What If You Woke Up in the Game You Last Played

What If You Woke Up in the Game You Last Played

I don’t know what happened, but it all started a week ago. I was remembering the good old times and playing Morrowind, and I lost track of time. Late at night, I just fell asleep in front of my PC, and that’s when the crazy stuff began. I woke up because I heard the voice of Jiub… right in front of me.

He was addressing me — not my character, but me. I thought I was still dreaming, but I could literally smell the prison ship, and it was all so… real. Then I accidentally bumped into a table on the way to the exit, and it hurt a little. That’s when I knew it wasn’t a dream at all…

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When the crazy stuff began 😵 0:26
I find myself in the Minecraft world 2:49
Attempt number 3 – Fortnite! 6:06
I was unprepared for that kind of ordeal! 😱 7:27
And this is how that ended 8:30

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– Long story short, I spent a full day in Seyda Neen, looking around, talking to people and actually doing quests from the game.
– But then night came, and I spent a few coins for a bed, anticipating my trip to Balmora the next day. …but I ended up awakening in my own bed.
– The following night I decided to play a little bit of Minecraft. Yeah, I do that from to time to time to relax. This time, though, a weird idea came to me. What if I stay up late again and see what happens? I mean, I’d already been to Morrowind, why not the Minecraft world?
– I looked at my hands, and they were made of blocks too. I woke up in a forest biome, so everything around me was lush green, but there was also a cave nearby, with its ceiling half collapsed.
– I spent the rest of the daytime exploring the glades and woods. By the way, the day lasted just like it would in the real world, not only 20 minutes. By the nightfall, I got a bit tired, so I settled down, built myself a lean-to, and made a fire.
– I supposed I had no choice but to lie down and have a nap. I fell asleep very quickly, just hoping it wouldn’t end like the previous time… …yet it did. I woke up again in my own bed.
– I spent the whole day in anticipation. I’m not that much of a gamer, you know, but all this was so exciting that I couldn’t really concentrate on anything else but my next virtual adventure.
– And the game I chose was Fortnite. No, I didn’t just give in to all the hype around it; I wanted to actually see what it would be like to participate in a battle royale from the first person perspective.
– It was so weird feeling my legs working and realizing that someone might appear from behind any wall or tree at any moment, with their intentions being anything but good.
– I sat with my back to some tree and watched my surroundings intently for any signs of other players. Or were they really players? Could it be that I wasn’t alone in that strange world?
– I felt a sudden hit to my head and lost consciousness. I guess that was the end of it.
– I came round at home again, as I always did after my adventures. But this time I felt it was different. Both the first and the second time I simply fell asleep in the game world, while now I’d been, well, obliterated.
– My head hurt, so I took some painkillers and went for breakfast. But I was already thinking whether I’d be able to come back to that world, or to any other, for that matter.
– I played until I fell asleep again… and woke up in what felt like a couple of hours, lying face down on my keyboard. Yep, that was really the end.

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