Can white people have a valid opinion on race? | The Pledge

Can white people have a valid opinion on race? | The Pledge

Nick Ferrari argues that the term ‘white privileged man’ is being used to wrongly exclude white men from discussions about race. But do the panel agree?

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  1. Why should anyone who benefits from a system of privilege wish to dismantle it, its obvious to anyone that nature wants your genes to survive and prosper.

    If I am born into a family that has money, why would I wish to give it up if it benefits me and my future family?

    I might not like the fact that I was not born into money, but acting like a victim is not going to get me on the road to prospering and growing as an individual.

  2. Black women are not the best people to invite on to talk shows to discuss sensitive subjects. The results are always the same. Notice how Sky had the black professional victimhood document ready to ram down their viewers' throats, in hope of encouraging Afua not to take off like a rocket? Lol!

  3. Hey that black women should be cancelled for culturally appropriateing her hair style and for being thick as to not realise that Nick was being sarcastic when he said "lived expearence"
    They should also cancel the other dark haired women for being a blatent racist and being so thick to think that Laurance Fox saying board of accusations of racism for everything as a means to shut down the audience member while the audience member saying your a prevalaged white male is a call for dialogue. Is evaluation now making people dumber and removing the abality for humans to develop logical thinking and common sense?

  4. Absolutely I'm white and get put down for slavery, Chinese working on the railroad, and the British stealing land from native Canadians. They are racist to white people.

  5. They go overboard with it sometimes, but let's not pretend that it's just the Left that's being over-sensitive.

    Antisemitism in the Labour Party was massively overblown by the Right and the centre. Plus Corbyn being attacked for not singing the national anthem, or watching the Queen's speech, or appearing on Iranian Press TV,

    Both the Left and the Right are growing more and more febrile.

  6. As there are more people who identify as Asian in the UK than white Scots, white Northern Irish or white Welsh….as a minority who has experienced 'racism', I demand more is done for white Scots in television, film and racism against white Scots.I don't identify with the people on the BBC or ITV! Let's see if anything happens about that.

  7. Anyone can have an opinion on anything. The only validity to any opinion is the strength of the arguments that support it.
    As a society we all agreed a long time ago that dismissing opinions solely because of the race or sex of the person giving said opinion, was unacceptable.

  8. These women don't understand racism. Laurence Fox was right to call out that BBC's plant racism. The fact that this is even a question is racist. Anyone can have a valid opinion on race. People are just getting tired of the blatant racism being shown to whites and should speak up more often. These women have shown themselves to be racist. I take it they will be losing their jobs then?

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