Trump impeachment trial begins with witness battle – BBC News

Trump impeachment trial begins with witness battle  - BBC News

US Democrats have ruled out a “witness swap” with Republicans in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

Lawmakers who are seeking to remove the president from office hope to hear testimony from his former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

But Democrats refused any deal to allow the son of former US Vice-President Joe Biden to be called as a witness.

Mr Trump is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He strongly denies any wrongdoing.

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BBC News


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  2. Cowards will be cowards; Sheep will be sheep.

    The one certainty is this — when the hidden documents and testimonies are revealed in the months to come, two things will happen:

    * Voters will turn on the GOP in a heartbeat.

    * Those GOP Cowards who played The Shill for Trump & McConnell will have Black marks on their reputations.

  3. I think Trump did sped money to manipulate media for his interests, but instead of hiring Russia why didnt he just hire some computer nerd that would have gave the same results but at a fraction of the price. It makes me wonder if all this is just for show and publicity, also the media makes millions from people tuning into this whole impeachment thing, the ratings itself from Trump news is probably through the roof. Question everything!!

  4. BBC deletes the comments! UK is invader and want to shut the mouthes!
    This is how Europe and UK invade Ukraine. Everything bout money! They has started occupation of Ukraine since Gorbachov times!
    Now German Deutsche Bahn want to control Ukrainian national company! Also German put its hands into Qatar companies! You al are invaders! You do wars!

  5. it's totally understandable how frustrated Dems are going over and over the same thing everyday, every hour as Republicans refuse to allow one piece of evidence or one witness here. we all know now in detail what this Corrupt POTUS did and remember it the rest of our lives, the ONLY thing that matters now is if Mitch stops this whole Trial and dismisses all those charges. all this time and Millions of $$$ and effort will be going right in the Garbage if he's allowed to go free???!!!

  6. I have watched American Politics for decades and KNEW this PIG who became POTUS would be a total disaster and above all else this POTUS PIG didn't give a FUCK for Ukraine for one second and all this garbage JUST TO ENSURE BIDEN LOST TO HIM THIS YEAR???!!!

  7. Wow Democrats whining about not being permitted to call witnesses. Strange. In the House they wouldn't allow the Republicans to call any witnesses. That was fair according to them. Hypocrites as well as liars. But as we all know rules and laws don't apply to the Democrat establishment, because reasons.


  9. Mr Gantzby and Mr Netanyahu are visiting Washington on the 28th January. Mr Trump has spoken according to the Jerusalem Post that the long awaited 'deal' about Middle East peace is to be unveiled before this date. If the 'peace' deal of Mr Trump is accepted; what will this mean, exactly? This prophecy, found in 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3 shows a 'sudden destruction' occurs, while they are still speaking about 'Peace and security!' This is the further outworking of prophecy when this declaration appears.

    "Peace and security!"is the False prophecy of the False prophet in Revelation 19: 20. "Whenever it is they are saying: "Peace and security!"sudden destruction will be instantly upon them" 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3.

    The 'Two-horned' political wild beast, the Anglo-American world power 'began speaking as a dragon' Revelation 13: 11 [This means lies and man-slaying John 8: 44].

    A religious 'harlot'with 'Babylon the Great'written on her forehead is destroyed by political powers. Revelation ch 17. The Shi'ite political cleric of Iran is attacked by the entire political system; under the UNSC, when Iran is bombed by allied forces under the US: Jeremiah 49: 35-38. This bombing which shocks the world, sending them underground Isaiah 2: 18-20- Revelation 6: 12-17 ENDS the financial system.

    Psalms 46: 4-6 Ezekiel 7: 19 Revelation 18: 17 James 5: 1-3 Isaiah 2: 18-20 Isaiah 55: 1.

    The time of man ruling over man is over, Romans 9:28 and the time of Christ's Rule BEGINS Mathew 24: 29, 30 Revelation 5: 10.

    The entire political system are EXECUTED for crimes against humanity; and causing desolations Revelation 19: 11, 19-21 Revelation 6: 8 Matthew 24: 15.

    True Christians are protected inside God's Kingdom from the time of Christ's arrival at the 'sunrise'Matthew 25: 31, 34 Malachi 4: 2
    John 3: 16 Psalms 37: 11, 29 Romans 10: 13-15.

    The 'Sunrise'is the time of Christ's arrival Malachi 4; 2; the time of Iran's BOMBING Israel Daniel 11: 44, 45; and the time of the financial meltdown Psalm 46: 4-6 costing the EURO Ezekiel 7: 19.

    Mr Trump and Mr Putin will shake hands on a peace accord between the two men. Putin invades the financially collapsed EU. Trump makes war with Iran, along with his allies.

    "And the Great city split into three parts; and the cities of the nation fell…." Revelation 16: 19 Christendom vs Muslim & Muslim vs Jewry.

    The enriched nuclear assets of Iran will be BOMBED by pilots that refuel in Saudi Arabia. The anger and response of Iran is found in Daniel 11: 44, 45; Iran BOMBS Israel. Iran bombs JERUSALEM Jeremiah 25: 29. The US +allies; under UNSC authority will BOMB Iran Jeremiah 49: 35-38 and THIS ENDS THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM; SO THE PRESENT SYSTEM OF MAN-RULING- MAN IS OVER ROMANS 9: 28 AND THE TIME OF CHRIST'S RULE ARRIVES MATTHEW 24: 30 Consider these Scriptures about the financial collapse; beginning with the loss of the Euro:

    Psalms 46: 4-6 Ezekiel 7: 19 Revelation 18: 17 James 5: 1-3 Isaiah 2: 18-20 Isaiah 55; 1.

    Mankind, does this. Mankind ends the present system. The 'Kings from the rising of the Sun' Revelation 16: 12 Jehovah God and Christ Jesus ….arrive to save all faithful ones John 3: 16. When the wicked are destroyed Psalms 92: 7 the distress is OVER.

    When does this crisis begin, once again? It begins with a declaration of "Peace and security!" 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3.

  10. Total bullshit ,,,, the fact that the left wing , main stream media is all I need to know which way to vote… Fuck the left wing. pedo Globalist agenda…kill them all!!!

  11. I'm sorry, but Donald Trump is starting to grow on me like an irritating oily rash. I have read and listened to the audio transcripts of the conversation between President Zelensky and President Trump, and I don't like it.

  12. Is this the time for pathetic waste time politic wars? , stress the president with critical decisions, giving opportunity and time for enemies , this is stupidity not democracy !

  13. This impeachment farce is a hoax, Schiff: Its a cover-up, its the Russians, they want to attack us, so we fight them in Ukraine….did i say it is the Russians ??? its the Russians, its Putin the devil and that Trump guy, hes in cahoots and the threat is imminent, must impeach, must impeach….Its the Russians, Trump is Russian, tick tock………….this Schiff who lies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, telling tall tales and he is LOOOOSING it !!! And Trump is gaining and doomed to win in NOV. !!!

  14. The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE! What a joke! It sounded good, looks like the anthem needs to modified to the land of the CORRUPT and home of the COWARDS! We are all Cowards to allow the subversion of our Constitution. Especially the SPINELESS, HYPOCRITICAL GOP!

    WE ARE All COWARDS and are complicit in the destruction of our country if we Lack the Courage to act. The COWARDICE REPUBLICAN PARTY has proven their Hypocrisy and their lack of Courage! They have finally been exposed in plain sight for the frauds they have always been! It's apparent they have NO SHAME and that should tell you all you need to know.

    The Reality is the GOP has revealed its self as a Paper Tiger, quick to take offense and to loudly and demonstratively display FALSE outrage as a method to present themselves as being Principled Patriots. The gig is up! you have been caught! Exposed for the LIARS and FRAUDS you have always been.

    No longer can you hide behind the hijacked principles of Patriotism, Family Values, National Security, Fiscal Responsibility and Law & Order. And most of all the one core principal which has been the CORNERSTONE of conservativism; That of Personal Accountability: That the individual holds the responsibility for their own actions and to respectfully not burden others with their actions. It appears that HYPOCRISY & COWARDLINESS have been revealed to accurately fit your actions. After all Words are Wind their ACTIONS on the other hand have been openly observed.

  15. For killing (blowing up in the public transport) my great-grandfather named Farajov Rashid (the Persian-inborn-Christian with the blue eyes and white (very blond natural hair) as all the Persian-inborn-Christians are) on the USSR’government order and on the mutual agreement of previous (as, for example, the previous president of azerbaijan named heydar aliyev) and current members of the governments of at least the russian federation, azerbaijan, germany, iran and perhaps france and the united kingdom and other countries the current president of the republic of azerbaijan ilham aliyev (his name in azerbaijanian is ilham heydər oğlu əliyev, the son of previous president of the republic of azerbaijan heydar aliyev (in azerbaijanian heydər əlirza oğlu əliyev)), his clan in full (all the members of his clan in any part of the world), his current government in full (all the previous, current and future members except for the tats by blood (Persian-inborn-Christians, sometimes muslims), must be urgently resigned (officially and actually) till the 24th of January 2020. All members of the previous, current and future governments of all counties who participated by thoughts, words and actions in murdering the twice hero of the second world war and the previous deputy minister of the ministry of the azerbaijan (one of the USSR's countries) Faradzhov Rashid as the russian federation, azerbaijan, germany, iran and other countries (including their official and unofficial children, wives (mistresses, cohabitants, slaves, etc.) and relatives in any forms (officially proven and unproven) and like-minded people under any slogan supporting are not entitled to hold any governmental or non-governmental positions since today till the end of their lives in any country (ies) in the world.

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  16. Check Out : Politico “How the BBC lost the election”
    The broadcaster is fighting to keep up with the changing rules of the political game.
    By EMILIO CASALICCHIO 12/12/19, 4:04 AM CET Updated 12/13/19, 5:01 AM CET

  17. When will a British judge face the criminals behind inflicting manufactured artificial schizophrenia in a British man against his will.When will two brothers The television people involved in house burglary by for Television ,gangstalking coercive control Organised bullying with this despot group face a judge in court.Psychiatrist and psychologists all criminals for their crimes of human exploitation experiments.If Nazi doctor Mengele did experiments on people against their will what does secret experiments by psychologists and psychiatrists make these torturers.End it let your victim be free of this human exploitation.

  18. I actually watched thru, and the report here does not by far represent the statements of the defence correctly.
    To start with, the Democrat ”witnesses” each confirmed Trump or his administrators did not order any delay in release of the funds nor any quid pro quo.
    So, there is no case for impeachment!
    Further, the Defence could prove, with testimonies from Democrat witnesses (in the House, the Democrats allowed only the prosecution to present the case), and the timeline of events, that dialogues Trump had with various counterparties did not fall in line with the case which Democrats were arguing for.

    For me, and I can easily assume that for anybody else, the Democrat case for impeachment is over. And the damage to Democrats is pretty much catastrophic.
    With ignoring law, constitution, and any regard on factual evidence, the Democrats have soiled the bench they are sitting on. They’re done for, for many elections to come.

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