cortex which medical creates the augment that it is you memory creating relentless thought which is both true and false since their point fails to acknowledge that thermal physics needs to be applied, The First law states energy cant be created from nothing so something needs to produce a reaction , This is were bone conduction comes in Thought db can sit anywhere from -3 to -7 Db which audio in bass layering this is the data demodulation for sound to be interpreted by the conscious but audio that goes even lower will produce a subconscious reaction , Since language is perceived some what universal just like colors which we all agree blue is blue then vague words can attach themselves to memory these simple words like house , dog ,cat and car, truck when placed with word like "Your" taps into that interpretation like a conversation for instance if i asked you to think of your Car but if you only had one in you life that will be the memory that pops into your brain but if you had more then one car then this will create a reaction to the limbic system that retorts that memory to the present not past tense words that are rhetorical and personal to a person will experience different stimulation and imaging due to personal experience which is the variable of why schizophanics all see different delusion's behind there eyes, Now how is this possible i tell you its called noicereceptors , The mind needs to interoperate pain which there are two receptor A and D which are slower then the rest the reason for this because pain is a square to sine wave pulse waveform A and D receptor speed is around 0.25ms to 0.27ms which electricity is 0.45ms to stimulate pain with out even feeling it is as simple as 1.25 volt charge for the people say this is impossible lick a 9 volt battery did you die no but your broca was stimulated , This will send signals to the broca which then lights nerves in the central speech cortex this is the carrier wave for the audio , ok with explaining this now for people who want to know how and why they might feel anxiety, nervous and fast heart rate this is because your cns has been over clocked from pico electricity , countless cases of electrocutions and people who survive share similar symptoms ironically but how to direct such electricity to the body iys called inductive positive to negative polarity which is Alternating current which is faster then Directed current but low inductive Electromagnetic fields produce this current and voltage for instance your wifi router is producing light which is paramagnetic on a positive charge and decelerates around the electronic which is receiving the signal , Mri dye uses this method with infrared camera to get your gaba scan which the main ingredient is GD 64 and Aluminum now this will cause a paramagnetic reaction to blood and a sub layer to the next step which is to lower epidermal reaction in skin this is where bauxite oxides come in when you digest this oxide it will leave aluminum since hydrochloric acid doesn't dissolve and this byproduct will make its way to the spleen and lymphatic system this is the first layer when this happens it bonds with fluoride and iron creating that base ions and metals that are used in radio technology a tuning fork which you would need to do the math for mass, volume and density for the atomic ratio of aluminum and apply that to this basic formula AL+2,Fe+2,F+2,Gd+2 This will take a toll on Na and K production in the electrolytes as well on top of Ca+2 so long term will most likely cause hypocalcemia and hypoglycemia , So question is whats that resonate frequency from what ive found the safest is ultrasound at 3ghz 50 to 60mhz which can contain additional data bins which infrared can carrier to penetrarte the skin all it take is 1.7 ghz and a multi layering deceleration processes of the right forms of magnetics and wen this reacts to the body and hits bone you then have a liquid bone conduction connection but if you want data to come back then you will need calcium tungsten so there you @t

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