The Senate passed the Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill, 2018, which makes it m…

The Senate passed the Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill, 2018, which makes it m... 1

The Senate passed the Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill, 2018, which makes it mandatory for employers to grant 6-months paid maternity leave and 3-months paid paternity leave.

As per the bill, the leaves policy will be applicable in both public and private establishments in the federal capital territory.

“The employees of every establishment shall be provided six-months paid maternity and three-months paternity leave as and when applied by employees, separately from their leave account, commencing from the date as applied by the applicant in the application and supported by a medical certificate,” the bill said.

The bill will now be sent to the National Assembly for debate.


The Senate passed the Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill, 2018, which makes it m... 4


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  1. On one hand pensioners saving in national saving schemes as RIC is being subject to tax 20-30%. How can pensioners be tax filers . In absence of any social security, pensioners saving is their sustenance. In situation like this, it is wise to come up with paternity paid leaves. Laws should be made in view of broader picture and not focussed attention.

  2. بچوں کی ویلیفیر بارے ایسے شاندار فیصلے کے بعد پارلیمنٹ کو طلاق یافتہ افراد کے بچوں بارے بھی ایسی ہی دلیرانہ قانون سازی کرنی چاہیے۔

    پاکستان میں طلاق کی بڑھتی ہوئی شرح کی وجہ سے ایسی بچوں کی تعداد ھزاروں کو تجاوز کرنے کو ھے جو عدلیہ کے رویہ کی وجہ سے بھیڑ بکریوں کی طرح ماں یا باپ میں کسی ایک حوالے کردئیے جاتے ھیں اور نان کسٹوڈین پیرنٹس سے ان کی ملاقات مہینے میں ایک آ دھ بار احاطہ عدالت میں ایک آ دھ گھنٹہ کیلئے ہی ھو پاتی ھے۔
    نتیجتاً یہ عدالتی رویہ انہیں زبردستی کی یتیمی کی زندگی بسر کرنے پر مجبور کر دیتا ھے۔ حالانکہ یہ بچے بھی جیتے جاگتے انسان ھیں جن کے اپنے جدا گانہ حقوق ھوتے ھیں جن کو کسی صورت کسی دوسرے کے مفادات کے تابع نہیں کیا جا سکتا ھے۔ لیکن قانون اور بچوں کی نفسیات سے عاری ججز ان کا بھرپور استحصال کرنے میں مصروف ہیں۔

    اب پارلیمنٹ کا فرض ھے کہ ایسے بے بس اور مظلوم بچوں کے لیے بھی ایسی ٹیکنکل قانون سازی کی طرف توجہ دی جائے کہ وہ اپنے ماں اور باپ دونوں کی شفقت اور توجہ یکساں طور پر حاصل کرسکیں اور ماں یا باپ میں سے کسی ایک کے جذبہ انتقام کا ایندھن بننے سے بچ سکیں

  3. Okay so the parents in the provincial systems are not parents a mother in the province doesn’t go through the same pain as the mothers in the federal area goes stop this hierarchies and make it a rule for provinces too

  4. It will stop the employers to employ married girls. Or single girls at the age of marriage . Employers will start discriminating female now and would stop giving them jobs. Divorcees and single mothers will b in high demand

  5. First of all make sure that labourer get the basic minimum wage set by Govt. Yahaan maternity leave nahi milti aap paid paternity leave ki baat kar rahain hain. Wut is required is strict implementation of labour laws. But its very unlikely to happen. Sabz baagh, kaaghazi kaarwaayi

  6. If I could decide I would have made 9 month leave for maternity and 1 month for paternity. I reckon women should be given bit more time off for the credit of brining a life to this world. Just a opinion!

  7. Uffff…. This is nation is really led by the strange cabinet, what actually is the need of the people around Pakistan and what are they gonna do for the people… Paternity and maternity…

    Bhai sahb,people are dying they need food and shelter to nourish their babies and soon after that schooling is of prime importance followed by their jobs…

    What the yeck are u trynna focus on…

  8. Yea great thinking senate ! I understand the need behind this, i really do. But at the same time I am afraid of the misuse of the bill. Population is already a problem in this part of the world. It this seems this would further add to the problem

  9. On serious note, leaves are too much for both sexes. It should be reduced to 2.5 months for females and only maximum 21 days for male counterparts. In Pakistan, all institutions are already short of capable and vigilant staff members. And now, half the population of government sector will apply for leaves either necessary or unnecessary.

  10. Wow! Just like Western countries. This is so amazing. Very proud of our PM. We are going to be hopefully one of the best countries to live in. This sort of thing is years from making in the US. And Pakistan is going for it. That’s awesome.

  11. Good a positive step, a required step especially in independent households
    In Pakistan in joint families I wonder if the father helps the mother in her added responsibilities or not
    But I think 2 months for men and 9 months for women would be a better duration
    But in a country where the no of children per hh is usually more than 4 details need to be thought
    This suggestion for allowing this for upto 3 children seems good
    Also work from ho options or flexible timings
    Reduced work load or outcome based work could be other options in this duration

  12. It’s a step in the right direction as it encourages more young women to participate in the workforce. Participation in the workforce by both genders is a key indicator for progress in the country!

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