Hotspots: Hong Kong on the brink

Hotspots: Hong Kong on the brink

Sky correspondents Stuart Ramsay and Alex Crawford are on the frontline of clashes in Hong Kong. Violence escalates on both sides as protestors fight for their rights and police hit back.

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  1. The media reporting here is very one sided and highly bias and distorted. The police are surrounded by rioters. It is not a peaceful protests right from the very beginning. The western media intentionally criminalise Hong Kong police while they are trying to perform their duty and to control the crowd. Throughout the whole reporting, the reporters keep repeating and repeating on police brutality. They are trying to instigate and encouraging more brutality from the rioters. This is only one sided opinion of the western media.The whole filming is only about the journalists opinion and their interpretation from the rioters perspective.The rioters are breaking the law and they are more violence than the police.

  2. 44:58 Someone did die and was actually killed by a brick thrown by one of these peaceful protestors. Another bystander was also set on fire by these peaceful protestors and is still critical in hospital. Not to mention countless others – both men and women – who were bloodied with their skull cracked open just for voicing their opposition.

    It is no wonder the press is being viewed as biased when they are selective in their coverage. Excellent propaganda job!

  3. 31:40 This is the only mention whereby traffic lights have been tied to roll out of 5G facial recognition. If the alleged hidden surveillance system was true, wouldn't those so-called peaceful protestors found hard evidence by now after breaking over 700 traffic lights? Are these jokers real journalists? It is time to use the noodles.

  4. Lets be real though, this IS rioting… Their message wont actually be heard with all of this violent action, and Beijing will use this as an excuse to employ harsher rule. Attacking the police should not be tolerated, and despite supporting some of many of the protesters' goals, hurting the police is counterproductive. Like at 43:07, the police are acting in self defense. The protesters very nearly could have beaten those two officers to death has he not shot. Like any person should not run up to a police officer who is already feeling threatened and with a gun out and attack them. The guy should have seen what was coming to them. It is because of many of these events that have led me to turn away from the student protesters and their edgy ways.

  5. Kam Tam from the former restaurant Lucky Penny- closed it so he can open more stores- UPS and has jobs for men or those that can lift heavy boxes and crates – "gainful employment" beyond class status, or familial status etc…. See no one has work! But some baba ho won't get it that's okay- Kam Tam has work!

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