Are the royal couple entitled to want their own lifestyle? | The Pledge

Are the royal couple entitled to want their own lifestyle? | The Pledge

The panel discuss the Sussexes’ decision to step away from the Royal Family.

Rachel Johnson says ‘they can’t have their cake and eat it’ but Femi Oluwole has sympathy for the duchess. He says she was ‘hounded’ by the press.

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  1. Ironically, the British Royal Family probably thought that Meghan would bring diversity to their family and improve their world image. Instead, she is fleeing the nest with a big kick/boot to the rest of the Royal Family. I say, take away all of the money that Prince Charles normally gives them, take away the Scotland Yard Protection Officers unless they themselves can afford to pay for them, and tell them not to let the Palace Doors hit them too hard on the way out the door.

  2. If the reason for their departure is to get away from the intrusive media, why are they suggesting to be in the firm for half of the year still??

  3. Meghan is a narcissist. Shes has done been the princess now she wants to be the fress and independent woman who won't be tired down. Wills was in Bradford today. Not Meghan. She'd rather be in Vancouver. Mark my words she'll be divorced in 5 years and Harry will be a broken man.

  4. If Harry thinks he'll get away from the flash bulbs with a wife who courts celebrity, he's dim. That said, he should do what he wants, but it needs to be all in or all out.

  5. Yes but not on the public purse . Prince Charles and the Queen should scale back the approx. 7.8 million they give them as Harry already has 40 million pounds , 80 million dollars in the bank . Surely that's already financially independent enough . They have given the UK the finger so make them pay their own way in Canada like everyone else has to . They have 80 million dollars and they still want to put their hand out . I can see how people become anti royalists .

  6. What does she mean "the queen no longer has the fortitude to deal with family problems"? She "retired" Andrew right quick when he made such a flaming mess of his Epstein connection. Her grandson will not be exempt if he fails to keep his wife in line. Queen Elizabeth has never failed in her duty and she will not begin now. The Sussex couple may have a different perspective on the role of monarchy but that opinion carries no weight, nor does it merit even slight consideration. They are too far removed from the line of succession.

  7. Neither of them needs to work a single day. They can live very comfortably on their existing millions all the rest of their lives. They can have complete obscurity if that is their sincere desire. She can bleach her hair. He can dye his own. They can disappear. But I suspect that is the exact opposite of their plan. I think they mean to change the world for everybody else while keeping their own extravagance intact. Sorry, Harry wore his mother's halo for many years, but that has long since begun to slip.

  8. It is one or the other , no cake and eat it . Meghan is a ruthless social climber who thought she'd cracked it but realised she'd blown it so wanted out . The Queen has got her sussed because she is a very clever and wise woman , now all I hear is B.S. They have just sacked all the staff at Frogmore House by the way ! The idea now is to make a fortune off the royal titles , it cannot be any different if they "go commercial ".

  9. Femi….the press haven't hounded them, they have engaged PR teams to put articles about them in every newspaper and media outlet in the land. Meghan is a fame whore. She doesn't want privacy she wants to be front page news every day, but only if it's written in a positive way. She has spat the dummy and wants to control the narrative to make sure only positive articles are written. They should be stripped of their titles, funding and security and go far away and get on with it. Harry will be back soon enough when she dumps him.

  10. Harry is a long way down the chain & will be less & less relevant as time goes by. It is their decision to live their own lives & they will become independent. Family before duty, look what happened to queenies family ! Big ears used & abused Harry’s mum, Queenies second son is a tool & best friends with a pedophile. Queenie & his father made Harry walk behind his mothers coffin, the lost goes on & on. Queenie removed the protection from Diana & indirectly killed her.

  11. "Can we all agree that we have some sympathy for him? Yes , yes, yes"

    "And for Meghan? Nah, that vile witch should not be a princess , says the jealous blonde women in that table. " Lol

    Also, there's no racism in Britain.

  12. People, Harry was used by the actress: she wanted the fame and influential networks and now is trying to milk it in the US. She never was interested in the guy…

  13. Once again…if is against our constitution to allow any member of the BRF to move to Canada. Pierre Trudeau brought our constitution home in the 1980's. They need to find somewhere else to live.

  14. Sorry, but duty, honor, supporting your monarch/family and performing the duties that are paid by the British ppl mean more than "hurt feelings." Its an idea that is worth far more than their dramatizations. Meghan signed up to be scrutinized when she said "yes" to a royal public figure. It was obviously childish thinking to believe that her life was her own to do as she saw fit. I'm sure she was well aware of protocol as well. She didn't want to be accepted by the royal family otherwise she would've done her job between her temper tantrums. I also feel that she should've been doing it for her husband as well. William will need his brothers help when he becomes king. Being a wife is also being a partner. She has ruined his destiny n birthright. She's no duchess n he isn't acting like a Duke or anything else from a selfish, overrated royal family member. He doesn't need his title or monies from any of his living family at all. He doesn't deserve it. Jennifer D. Relyea

  15. William lost his Mother, too, he also, walked behind her casket. Just because he’s taller & possibly looks more mature than Harry, surely does not mean he doesn’t have his own emotional pain & suffering. He’s only two years older than Harry yet he was there for his younger brother, to help him get through the most horrific ordeal of both their lives.

  16. Stop with this is incredibly hard to be born into a life of privilege! The point has been married the poverty born into that they can turn out to be outstanding individuals. JUST STOP giving the "woke" any attention it is a self focused group!

  17. Does anyone actually believe that Femi can be anything other than subjective?? We all know the subject, and it’s paying him incredibly well it seems. I don’t believe his opinion is to be trusted. Will he bring up racism??

  18. Meghan has too many eyes on her under British Royalty.
    Unlike in America where not many people knew who the hell she was.
    Meghan knows she would of had a hard time reverting to the adulterous ways she lived in North America while she was still married there.
    Meghan is a dirty whore, and a dirty unrepentant whore does not change for anybody.
    No surprise that this black sheep whore went back to her scene of the crime as before.
    She will seek the men she lived her adulterous lifestyle and some.
    And due to the pussywhupped prince… he will feed her sick desires because he has not balls.
    Prince??? My arse. Princess??? even less.

  19. l wish this couple would just GO AWAY. lam sick of their whinging whining pity parties. been given to much that's their trouble. and meghan markle has been spoilt rotten since birth. nothing is ever good enough for her . if harry gave her the sun moon stars and the earth it still wouldnt be enough
    they both need to appreciate their lives and count their blessings.

  20. i think that in fairness and respect to the Queen it might have been better that they wait until after the day that she passes away *not for a long time yet of course i hope

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