Washington kills powerful Iranian general Soleimani in Iraq on Trump's orders

Washington kills powerful Iranian general Soleimani in Iraq on Trump's orders

Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the elite Quds Force, was killed after his convoy was hit by US missiles. Donald Trump authorized a US military strike, the Pentagon confirmed in a statement.

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  1. This is nothing more then just one more prime example of who is the the true morden day 21st century Hitler

    This suicidal mission of reckless u.s. global imperialist adventurism is to the contrary the very thing that is putting us common Americans and the entire international world community in mortal danger.

    None of this will end until the American people and and the people of the rest of the world hurry and wake up and all band together and form a common popular front to force not just trump but the entire political establishment to step down out of power completely and indefinitely for good , we must by all means necessary first work and continue to strive to achieve total u.s. regime change by diplomacy first and exercise total restraint and none violent demonstrations throughout the whole of America and in every nation throughout the globe.

    But we as the opostion coalition must at same time can not let ourselves be blinded to the extremely painful and very immanent growing high possiblity that the current u.s. regime and those foolish and insane enough to even continue to support it let alone defend it,

    Most likely will choice the extreme fatal course of action, wich will most likely be without any question chose not to go out civilly nor peacefully.

    Likewise so that those of us in America and all other people in every nation of the world who's true desire is for the permanent end of the capitalist neo-imperialist fascist theocratic u s. regime but most of all the true longing for peace security and stability, we all must be 100% ready to be fully prepared to rise up and fight to and the ultimate sacrifice to ensure these desires become fully realized reality, even if it means we must even sacrifice our lives so that our children and the children in ever other nation will have brighter and peaceful future , filled with security, peace , tolerance, understanding freedom, good health , jobs, the best education.

    To all who read this, the window of time for all of us to act is running out fast, the time to act is now.

    This is not a question of the continued safety and survival of one country nor a question of preventing more violent global or civil conflicts, nor is it a question of peace , rather it is now a question of the the survival of all humanity and the preservation of the human race as a whole.

    Please where ever you are that have read this as and have the true desire and motivation necessary, call up upon all your families, friends and fellow comrades throughout America and world wide to organize, gather and band together man, women , child, worker, soldier, intellectual, farmer teacher, statesmen, and all community and national leaders of the nations of civilized world rise up and thus form the new revolution.

  2. What single individual in the History of the World has stood and faced the globalist and made them shake in their shoes with mortal fear other than We The People's President Donald J. Trump????? ZERO. Barry Soretoro put OUR Country in debt more than all previous Presidents combined. President Donald J. Trump will be to Our Children's Future.. greater than all previous Presidents combined. From Barry > to The Donald = zero > to HERO

  3. P's all necessary action to stop terrorist from killing Americans, Israelites, Christians, No you don't have the rights to kill people because you disagree with them. Now get right with God, an peace be with you. God bless everyone in Jesus holy name Hallelujah we give thanks and praise to you Lord father we love you and we thank you for your Mercies in Jesus holy name we pray Amen ,

  4. Used to watch RT as a neutral source or at least a different view compared to the mainstream media.
    But it did not take long before the anti-Trump and anti Brexit news became the main massage.
    Just another CNN, or MSNBC.
    Piss poor performance.
    For me no more RT

  5. Does this now mean that any General is subject to assignation if someone thinks they are going to plan an attack or invasion? The US needs to be careful as they are the ones who have done more attacks and invasions than another country – dangerous precedent "in the name of self protection".

  6. let"s get genuined. Do you think Trump will cry if one of his general got killed?. what's the "core interest" hidding & shades by so called American interest. Playing around with American tools/weapon tax payer/workers money for elit/core interest. @Devine the enemy

  7. when you have trump as the judge, persecutor and the executioner you don't need to go far to see that the lynching mentality of his unstable mind is ever so present in all those supporting him, despite the time of the wild west long gone,……and when you see that the rest of the world is not doing anything to punish that criminal, called the president, then the world deserves everything they get.

  8. The correct title is "U.S. Military kills powerful Iranian General" take another English lesson. Washington is a federal District named after our first President. It didn't kill anyone.

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