CrossTalk: De-escalating

CrossTalk: De-escalating

Over the past week, we have heard a lot about escalation, de-escalation and what is proportionate. We have also heard the word ‘war’. This is how the US-Iran conflict is described. What is not talked enough about? The necessity of ending the American military presence in the Middle East. These endless wars must cease.

CrossTalking with Mohammad Marandi, Christopher Neiweem, and Ali Rizk.


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  1. All the drones and helicopters were airborne and dispersed. US lost no equipment. US servicemen were certainly not sleeping. Per training, they took up defensive position in protection bunkers.

  2. There is nobody with half a brain that didn’t know that Iran was capable of a strike like the one they launched.
    Everyone knew Iran has the capability to cause major major damage so to say that Iran’s strike was a complete shock to Trump so he decided to stand down is preposterous.
    The reason Iran informed Iraq who in turned informed the Americans of the missile strike was to make sure no American lives were lost that way Khamenei saves face and Tehran doesn’t get turned in to Baghdad.
    Trump looks like a bad ass Khamenei looks like a bad ass both made billions with the spike in oil prices and now they’re all happy

  3. Under Trump, the US has no foreign policy at all. It is now a sh..hole form of gangsterism, at a level of barbaric proportions. The US arrogance and ignorance are paving the way towards its own isolation and it's allies detaching from them. There is no doubt that the US is rapidly losing its grasps as well as its relevance globally.

  4. Iran may suffer heavier in a war with The US on it's soil, but the US can't get away unscathed either. They know it's going to be financially draining and there are their other contenders like Russia and China who will the upper hand.
    So, the US wouldn't dare go into a war with Iran.

  5. I like Mohammad Marandi dude more and more everyday.He is smart and well educatet person.Quick thinking dude.I am Sebian,agnostic so no one can say i have particular love for Islam.But i think Persians are good (like any other nation) they are smart and have great cultural heritage (far greater then USA or Saudi Arabia for shure).

  6. American guest (Chris) was as dumb and uninformed as a box of hair!! The idiot looked like he didn’t even finish high school. He should use the GI FUND and get some education before it’s too late.

  7. I think the American guest did well, outnumbered and in 'enemy territory'. It is interesting to have diametrically opposed opinions discussed without too much aggression. The whole world needs more of this. I like to listen to both sides and then have my own opinion instead of having it shoved down my throat by propaganda 'news' talking heads. Good show, invite Chris back.

  8. In Response to Ali Rizk comment, what would be the purpose of making a new deal with Trump if in 1 or 5 years term a new administration comes in, and directed by the Military complex and the companies with interest in the resources of that country it is directed to pull out again and end up in the same situation we have today. A deal was already made and it should stand

  9. Russia will end up with the middle east. What is to be expected, when the US used an actor (Regan) to destroy the USSR, joked about in Team America. The US lied and now surround Russia. Stop leaders dragging your country into wars before someone in your family comes home in a body bag, that is if enough pieces can be found.

  10. Chirs … just take look back of your proud country… using atomic bombs on Japan killing over 200000 people… Vietnam war killing 100000… creating Al Qaeda …. making up 9/11 … yes 9/11 it was your own job CIA and Mossad job was ..and inviting Afghanistan and killing over 2000000 people … Iraq killing over 5000000 people… Libya …. Yamen … over 5000000 people so far killed in both countries….. and Syria destroyed Syria by supporting different terrorist group …. and more importantly creation of ISIS yes ISIS was created by USA …. so go drink your beer over your proud country …. USA should fuck of from Middle East ……. because if they don’t they will go out in body bags…

  11. Independently of how well the respective leaderships might manage the "de-escalation", the U.S. is utterly fucked, in the ME., for the many pro-iranian forces-at-large will take aim, at the U.S., opportunistically… Not only external organised forces, but also the common man-on-the-street will take aim at the american-on-the-street… The beginning of the end, for the U.S….

  12. In my opinion such these escalations caused from the irrational Trump's decisions!. We have a famous proverb in our literature in Iran which says: The tilting load never reaches its destination! and thats why non of the US political demands is not find out during the Trump administration!

  13. Chris you can't be blamed for your views of the world. After all that's all you,and many Americans have been taught. Most Americans even believe Trump has defeated ISIS,including Trump. When most of us know,which is factual , had it not been for the Russian,and Iranian intervention more innocent Syrians would have been slaughtered by ISIS,and other American backed groups. Not to mention America would have gotten the regime change they were after in Syria. It has just been made public that the chemical attack in Syria was staged,but no mention of that in your mainstream media either.. What was it general Clark said he heard? 7 countries in 5 years. Yes America the great.

  14. "de-escalation"
    Warmongers don't want de-escalation, that's why we call them warmongers. Mark my words, Iran *will have some 'freedom' attached to bombs forced upon them very soon. This war WILL happen. The USA have just not created a convincing false flag…yet.

  15. Russia-China-Iran have to fight a Vietnam War 2.0 in Iraq sooner rather than later. If US make another big war in West Asia, it will affect India's economy severly. Then India will ditch US as unreliable, unfaithful maverick chaotic country

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