Trump Threatens Iran

Trump Threatens Iran

Trump is an absolute monster. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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“President Donald Trump again threatened Iran with escalating attacks if the country retaliates, and advanced the odd argument that his social media posts count as notifying Congress.

“These Media Posts will serve as notification to the United States Congress that should Iran strike any U.S. person or target, the United States will quickly & fully strike back, & perhaps in a disproportionate manner,” Trump said Sunday. “Such legal notice is not required, but is given nevertheless!”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. The lie that there was imminent danger has dissolved & now were just reviewing his badguy resume….nothing URGENT there. At first he lied & claimed there was an IMMINENT danger because that is the only excuse for him not to consult congress. The reality is the guy insulted him last month & that's why he killed him. He's a child with no impulse control who has a need to be loved & worshipped….a cult leader.

  2. It's like he's saying sure I might obey the law…maybe I will, maybe I won't. Sometimes I like to obey the law. He LIKES TO??? The rest of us HAVE to whether we like it or not! But he's gotten away with being above the law in this county, thanks to the GOP party giving him unlimited power, failing at their job of oversight, so now he feels he doesn't even have to obey international law.

  3. Another reason why this Iran situation was started was to distract from the term terrorism being associated with white nationalist. We needed to create a new enemy or bring back a former enemy that was mostly used to describe terrorism or terrorist. Also to distract away from the violence and outbreak of mass shootings that was happening within the United States due to the president's own choice of words and hate speech against minorities immigrants or people of color. As well as impeachment tax investigations bribery and the constant abuse of power from this Administration.

  4. …and as Stephen Colbert pointed out, that's an interesting use of the word "allow". Nobody is "allowed" to do the things 45 listed. These are crimes that have happened. Retaliating with more crimes is not the answer.

  5. lets gather all trump enablers/ ass kissers, and put this god damn trump on top, lets offer them to the enemy to stop further violence…this bunch is george w pack in steroids.. well if you are the same american enabler war for economics then our founding fathers are damned too..

  6. To the Irianin people. I am a former American soldier. War is wrong. I walked the Triangle of Death, I faught in March Madness. Basra was justified, however, we will fight. Just because we will fight. Go somewhere else.

  7. Mike Pimple – O cancelled his Senate campaign… either he's cutting a plea deal for the inevitable aftermath of war criminals, or he's planning to exile any day now to his Stolen Palestine Kushner Kondo. Fascinating greed in HUMAN SCENARIOS BUILT ON PROPAGANDA.
    Hopefully everyone will understand the Howard Stern/Donald Trump/Robert Kraft/Jeffrey Epstein warning signs in this aftermath of International Crime Syndicate cleanup.

  8. One thing Trump has done very well,exposed all the corrupt republican senators so America knows who to elect to office for a representative who speaks for them, not one that's in cover-up mode all the time !

  9. Our laws are not Trump's laws,they are customize to fit the criteria at the time fresh off the press,a free ticket to plunder America into a new Depression,rising sea level and Cat 6 hurricane are common place occurrence and global warming is a old folks talking crazy !

  10. At this point I think TYT needs to just stop. We get it. You're still butt hurt over Trump winning and have to try and jump all over everything he does to somehow weirdly vindicate you're election night meltdown. Trump is making fools of you to the point where you may never recover and be viewed as a serious news outlet, you haven't been viewed as such for awhile now and instead of just taking the L you double down and lose again. Trump is embarrassing you.

    Where's the war with North Korea?

    Where's the war with China?

    World war 3?

    Trump is not a warmonger, just stahp.

  11. Instead of sending our Army to Iran, attacking a country that didn't attack us and staying there for 100 years, why don't we send them to Australia to help with the fires. Rather spread goodwill than death and destruction.

  12. You liberal fucks are hilarious! God bless Trump for taking out evil leaders in this world. We are so lucky to have him lead this great nation while also DESTROYING liberals warped mindset.

  13. TYT Stop believing that this was anything else but a distraction from his Impeachment The Government of Putin aka GOP was realizing that impeachment was on a rise during the holidays and they needed something to bring those polls down, Dont forget Iran and Russia are war allies if anything this was all set up by putin and trump which explains irans weak retaliation against the u.s.

  14. I am not certain the structure of Iran's government, but i do know that many countries have two leaders; one Head of State and the other Commander and Chief; they are basically equal when it comes down to it…. It sounds from what I am hearing that this may somewhat be the case. It would mean that Trump did not murder a V.P. or just a general; but murdered a person that in many aspects is a president of sorts.

    I hate to say it, but I think we need to be knocked down a peg or three. We need to be humbled. I think we need to be put in our place by the nations of the world; that sanctions should be placed upon us and I think we should have to give up our war criminals for prosecution and hand over Trump to Iran for justice as they see fit.

  15. It really shows trumps complete lack of strategy, tactics, or planning. If you attack cultural sites, you turn any civilians in Iran (possibly other neighboring Muslim countries) that may have supported the west, opposed the Iranian dictatorship, or be open to supporting the US, into being anti American by attacking sites that matter to them on a personal level. So dumb. So ignorant

  16. I visited Canterbury Cathedral last year and was very surprised and unnerved to see police patrolling with assault rifles. My American friend who studied there explained that it's because the site is a prominent terrorist target. Why? Because it's an important English cultural site and it's always busy with civilians.

    John is absolutely right

  17. I also find it incredible that so many Trumpanzees can't distinguish between being angry over the stupid way things are being handled, giving a shit about the death of a terrorist.

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