2019: A year in review

2019: A year in review

Anna Jones takes a look back over the best Sky News stories of the 2019 with Ayesha Hazarika, Camilla Tominey, Stig Abell and Tom Newton Dunn.

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  1. The menopausal old crone, Anna Jones,
    has obviously been released from the locked white padded room,
    located somewhere in The Cell Blok H area of Sky HQ,
    where I am positive Sky Management have been keeping her,
    forcibly detained, not only for her own safety
    the mental health of Viewers.

    HER constant "butting" in makes "guests" too nervous to speak.
    They look more like they are impersonating goldfish !
    Viewers are able to sense the tense studio atmosphere
    from sitting in their homes.

    Her condescending tone is insulting to the intelligence of "guests" and
    viewers alike.
    Little wonder, when she presents
    Sky News Press Preview,
    Viewers quickly switch channels to
    The BBC ☺

    Recently, she has ONLY been given
    "graveyard" shifts…???

    Whether she is paying or as part of her contract, Sky News,
    for one to one or group therapy,
    the counseling is NOT working !

  2. Three of the four “commentators “ here are simply grotesque parodies of London elite talking heads— whose beliefs & ideology have been thoroughly rejected by the majority…

    ….The question, therefore, is, “WHY are they being fed & watered by Sky (or any other network)?”…And, Just “WHO” is their target audience supposed to be?…(FORGET “”Labour”…the MEDIA have learned absolutely NOTHING from either Brexit, or the string of conservative election victories in the West)….

  3. I cringed my way through 2019….and 2018 for that matter. WHY would I want to see any of the political betrayal again? It is bad enough having to catch Yazmin 'Wotsaface' from the Guardian on here, calling our elected PM, a dictator like in N.Korea!; no common sense, OR no political understanding…it must be the first. SICK BUCKET. Brits are just grateful to be deposing those from the last forty years; who thought they had to right over how to think…and their sidekicks. Wish us luck at Christmas

  4. Anyone is not an English First Language Speaker, would be well advised to skip this, as 200 Words Per Minute defies believe from the Presenter Anna Jones we are all confused as the subtitles cannot even keep up with this rate of machine gun fire again at 5:29 – Just cool it and speak for a few minutes coherently and understandably so the rest of us outside your disappearing local circle can comprehend.

  5. This 'Presenter' Anna Jones should be given a P45 (Sacked, Discharge) a Unbelievable 200 WPM is incoherent nonsense and totally understandable for surely most of the population perhaps watching this channel.

  6. anna jones looks all her 53 years ……… omg she looks so old when compared to the rest of people………. darling botox those crows feet ……. try profhilo to regen the mid face

  7. Corbyn and his idiot sidekicks couldn't say one good word for Britain over the past 4 years, they would be negative about this country at every chance. We are not perfect but a whole lot better than most countries and have a glorious history, hence people coming here either for tourism or to live.Labour will elect another hard lefty because they are incapable of listening and are all blaming the voters or media.

  8. The whole of them are REPPELENT LIARS and CHEATS , What's more important is who is pulling their STRINGS; ie which Corporations or Unions in the case of laborious Labour! Our Electoral System is Corrupt thanks in many waist the Zionist Media and Mossad in the background.. Wake UP Britains Get rid of this BULLSHIT Electorial System "First Pass the Post Crap' Lets at least have 'PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION' A Far more mature approach to electing a bunch of KnobHeads!

  9. Sky please please please keep using the well-off white working-class hating city-dwelling racist Ayesha Hazarika as your voice of Labour for the next five years. She has done so much to bring us a massive majority Conservative government of the people it would be tragic to waste her talents.

  10. No surprise that there's no one on the panel to defend the US's greatest president of modern times, so I'll step up. The bloody tweet was on the screen, he said go back, fix your own countries and come back to show us how it's done! Now, fair enough, the fact that most of the squad are actually US born makes the tweet slightly edgy lol. But to counter that I'd say 1)The squad overwhelmingly take every opportunity they have to completly sh*t all over the USA anyway, hardly good behaviour for Senators I'd posit. 2) They certainly don't mind using thier minority status when it suits them do they?

    All in all I think the main thrust of Trumps tweet was spot on, the squad are completely unpatriotic and are ripe for critisism. Heck, I'm a Brit and I have more love for the US than they do!

  11. British media had an agenda to throw as much lies on Corbyn and sadly it has paid off for the majority of the ignorant masses has believed the garbage those prostitute houses dish out relentlessly, too many sheeples are manipulated by the Murdoch's propaganda machinery for the benefit of the elites with offshore accounts while the average person will ultimately pick up the bill. Shame on the British Media and those who directs it

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