What is OCD?

What is OCD?

People with OCD experience obsessions, which are specific thoughts that are intense and intrusive. Treatment options may include ERP and medication.

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  1. I said numbers and comands everytime i turn of TV.
    Even i go to restroom.
    Even i wake up. Closing and opening my eyes in order with numbers. It's gone when i'm 10. But i got slow processing disorder. Everyone does their assignments in time. But i'm the only one does so late. U don't imagine doing 2 hours work for 10 hours. I just wish to die to make it stop.

  2. I awake in the middle of most nights, get up and vacuum, dust my house, mop floor, start a wash and start dishwasher. I have gotten up in the middle of the night to give myself a manicure? Who does this? Am I OCD? I don’t know, but this has gone on for years.

  3. I just learned my brother has OCD on his 5th birthday. But searching up and learning that donald trump/ the president on America and other famous people have it, it calmed me down a little

  4. Online lectures was really bothering me… I rechecked whether I've submitted my quiz like 100 times..I'm scared if I mistakenly pressed "unsubmit". I made sure to carefully press the home button on my screen.. this whole ritual is exhausting. Then I realized, maybe I do have OCD. I have the same problem with checking doors.

  5. I’ve had OCD since I was a child, the thing I do the most is check if I flushed the toilet, as I’m using it I repeat to myself “remember to flush” and when I do I’m like “cool now I won’t double check” but I still had to check 3 times and even then I had to resist the thoughts to go and check again, it only stops when someone finally uses it after me, having dirty dishes anywhere makes me extremely uncomfortable and I will spend hours every day washing dishes and re washing them, I love to write and I always got an A+ on my essays but I write them quickly (15 minutes) and then I use all the rest of the time to read it over and over and change anything and even after giving my teacher my work I always asked her to grade it right there for me so I could take it home and rewrite it completely at least 3 times, she knew about my issues with OCD so she always did and she always tried to tell me I probably didn’t even need to look over it again after I finish and just turn it in but we both knew I couldn’t do that, at work sometimes it makes me a really good worker but others it made it really hard to work, most of the time it helped and I ended up over working myself, and ended up in the hospital, odd numbers make me extremely uncomfortable. Its so hard sometimes, I can’t work on my writing or art because these things won’t allow it, I can’t do anything else until my mind is at easy and I know I’m not forgetting anything.

  6. Guys i am here to help you tell me what is the problem and do my best, i used to destory thoughts easily.
    we can talk together on whatsapp and also explain your problem here so people can learn.

  7. It's been some years I have weirds habits but since a few months it has gotten worse. It started thinking about it, did some searches and founded out about this. It's not only ckecking things, it's doing things that doesn't make sense like turning around to look behind me for no reason, counting things, reading what's written everywhere, repeating myself things like a list of what I have to do… When I read something I often read sentences twice or three times because I'm afraid I didn't understand well. I understood I do that to calm my mind but it doesn't work and it stressing me even more. There are also sounds that are irritating me. Intrusive thought are things like "I'm going to die if I don't do this", "I'm going to be sick" "I'm going to be alone". It's making me afraid and because of these things I'm often late and sometimes getting yelled at… I am lost and I don't know what to do. I never told anybody about this because of the shame I have and it's so difficult. I fear people judge me, not understand or don't care. I'm glad I said it here, it kind of made me feel better.

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  9. I just found out that I used to have OCD when I was really young. I never told anybody cause I didn't understand it and it was scary. I used to think I was going to die if I didn't jump behind my door when people came up the stairs. Only being 4-8 or something at the time I was so confused, stressed and frustrated. I used to not be sure I did things and tap against walls and things because I thought I would miss out on my dinner if I didn't. I somehow stopped over time. I am just realising now and wish I could have gone back to tell my younger self that it wasn't me being stupud! Now I have anxiety (which I think may be partly due to ocd) and depression. Isn't life great…

  10. Well i don't know whether this is an OCD or not but one thing that i know it is exhausting and i keep thinking about it every time. It's all started since the corona virus came, i washed my hand till it gets so dry because i could wash It for 13 times a day. Today, my pin fell to the ground, i hadn't washed it yet but my mother picked it up and she didn't wash her hand. I'm just crying right now, i can't control my mind, if only i could washed all the walls in my home with disinfectan every time i go to the office, i would litellary do that. I really wanna cry, i'm afraid. Oh my it feels like It's swallowing me in my thought.

  11. I have ocd for like 5 yrs now, tho not as much as it used to before (thanks to the doctor who treated me) I still have the residue of it in my mind. Honestly, I’m writing my experience as an ocd guy. It started out of nowhere when I suddenly realised I was not clean enough. That triggered this ocd thing and it started becoming worse and worse as I went for bath like 2-3 hrs cleaning myself thinking I wasn’t clean enough (while taking bath) and using up to 3-4 medium soaps completely. Then after all the treatment (thanks to my mom and the particular doctor) I’m rid of it but not completely. I still do wash my hands frequently when I touch a table, cloth or anything outside my room. I even wash hands with soap even after eating. Now I constantly keep applying sanitizer thinking of this VIRUS. It’s hard to stop washing my hand as I’m forced to do it without even knowing myself. I also keep my hands mid air up or put it inside my pockets or cross my arms sometimes when walking or sitting on the sofa or just casually. Due to this, I’m forced to not to go anywhere as I think I’ll be made fun off or people might think I’m mental. Don’t know why I’ve got this disorder and how lol.

  12. Things I stopped doing since age 12 because of my OCD:

    Read a book. (I can't read a line without rereading it 3 more times)

    -Play the guitar. (I get strong urges to touch certain parts of the guitar while in the middle of a song)

    -Ride my bike. (I'll have to push both feet in front of the wheel for no reason, which hurts like hell)

    -Sleep peacefully. (I have at least 5 compulsions that take at least 3 minutes each whenever I crawl into bed)

    -Get out of bed to get water. (Whenever I re-enter my bed, I have to redo my original bed compulsions)

    -Solve a Rubik's cube. (I can't make it a few seconds in without touching compulsions. This sucks because I used to be able to do it in about 10-15 seconds)

    -Do many exercises. (Especially push ups, I have to do an even number of them or a certain pre-determined number which wears me out and leads to injury)

    -Think. (Whenever I think about a situation in my head, I have to redo certain parts of it until it feels just right. It usually takes 8-16 tries, but only an even number of tries of course)

  13. If you stop fighting it ? You can't stop cuz your brain is overreacting.  You get a thought you freak out.its obssesses you you try to stop it n a cycle sets it.  because you don't know how to react to it.. Thinnikng about is is the way to go because you have to understand it wen it comes . the goal is to be able to think bout any thoughts n react like normal ppl without this condition ..

    I'll give you cpl axamples i had ocd bout my dad ..i would throw something out the window (littering ) n id get a automatic thought that something will happen to my dad..i was automatically telling myself nothing is gonna happen n was telling myself no no no this is not true nothing will happen to my dad.i was taking that thought back untill it felt right…So what does that mean ? I didn't allow thinking something would happen to my dad..n if i did id get into a cycle of unthinking a thought .repeating untill the thought would not bother me..So your not allowing your brain think my dad is gonna get hurt if i don't re do my thoughts..( obsess )  until it felt right..but it comes back..n wen it comes back you fall back into a cycle of doing it untill u get relief…So the way i got well was.Fine let something happen to my dad…i was scared as shit but anxiety would go away after a while..So what did i do? I allowed my brain to think of my dad getting hurt..You allow a thought in ur head ..it caused anxiety n eventually it goes down n ur able to think bout the same thought but.not obsess about it…

    I also had slight OCD bout washing my hands n being dirty…you mentioned it n u mentioned bout stuff being contaminated. ..

    Id take a shower n was my back n arms n shoulders n I'm like I have to go back to rewash my back cuz it's dirty.but i already washed it.thn i have to rewash my arms again but i know i washed it.. N id keep doing it till the thought went away…..I did not allow my brain to think I'm dirty.n my skin is dirty.in that part of body..so you keep washing keep washing u till u believe it's clean . You have to allow your brain to allow that you might be dirty here or there .it will cause anxiety.panic but eventually it will go away..once u get it once thn u understand how to deal without doing the cycle..

    I also had to wash my hands at the sink cuz i just had to get perfect thought .it was bout turning water on n off while washing hands..so if i was done n turn water on n good thought was there id go on my way..but if i had a thought come in my head once i turned water off .wash my hands again n hopefully next time the thought isn't there no more wen i turn water off…the solution if the bad thought comes to my head while turning off water is to be like ok..i have this thought im keeping it .im allowing this negative thought n im not cycling i don't need to again ..it will cause huge anxiety after while goes down n ur better……..You have to allow your brian to think you might be touching contaminated stuff.you have to allow your brain to think you might be still dirty after washing…Im not saying your contaminated or the objects are wen your allowing your self to think that but im saying you have to allow your brain to possibly think yea it's dirty.yea it's contaminated….But you don't wanna allow your brain to think it's contaminated or dirty..When you don't allow your brain ..your blocking thoughts..your ingoring them..they come back stronger and cycle starts…..The long term realief is in the obsessions your obsssesing bout…untill they dont bother u no more….

    Allowing your brain to actually those things happen to you…doesnt mean they will happen but your allowing to think about them happening..

  14. Me being 15, I overreact alot already, my OCD had made life alot harder but im slowing learning to live with it. So if you’re reading this. You’re not alone.❤️

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