Amazingly crafts you can make on a budget

We’ll get creative in this video and come up with new useful items without spending a ton of money on new ones or new materials. Don’t forget to bring your hot glue because we’ll need a ton of it.
You can mix some glitter with a ton of epoxy reson and layer it in rainbow colors. Then, pour it on a canvas with a jug and you can use it to decorate your house.
You can use a spoon, cut it from the middle and then bend one of its edges, to create an amazing bold necklace. You can fill it up with epoxy resin mixed with holo glitter and you’re all set.
You can take silicone cupcake forms, place a magnet inside and then fill them up with some hot glue. Then you can sprinkle some cupcake decorations on top and voila. You’ve just made your own fridge magnets
It’s also time to make some soap. For example, you can take real roses, place them in a pringles container and then fill it up on top with the melted soap base. Then, you let it cool down and finally remove from the container and cut it in smaller pieces. This will make an amazing present for your loved ones.
Watch my video until the end to see all of my smart DIY projects – such as how to fix an old pair of boots with glitter and many more.

0:07 – Amazing hacks with epoxy resin
1:36 – Beautiful resin necklace
2:43 – DIY soap bars
4:53 – DIY donut soaps
5:08 – Amazing glitter tricks
6:20 – DIY eyeshadow
8:17 – DIY bookmark
9:41 – DIY epoxy resin earrings
10:48 – Make your own crystal tutorial
12:56 – DIY brow stamp for your earrings

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