We for one think it’s a welcome change to see a desi man expressing love for his significant other.

We for one think it's a welcome change to see a desi man expressing love for his significant other. 3

We for one think it’s a welcome change to see a desi man expressing love for his significant other.


We for one think it's a welcome change to see a desi man expressing love for his significant other. 6


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  1. Most of the outrageous men must be having relationships with different girls at one time, but yet somehow they are offended by a married couple’s kiss

  2. This is not the right thing to do. If they are husband and wife it doesn’t mean they start kissing like this in public. This is shameful we as a Muslim and republic of Islam need to see and ponder upon where things are going.

  3. Sarwat gillani had many times public her piks out of moral values…… Why still this nation hadnt become used to of it….. :/

  4. Many of them from this outrageous moral police will be sleeping around while having a phone in their hands to show how angry they are at a married couple showing affection.

  5. The way mostly desis comment about love ,sex and relationships issues; at times it feels like either they were test tube babies or were descended from the trees. #RIPcommonsense

  6. “We for one think it’s a welcome change to see a desi man expressing love for his significant other.”

    Dawn you need to understand Pakistani men are very affectionate towards their affectionate other and we are certainly quite expressive (evidence is our population size), however, we prefer not to display our affection for our better half to the likes of you for you to make money out of it or pass judgement over.

    And there is no hope for these wanabees…let these attention seekers keep reminding us how desperate and shallow they are to keep themselves relevant in our minds. Since they’re not getting work so frequently so perhaps this a desperate attempt to stay relevant and alive in our minds…typical B grade celebrity thing!


  7. Why is it offensive and awkward if a husband kisses his wife in public but really adorable and cute if a non-mehram kisses a woman? I dont see any harm in a man showing love and affection to his wife in public, if a husband wont be kind and affectionate to his wife, then is an outsider suppose to do that to a woman?

  8. That’s the stupidest thing to spark rage ffs.
    A married couple. And this PDA wasn’t in Pakistan where it isn’t culturally acceptable rather it was abroad where it IS culturally acceptable.
    This nation doesn’t has its priorities right.

  9. They are a married couple and they should have the freedom to kiss in public if they want to in a foreign country. Grow up Pakistan

  10. Can someone define PDA please……. Exactly, we all have a different opinion, definition and have a different approach to everything. The amount of money media is making off of our time wasted in stupid arguments, we all could have done something productive with all that. BTW, who the EF are we to judge someone? Are we guaranteed to enter Jannah by wasting our time on stupid crap like this? First of all, if we are that pure, how the heck did we even find out about this? Oh wait, by scrolling through our halal social media?

    We came in to this world for two reasons,
    (1) don’t live and
    (2) don’t let anyone live.

  11. People want to see some violence and maar peet of husband wife not Public Display of Affection… Booo… Should have slapped her instead of kissing thats what gets u respect in Pakistan… Thats the real love to live for… Kuch pta nai hota aik to in actors ko

  12. With utmost humbleness to all those supporting PDA, affection and love have been considered pvt throughout history. It’s a moment that no one is supposed to witness or peak at. Ironically, the more the people worry about privacy, the more they breach it themselves. Also if someone supports PDA then do tell what’s the difference between animals and humans; who supposedly are the best of the creations. Animals also reveal their AFFECTION publicly.

  13. What is wrong with these people.
    How do they think they were born.
    Their parents were affectionate and it’s ok to be happy about it.
    There are hadees about the Prophet being affectionate to Bibi Ayesha and Muslims are supposed to emulate the Prophet.
    Grow up, guys.

  14. I am not going in too much depth. But well the media is playing a huge role to spread out it to the people who are not following these cheap people on Instagram to go and check their profile how they are.
    #ڈالرکےناجائزاولاد #میڈیا #Media

  15. For a country that has the highest population in the world, they sure are touchy when it comes to PDA. They’re married, who cares, they’re in Italy, romantic getaway. If you don’t want to see their pic than don’t, nobodies forcing you!

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