Fox News NOT BUYING Kellyanne Conway Spin

Fox News NOT BUYING Kellyanne Conway Spin

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The Trump Administration is responding to Lev Parnas’ claims. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

Read more here:

“White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham responded to the bombshell interview that Rachel Maddow conducted with Lev Parnas, in which the former Rudy Giuliani colleague offered damning insight into the ongoing investigation into the Trump administration’s dealings with Ukraine that lies at the heart of the current impeachment proceedings.

Parnas has become a key figure in the unfolding and still-fluid story, and on Wednesday night revealed many details from his experience in Kyiv dealing with Trump’s personal attorney Giuliani, claiming that his entire mission was to get Ukraine President Zelinsky to launch or announce an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. This is why people are tuning out. They know a lot of bad stuff happened when Obama was president. … What we should be focused on is that, going forward, every president is going to be impeachable by the terms that the House has now established,"

  2. FF So annoying. Why it happened? TYTs is hiding the truth. Everything TYTs saids is now out of context. Stupid! TYT host are foreigners. In America your innocent till… just because TYTs saids you're guilty means nothing. But they have an audience of airheads and making money off them so kudos for that.

  3. How about you run a scroll at the bottom of the screen naming all the Republican senators who are violating the oath of office during his impeachment dumpster fire by name and the date they come up for reelection and encourage people to vote get rid of them and you’ll get rid of Trump.

  4. Kellyanne the bags under your eyes are growing just like your lies. Ask Donnie for a raise cosmetic surgery is what u need to focus on.(Not that it'll help much)
    But it'll be a start.

  5. The fast forward parts are called firewalls. It's a technique to not answer the question definitively by making the interviewer's questioning shift to a different direction. Generally to get the interviewer to ask questions the interviewee wants to be asked because they already have prepared answers for.

  6. The fast forward was a very bad look for TYT. I get that she was just rambling and lying, but it looks bad like you're trying to hide what she's saying (people will spin it that way).

  7. Nothing is as disgraceful as to trying to undermine the American voter the American Political system. Nothing is as horrendous as knowingly trying to indict and convict an innocent man. Whether you like him or not its one of worst things a human being can do.
    And to think and admit they believe American people are easily manipulated and stupid. They been manipulated people, a minority, since early days of slavery. The Democrats are despicable.

  8. Gibberish! A bunch of word salad. You're boss wicked witch, is also a proven liar, the worlds biggest liar! And you defend him no matter what! That makes you a proven liar too.

  9. Relax people Obama and Biden put children in cages. Trump and Pence released them. What do you think about Mothers dragging their childen across desert? Thats Child abuse these children should be taken from parent. Already their breaking USA child CPS laws and get away with it we even locate and give the kids back to abusive parent.

  10. Ok if you want to belive there no impeachment going on, that fine with me. There is going to be an election in Nov. There's an old saying that goes. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. So keep telling self there no impeachment, there's no impeachment, there's no imp**********. If that makes you happy.

  11. Tom: Here we go again: obstruction of Congress, attempting to use the power of the Government for personal again, instructing your aids to supply false statements, to name a few, is breaking the law. Any time a Trump supporter thinks their losing a debate.They fall back to insultes and non sense. This is not a trail in the legal sense. It is a political trail to determine the fitness of Trump to remain President. Consider it a job review, how you did your job, were you an asset or liability to the company. Should you stay or go.

  12. Can't believe all the foreigners on TYT trying to manipulate 2020. Just to have open chaotic borders. Wonder why? Only haters and foreigners want open borders and chaos for America.

  13. Lol these idiots lol foreigners smh the shit that come out of toilet mouth ppl blind leading the blind smh who build America many ppl from many places that's wat America is that's wat america is about educate yourself before opening halls mouth and stop with the ignorance

  14. thank God Trump let them out. Not only did Trump let them out he gave Ukraine tons of billions of dollars. The big talking Democrats, Obama, Clinton and congress gave them blankets.

  15. How long is TYT going to cheerlead the criminal socalist party? How long are they going to get away with it. Lies and hate all over this site. Freedom of speech? I say not this is worst then yelling FIRE in a movie theater when there is none. Worst then any of the exceptions to freedom of speech this is pure damaging. Turning the uneducated sheep thinkers into puppet slave's.

  16. Best way to become an illegal and live life. I don't want to work anymore. So gonna cross into Mexico and come back into States. Of course, I'll work under the table and not pay taxes not worry about crime, maybe rob a few banks have my mailing address sanctuary city. Heaven!

  17. At intersection in a Red state 14 California plates, a blue state, homeless, poor hungry guy trying to collect.
    Not one would give a nickel.
    But yet these socialists want others to pay. Not sure why all these Blue state people are here do you?
    Did they distroy California? Now they want to destroy other states.
    Or are they turning Republican?

  18. How have you guys not blocked and filed a restraining order against "Tom Thumb?" Seriously. All he does is attack you, your views, viewers…. and he's so deranged I think he might live in the White House (part time, when not golfing or eating KFC).

  19. Right on display national TV. The techniques Democrats use to convict innocent men, woman and blacks. How Democrats and Democratic prosecutors around America put innocent men and woman mostly Blacks in prison. The ones that can not afford a descent Atty. But rely on Public defenders or cheap lazy lawyers.
    Right before your eyes no evidence, lies lies lies and spin spin spin making up fabricating stories oblivious lies trying to change rules in middle of game is how Democrats put innocent people mostly blacks in jail and keep them in their longer then need be. This is happening everyday innocent blacks being thrown in jail because of lying Democrats and Democratic prosecutors across America.
    Watch impeachment watch Tulsi embarrass and disseminate Kamala with this fact.
    So many innocent blacks in jail and serve longer sentences because of Democrats. Democrats techniques are on display on American TV. Ironically to manipulate the black sheeps vote in 5 years black votes won't matter its going to be the Latino and Iranians vote that matters

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