Is Germany letting Afghan war employees down? | DW News

Is Germany letting Afghan war employees down? | DW News

For 18 years, the German military has been present in Afghanistan, often helped by local civilian employees. They served and still serve as translators and guards. But that work has made them targets of the Taliban. Nearly 800 have come to Germany with the help of a special program. But even here, some still don’t feel safe, and German authorities have refused to grant them permanent residency.

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  1. so you guys should all leave!
    America caused these terrorism. without America and his "little friends",the problems will be solved soon by the local government

  2. मैगज़ीन का निचोड़ ये है कि
    कोई 7 लाख अमेरिकी फौजी पागल हुए,
    4 हज़ार के करीब मारे गए ,
    4 रोज़ खुदखुशी कर रहे हैं,
    2 ट्रिलियन डॉलर खर्च करने के बाद उनको यही नही पता कौन मेरा दुश्मन है अफगानिस्तान में कौन मेरा दोस्त लोग अमेरिका के सैनिक कैम्प में आते हैं बोलते उनके साथ है हथियार मिलते ही उनको मारने लगते हैं
    तारिख़ की सबसे बड़ी ज़िल्लत हुई है अमेरिका को अफगानिस्तान में

  3. Besser gefunden meine weiße zigoinen Frau…ods was ist sopasier mit meine Frau.. . Spasiert mit fantic people and their Family….Jjessus Achbar…. Eine Kinder eine Frau nics schnell laufen…meine frau…… bitte sehr
    Oda ist 3-e weld Krieg
    .. Shrii Shaii Guru…Puohai Elimi…eine Tag eine Frau .. eine Tag eine Kinder… Meine familia bitte sehr

  4. I think all European countries open there doors for Afghans who suffers in terriorist and want better life for better future therefore European countries should assaylum provide in 6 months

  5. I dont understand what the problem is. He stated he didnt want anything to be handed to him and he didnt want free gifts. He said he wants to work hard for everything. He has a meaningful job that helps other people, his job pays the bills, he has a very decent apartment, he has documents so he is not an illegal alien, he has his family with him, and he is not in Afghanistan where the taliban can get him. What does he mean "I hope Germany finds a solution for people like me and my family."???
    What does he want permanent residency/citizenship for? Other than to apply for welfare and government hand outs?

    To get a passport so he can move somewhere that gives more welfare?

  6. What more does he feel Germany owes him? He keeps saying he cant build a new life, but he wont tell us what he's missing other than permanent residency. That have accommodated him in every way possible. They even let him travel where he is not suppose to so he can work. The only thing he can't do right now is receive government benefits/handouts. But he said he doesnt want any free gifts. I dont understand what he is trying to imply. Unless he isnt being honest in front of the camera.

  7. "Sir, you have earned the respect of the German Military by risking your Life to help our Soldiers fight Terror properly and with the understanding of how to navigate the region in a safer manner greatly in part to your linguistic skills, patience, reason and experience and for six long and dangerous years. So we would like to make you and your Family proper German Citizens if you wish to do so. Wait. We discussed it privately and decided complicating things for the effect of keeping to him a sort of 'Limbo' would be more practical. Er…later?".

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