Australia bushfires – a national catastrophe | DW News

Australia bushfires - a national catastrophe | DW News

As Australia battles its worst bushfires in living memory, leaders admit they’re uncharted territory. Australia’s bush fires are being described as a national catastrophe. They are even turning the skies over Auckland New Zealand orange, 2,000 kilometers away from australia.
At least 24 people have now died in the blazes, thousands have lost their homes and experts calculate more than half a billion animals have been killed. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is facing strong criticism for his handling of the crisis.
Cooler conditions are expected to give some relief to firefighting efforts. But officials warn the reprieve won’t be enough to get fires under control let alone put them out.

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  1. I'm not sure if you know this or not but over 180 people have been arrested for arson, search Australia bush fires arson on YouTube. There's a short news clip on my channel, 2nd video down.

  2. I felt very sad when I heard about the bushfire in Australia on Instagram page.. Really its a matter of regret that a vast area of land suddenly caught by fire.. The animals were burned tremendously and continuously. The firefighters did their best to save the animals and the forest from burning…

  3. Just look at the debris that is burning beside the road. This is the problem that councils and the bureaucracy dominated by green “environmentalists” refuse to allowed to be removed. The volunteers have been doing a magnificent job made more difficult by tis attitude

  4. In Colombia, South America, we also have problems with fire and forest
    destruction, but by criminal groups. It is necessary to face the problem
    of fires with ingenious and scientific solutions, some in the short term,
    others in the medium term, which can be found, for example; Water supply networks as is done with extensive crops, with pipes,
    hoses, and canals, but here to maintain soil moisture and water can come from
    the sea, which Australia has enough, the energy for pumping would come from
    solar panels, sun there is enough and government budget
    too. In scientific research; thesis;
    mini pumps of vacuum, or hydrogen, etc., that when launching and
    exploding in a zone of great fire would extinguish everything around, but
    unfortunately, they also kill every living being in the place. And in the medium term face global warming; changes
    in energy sources, pollution, etc.

  5. just think of how many people and animals have died in these fires and the fires are over now but the floods,rain and heavy hail are not over. i hope people do wel in the fires and i hope they survive

  6. Typical media hyperbole, I am right in the middle of these fires. Compared to previous fires these are mild, very few casualties and very little damage compared to some of the fires I have lived through in my 65 years.

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