Norway’s tips for achieving happiness | DW English

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Norway’s tips for achieving happiness | DW English

Norwegians are on average the happiest people in the world. What‘s their secret? It has to do with a high living standard, a life close to nature and a generally constructive attitude.

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  1. Gas is the reason.If we had so much gas in our country with only 5 milion people,I would be very happy.Also,perhaps tablets they take to stop depresion may make them very happy.

  2. I found this video manipulative. Do anyone question the methodology of this ranking? If we focus on things like government corruption, job security, LGBTQ rights, and healthcare, developed European countries will rank high. If we focus on how people live their lives, and positive/negative experiences ranking look drastically different and at the top, you see mainly Latin America countries.

  3. Norways owes it to oil but prices are going down and without other im puts into the economy ,their benefits will diminish.
    Costa Rica makes it better with more beautiful labdscapes and sunny beaches aside from the political system

  4. Why they are happy? In a country with a lot of snow and rain. Have you ever watch children playing in the snow or in roads with water holes. Norwegians have time for playing. You need a positiv attitude. Ther are no bad weather just bad cloting. As long as you keep on playing you are happy.

  5. People should have more skepticism about these "happiest" country claims. And, I thought it was Denmark at some point, and at another point, it was Bhutan. I never believe these surveys anyway. How do you measure happiness to begin with?

    BTW, from what I heard, I think Italy, Spain, and so on should be the happiest countries. People there seem to socialize a lot at cafes and restaurants, their foods are great, they have amazing weather. That would be my two cents if you care to know.

  6. Some points Norwegian people are the most happiest in the world, due for its nature's beauty, oil exploration, social equality, and so on. But something is a controversy about the stolen children from government.???

  7. Ignorance is bliss when you are Norweigian. It's ridiculous how delusional Norweigians are to the fact as to why their way of life works.

  8. Ekhm, at the same time, Norway is on the 74th place on the suicide ranking country. Is is really bad? Well, could have been better. I've been living in Norway for over a year and I can tell you that Norwegians are not as happy as the video portrays. These days as the country develops even more under the weave of new immigrants from all over the world, it is also possible to feel that people have it more and more stressed and more is demanded of people on daily basis. Other countries in Europe have started experiencing it around 15-20 years ago and Norway is catching up now. The era of globalization, narcissism and everyone who want everything done by now plays a huge role, but.. We've created it ourselves and there's no turning back.

  9. This video seems to focus a lot on nature, but the real reasons for a happy population in Norway are not very complicated: Tax the rich appropriately and fairly, pay everyone a comfortable living wage on one 40hour pr week job, free health care, as little religion as possible. The end.

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