31 Most Googled Facts Ever

31 Most Googled Facts Ever

We, humans, are born with an innate curiosity. Most of the questions people search start with the word “why”! Why is the sky blue? Why do birds stand on one leg? Why are manholes round?

Do you know, for example, why flamingoes are pink? Or why sunsets on Mars are blue? Or why cats are afraid of cucumbers? (Btw, do NOT try to scare a cat friend with cucumbers. It’s a big stress for your pet. Be nice.) So, care to learn the answers to the most common “whys”? Here you go!

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Why flamingoes are pink 0:24
Coins featuring Superman 1:18
Why manholes are round 1:30
The Rubik’s Cube is trickier than you thought 2:00
Why do we have a leap year? 2:20
Square watermelon 2:36
Why tigers have stripes 2:58
Why sunsets on Mars are blue 3:31
Why we see the sky as blue 4:07
How to make a steak from a watermelon 4:21
Why birds stand on one leg 4:57
A frog that swallows prey with the help of its eyes 5:14
How much clouds weigh 5:37
Why cats are afraid of cucumbers 6:27
Why dogs are banned from Antarctica 7:00
Why we don’t sneeze in our sleep 7:15
Why we yawn 7:24
The fattiest organ in our body 7:37
The Eiffel Tower isn’t totally straight 8:48
How cats purr 9:07
The most populated animal society 9:29

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– Flamingoes are born gray. But their feathers turn pink later on because of a natural pink dye!
– Each BIC pen has two tiny holes in it to keep the air pressure equal outside and inside.
– Snails have anywhere from 1,000 to 14,000 tiny sharp teeth.
– In Canada, you can legally pay for your purchases in coins featuring Superman.
– It took Erno Rubik, the creator of the famous cube, a staggering one month to solve it!
– Stripes serve as camouflage for tigers, effectively hiding them from other animals. But the most curious thing is that tigers have not only striped fur, but striped skin as well.
– In the past, men’s dress shirt collars were detachable. It helped people save money on laundry costs.
– Sunsets on Mars are blue, which has to do with the Martian air – or rather with the fine dust floating in it.
– Bringing one leg up to their body helps birds keep warm when it’s chilly outside.
– The northern leopard frog is the scariest creature: it swallows prey with the help of its eyes! This amphibian can press its eyes deep down into its mouth, and this movement helps the frog to swallow.
– Researchers have discovered that one cloud can weigh more than 1 million pounds!
– In Singapore, you’ll find the world’s tallest vending machine where you can buy… a car!
– You can’t bring your pooch along if you travel to Antarctica. Since April 1994, all dogs have been banned from this continent because they could infect seals with diseases that they aren’t immune to.
– You don’t sneeze in your sleep, simply because your brain shuts down this reflex while you’re slumbering.
– The brain is the fattiest organ in your body because it’s composed of approximately 60% fat!
– Super powerful earthquakes can make days shorter, because they move the spin of the Earth’s axis!
– Yellow is the color that is the easiest to spot, even in the darkness. That’s why taxis and school buses are mostly this shade.
– However unbelievable it may sound, a cat’s purr starts in its brain! And only after that, the brain sends orders to a cat’s throat muscles, which then start to make 25 to 150 vibrations a second!
– Don’t take the assumption that light travels at the speed of, well, light, for granted. The slowest light ever moved at only 38 miles per hour!

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  1. Actually when you yawn one of the reasons is cus your lacking oxygen and it’s contagious cus you think or your body thinks your also lacking oxygen so you yawn. It does this cus you are in the same area of the yawner causing your body to think “we are in the same place so if they lack oxygen then I do to” thus causing you to yawn then possibly making a chain reaction

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