Hello, I have death anxiety | Death Land #3

Hello, I have death anxiety | Death Land #3

A lot of people are scared of death. But some people, including Leah, think about it an unhealthy amount. Thanatophobia is an irrational fear of death or the dying process. When we asked for your views, a lot of you said suffer from this too. So this week’s episode of Death Land is dedicated to an open conversation about the issue
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  1. Living is dying and dying is living. There is no life without death and no death without life. Life is but a journey to death and Death is the KEY to life: Death reminds us that life is but a fleeting moment and it ought to be lived to the fullest.

  2. Fear of shareing fear. Often it seems fine to confront only yourself. Because you are don't sure or you are afraid about the reaction which could be result in a rather emotional or dismissive situation. The response from someone else even if they are your friends and family, superiors etc. could hit you unprepared and often in a unnessary kind of explination.

  3. Hey Y’all! Guess what??? We are all gonna die…it’s the great equalizer….nobody is gonna escape it! Why worry about death itself? Now I do confess I do think about how I am gonna arrive at its doorstep! To quote Kenny Rogers in his song the Gambler…the best we can hope for is to die in our sleep!

  4. I know death is a part of life i look at it as another part of the journey i think what scares ppl about it these days are the fact that ppl arent living longer due to health and violence bcuz those are things we have no control over our time on earth is really not in our hands so i feel ppl should spend more time appreciating and value life while theyre still here and not worry about something u have zero control over

  5. complete break down just knowing im not alone but i guess it was a bit of relief to just know its NOT just me! Your explanation of the typical causes of it just hits home so hard and makes me a little more aware of why this is happening. Thank you!

  6. This series is very unsatisfying. Far too shallow an approach, and a lot of time wasted on the presenter. Also poorly produced. (The massive hobo bag, schlepping the boom mic, despite having a camera operator). Also, inappropriate of the presenter to be sitting between the doctor and the patient with whom the doctor was talking, especially given the gravity of the situation).

  7. Communists are atheists, this is why they are so evil. They don't believe in anything and are devoid of hope or any moral compass, which resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people and still counting. Don't be without spirituality, it's a modern cancer.

  8. I too have this anxiety, and it is a large change from a few years ago when I was so depressed I did not want to live. All of a sudden now living is everything and my anxiety is triple what it used to be.

  9. I have worked in palliative care in both the east and west. I gotta say in the east/ india people were a lot more relaxed and at peace near the end, almost smiling and joyous often (mother teresa, home for the dying, calcutta).

  10. Some may get comfort from watching “Bill’s Videos” channel. According to many people who have had NDEs death is just a return to Love. I very much look forward to it. I long to be embraced with unconditional Love, Acceptance, Compassion and Peace. I have zero fear of death anyway it happens. Blessings to all.

  11. My problem is i dont care about living. I dont kmow why i dont appreciate my life. Im 44 and i see am take on the pain in this world. Even 2 years ago i lost my beautiful mum of cancer. It reminds me of what this world does to people. I feel i need shock treatment or something. I really empathize too much for other people.but yet struggle to want life. Any ideas thoughts would really help. X

  12. I don't think I have any anxiety about it, only that I don't want to suffer, i Know I have lived more of my lifespan than I have left….my reason for being here is I want to understand my Father's choices near the end of his life

  13. I didn’t realize how much I think abt death lol like how she said she just imagines herself dying a million ways.. like same lol but the only dif is it doesn’t cause me anxiety lol

  14. I've been struggling with so much death anxiety. I spent most of my early life suicidal or just apathetic and now that I'm working hard to heal, I've found such joy in life and likewise have become preoccupied with the fear of dying before I'm ready, or by living and losing all my loved ones. I almody died at the hands of an abuser and it was scary how fast it happened and how easy it was to almost slip away.
    have been lucky to not have experienced much death in my life but I know that means I have a lot of death to face someday. I have panic attacks every night.

    I wish it was not so taboo to discuss death and dying and the fear of it. I think that would help.

  15. It’s weird watching this as someone who has attempted suicide. I had several family members pass away in the past year so that on top of already severe depression, just made me want to give up. Im working on building a healthier relationship with the concept of death like these people are, we’re just on different ends of the spectrum.

  16. I too have death anxiety! I was severely depressed when I was 36 and I tried to kil myself. I feel like i've been living on borrowed time since then. It's really shitty to be obsessing about death, it started when I was a child and I really wish I could stop and enjoy my life instead of being afraid to die. I'm not always obsessing, but it is ever so present in my thoughts. P.S. I'm an artist and death was a recurring theme in my artwork.

  17. We live in a dangerous place, isn't everyone always thinking about death? You'll stop fearing death when you are facing it. When I felt like I was dying, I really didn't fear that I was going to die.

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