CrossTalk: Targeting Bernie 2.0

CrossTalk: Targeting Bernie 2.0

It seems like 2016 all over again. Bernie Sanders is popular and doing well in the polls. And the Democratic establishment along with the donor class are nervous their centrist politics is fraying. Now, throw in identity politics. The problem for Bernie this time around – apparently – he isn’t inclusive enough. Is the Democratic primary being rigged again?

CrossTalking with Joe Concha, Jamie E. Wright, and Ron Placone.

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  1. what good would yangs idea be when you damn Republicans are gonna GUT SS, Medicare and Medicaid? Come on dude, be realistic at least with your BS. The only one as I knew it would be on this show, worth listening to is Ron. Other wise you have a Republican who seems to not like Trump and two Right Wing Democrats!

  2. It's lost the cell phone voting app. will totally undermine any credibility and you can be guaranteed it'll be used to cheat Tulsi/Bernie. Crony capitalism at it's best.

  3. Ron Placone was really on point. The attorney really was really full of BS. I can't believe she doesn't feel that Bernie Sanders is being cheated in the debates by CNN. It's so obvious.

  4. Man it’s funny to see Lavell check himself when Progressives are on. But still a great show that shows you diversity can easily work without an agenda and without tension. And it was funny. Hilary Clinton is definitely going to try and jump in

  5. When was politics not rigged? Bernie will need write in votes to be elected. If there are enough intelligent voters, Bernie can win. If they are all like trumpites, all is lost. The government has been destroyed by trumpy. trumpy has destroyed the world economy. trumpy keeps almost getting nuclear war going. trumpy is the world's most prolific liar. Warren is a corporatist, she says what she is paid to say.

  6. The guy from The Hill was better than I expected, never seen him before. The Hill is typically more establishment leaning, but the establishment is getting so blatantly propagandist The Hill has had to move away from them a bit, they do a great lefty show with Krystal Ball called Rising. Bernie is pulling away. Also, polls are bullshit.

  7. Well Warren is obviously a liar, but one thing to get straight here, it’s scientifically impossible to determine someone’s ethnicity based on DNA. DNA testing is only a valid testing point for telling you who your ancestors were. What those genealogy companies don’t advertise to you is that it’s an educated guess like they do with weather. Although lately the weather has been more accurately forecasted than someones DNA telling you your ancestry. And the educated guesses are taking from pools of people that are already mix blood. It’s virtually impossible to determine your ethnicity by DNA.

  8. Bernie sanders is turning this election into the biggest class war this country has ever seen and thats why he will win. The US now is experincing the greatest income inequality in 100 years. This is a winning strategy.

  9. You cannot win playing defense which begs the question, does Bernie have the killer instinct to win. Donald in office is the champ. To beat the chap, you have to knock the champ out…..

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