Fareed Zakaria: Here's the problem with Trump's foreign policy

Fareed Zakaria: Here's the problem with Trump's foreign policy

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria explains the impact of President Donald Trump’s actions in the Middle East.

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  1. I thank God Trump exists to rebuild America using a superficial amount of controversey to turn his critics like Fareed Zakaria, into bumbling idiots, so that he can keep his promises for real Americans, unlike Fareed Zakaria. Trump will never leave office and by then he will have created an advanced sewer system for a long overdue cleansing.

  2. Listen up CNN fans. Since Donald Trump became President, Wages are up, the stock market is setting all time records, ISIS is defeated, major trade deals have been accomplished, our economy is roaring, more Americans are working than Ever before, my children can now pray in School without being harassed, our Military is strongest ever. Should I go on? Wake up people. Four more years!

  3. Here's my problem with you. You are so fucking full of hate of the President, you only degrade him, every video on you tube is you hating on him, the pattern clearly shows your TDS.. Your news should be about the homeless in LA, San Francisco, or maybe Detroit or Chicago or Baltimore plus all being shithole cities ran by DEMOCRATS. Instead you report impeachment and you know it's a sham and will fail. Your network is full of fake news, and this is why people who watch you believe what you say, All your bullshit you spread, I can find real facts about your false stories, you blame climate change in Australia even thou it was 20 idiots with matches and gas….. Then you claimed 30 to 80 Americans died in the Iranian air strikes….it doesn't get any faker than that… check facts before you spread lies… what else do you spread as news, you yourself with that TDS… terrible person…. you all know that black support for president Trump is over 40 percent so you already know President Trump will win in November and you all are pissed. Now you say I can't predict a Trump win but guess what Snowflakes with Hispanic Americans who will vote they are around 50 plus percent…. now what? Whose gonna be your hero? Bloomberg, he said the United States should model itself after California, the highest taxed and it's also a shithole… sounds like a great idea. We can all get taxed become homeless and take a shit in Nancy Pelosis grocery stores… then all the needles laying around from the drug addiction… yeah sounds great… Why can't you ever say the economy is booming, the deals Trump has made will make our economy even stronger with more jobs being created but nope same old TDS…. you guys suck MSNBC sucks ABC news sucks…. #walkaway #TrumpPence2020 #KAG #CNNfakenews #MSNBCfakenews
    Anyone who reads this and thinks really hard you will realize Democrats feed you lies, false promises, they are do nothings who waste your tax dollars, the democratic party has gone insane… watch the protesters these liberals say they are about love and peace but they are very hateful people… it's on YouTube… this is video facts, I don't make shit up like your fake reporters… you all high light my comments and none of your viewers comment on my posts because they all know I will own them… chris Fredo Cuomo is one mad TDS idiot too.. what's wrong with your reporters. So full of hate….. TDS IT'S REAL

  4. Let's face it folks, Donald trump has just always wanted to kill someone, anyone, be they in a foreign country, or just standing on 5th avenue, he is not a well man, MAXXAUS

  5. It's called deflection, he good at it, who knows what he's going to do next. The USA needs someone stable and has our interest not just his own, wonder how much money he's pilfered from us. Thanks white uneducated voter. Next time think! Hillary won any way, with the electro college

  6. Do the republicans agree that their young kids are sold to any country that pays them to fight. What happened to America First? Your kids are now just fighting meet for the highest bid!!

  7. If we go to war with Iran, children not yet born will be fighting 20 years later. We need to leave the Middle East alone.
    Trump put the hit on Salimani 7 months earlier. He needed him on foriegn soil.
    Humans learn from their mistakes. Trump is not other humans. He has no empathy, has never worried about feeding his wives, kids, or himself. He never had to skip medicines or physicals. I doubt he could fill a car with gas or buy groceries at a self serve grocery store.
    He can't read and will never ask advice on anything, because he thinks he knows everything.
    The world is watching and laughing at America. We are in more trouble than ever before.
    People need to work 2 or 3 jobs, inflation is up, and Trump will shrug and walk away once booted from the White House.

  8. @35:00-Fareed, is a "Journalist," who reports on world issues for a living; why is this confusing to him? Just ask yourself, "Who in the 'Middle, East; ' which IS in, AFRICA, would benefit the MOST from "trump's" actions in that part of the world?… Confusing??… The REAL "NAZIS" that's who… the "Nationalists+Zionists! "
    The, GERMANS, are NOT, and NEVER were "ZIONISTS!"… Adolph Hitler, was going after the "Zionists"… embedded in nations around the world, including, America, where they launched the "Boycott and Divestment Program" from. They could have made, Germany, whole by a payment of $3,000,000… at that time in history $3,000,000. dollars was a LOT of money.
    Germany, was starving, and their military was their ONLY hope or they would have starved possibly to death in vane… Hitler, TRIED to make peace; but…
    This is "Junior High School" stuff…

  9. If Saudi is paying good money for our troops, who is getting the money?? How much of that money is going into the u.s. treasury, and how much is going into someone’s pocket??? Are you comfortable with our sons and daughters being mercenaries?? I’m not.. Donald Bone Spur is just a total “MORON”.

  10. I used to think Trump was trash but his the old fart that's talking about facts. People dont like him because of the shit he says. At least he helped Hong Kong, Taiwan and supported the Philippines before his presidency ended.

  11. FAREED you really understand nothing about foreign policy, there was never such quit warfront in the World since decades now. That has all to do how Trump approaches every existing or upcoming threat in a diffrent but effecient way . At the same time Trump manage to protect the American interests where ever needed and dares to interfere on all international issues which damaged the VS.

  12. It was just a show for his campaign. It's a coincidence that Iran drops word to Iraq and Iraq drops word to trump and then the attacks happen with no troops in those bases. Then trump tries to look like a hero and doesn't retaliate like he's showing restraint but it's just a strategy to play to his base. But he'll attack Iraq and kill innocent ppl to keep the oil so he can get rich from the big oil companies paying him to keep the oil flowing. It pisses trump off that Iran won't let him walk in and take their oil and now he's leasing out our troops and killing our ppl to get paid like he's some kind of mob boss and that's exactly what he thinks he is a mob boss. How despicable leasing out our troops is that patriotism NO is he getting rich from doing it YES. Does he feel bad when our troops get killed NO. He can't even call the soldiers family that gets killed and offer his condolences. He has no empathy for no one he's willing to throw his own family under the bus to save himself. Why Congress isn't stepping in and stopping trump from selling our soldiers to any country that's willing to pay for them is beyond me and all Congress has to do is say no and our troops stay home. They passed the war resolution to stop trump doing whatever he wants they need to use that now and put his ass in check.

  13. why should Iraq pay the usa for an airbase that they probably didn't want, when the usa went into Iraq for no other reason than to kill their leader and steal their oil? MAGA = MAKE AMERICA GO AWAY

  14. CNN's ZIONIST PROPAGANDA BULLSHIT IS VOMIT WORTHY! …. Iran is not "trying to dominate Syria." … Iran is Syria's GOOD NEIGHBOUR, trying to help PROTECT THE COUNTRY from Zionist Insurgency and ISRAELI DOMINATION. …. America is a ZIONIST-OCCUPIED SHIT HOLE COUNTRY!

  15. I like Fareed. I can see the stress in his eyes and hear it in his voice. CNN Zucker is telling him what to say and I say Fareed is going to quit CNN for the horrible bias they spew everyday.

  16. The White House and President Trump's erratic, self-centered lack in foreign policy, when dealing with the UN, EU, G-7, North Korea, Syria, and Israel, have resulted in American looking people visiting or living overseas, especially in EU, being singled out for discrimination, mocking, and rejection. This was passed onto me, by a friend visiting Europe, who confided that she preferred to identify herself as being Romanian, rather than being an American citizen; for fear of being publicly embarrassed.

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