House Judiciary Committee holds first hearing in the Trump Impeachment Inquiry, live stream

House Judiciary Committee holds first hearing in the Trump Impeachment Inquiry, live stream

The House Judiciary Committee is taking the reins of the impeachment inquiry as the panel holds its first hearing, focusing on the constitutional grounds for impeachment. Live updates here:

The committee, which will be responsible for drafting potential articles of impeachment, is hearing from four constitutional law experts: Noah Feldman, Pamela Karlan, Michael Gerhardt and Jonathan Turley, who is also a CBS News contributor.

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  1. they could not have picked a more biased panel of experts..except Turley……this Pamela woman is surely biased make remark about presidents son Baron…why did republicans allow such a group of democrats be on panel? are there no republican professors in USA

  2. I’ll say this loud, if you don’t have PROOF and especially for Democrats… or evidence, stfu. Cause if there’s legit proof, I’ll absolutely see the reason on impeachment. Other than that, stfu. You’re defending ppl YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. I defend because I SEE NO PROOF.

  3. Republicans (2019): We never tried to delegitimize a democratic leader or stop them from making progress

    Republicans (under Obama Administration): We won’t support anything Obama proposes and will oppose anything he suggests

  4. Nunes is corrupt to hes on the tRUMP cult train. He knows the potus is guilty and corrupt Impeach Impeach this American traitor.the reason they dont think potus will be Impeached is because all the corrupt republicans who refuse to do there job,because the are just as corrupt.

  5. Barry Berke is nothing more than one of many dishonest attorneys that protects the evil PEDOPHILE, Democrat politicians like Adam Schiff, (fat man) Jerry Nadler, Eric (swallows well) Swalwell, Ami Berra, John Garamendi, Nancy (skelator) Pelosi, (Mad) Maxine Waters, Karen Bass, Ted Leiu, Tony Cardenas, Aundrae Carson, Ilhan Omar, Alexandra Ocasio (kotex) Cortez an many, many more. By the way they are Democratic socialists (COMMUNISTS)! BEWARE AMERICA THEY ARE COMING AFTER US TO ENSLAVE US!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  6. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Rep Al Green says that he will just keep trying to impeach the president. This is insanity. We have already seen this show an thier is nothing different and nothing will change

  7. Republicans: “The President of Ukraine never felt pressure, why would he lie?”

    Me: “I don’t know, maybe to receive the aid as early as possible and to continue good relations with the United States? If he says otherwise, that all goes away lol”

  8. Collins called the american people idiots that we can't understand what's going on "HUH' "




    used to express scorn, anger, disbelief, surprise, or amusement.

    "“Huh,” she snorted, “Over my dead body!”"

    used in questions to invite agreement or further comment or to express a lack of understanding.

    "pretty devastating, huh?"

  9. I wish they would not take everything they the left says a fact. There is no reason to call Nunez to task . They haven't released all the information on the depositions. They have help back on some. Ya the Mueller report my god they are not going to stop till the ones pushing this end up in jail that might stop it. All they are saying is conjecture the don't know but they think it probably it might be , where are the facts, it's the same old game. Replace Obama's name and where Trump is being investagated It would be totally different we all know that. There is no facts just saying he's guilty . Ya both parties are locked in .

  10. He will not be removed if they have a trial in Senate and both sides will be heard , and dems are going to jail . I wonder if the media will apologize to Trump. I doubt that It's been the Dems and left that can't stop. You can tell that this media only says the Dems way . Schiff is a snake in the grass no doubt about it. See how this hurts the nation on the whole.

  11. Impeach the bum for bringing back jobs and creating the lowest unemployment and the strongest American economy in the history of our country.
    He is supposed to continue closing factories and outsourcing american jobs like Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama.

  12. This make no sense the man was on many interviews committing the crime and asking for the foreign countries to investigate. Clinton did nothing of the sort but was impeachment. So the evidence states that trump admitted many times in front of the world his crimes. We don't need a witness. Trump is the evidence.

  13. Yeah yeah but there is no witnesses no taxes no documents no transcript no evidence what is he afraid of he is already impeached. So why hide. Why is he hiding the evidence

  14. Political theatre designed to create sound bites against Potus. When its all over Trump is still president and gets reelected with a majority in the house and senate. Then watch corruption die and the economy take off.
    All things will be revealed.

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