Keiser Report: Dethroning the Dollar (E1495)

Keiser Report: Dethroning the Dollar (E1495)

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the Economist magazine feature on dethroning the U.S. dollar as the increasing weaponization of the reserve currency has turned nations around the world away from holding the potentially dangerous (to their wealth) weapon. They also look at the domestic weaponization of debt in that young people have no future as indentured servants to $1.6 trillion in unpayable debts.

In the second half, Max continues his chat with Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital. Max and Mark knock down the objections to bitcoin and then move onto Tesla where the two differ on the outlook for the electric car company.

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  1. "This moment in history marks the end of a long, sad tale of greed and murder by the white races. It is inevitable that for the final show we vomited a grotesque figure like Trump. Europeans and Americans have spent five centuries conquering, plundering, exploiting and polluting the earth in the name of human progress. They used their technological superiority to create the most efficient killing machines on the planet, directed against anyone and anything, especially indigenous cultures, that stood in their way.

    They stole and hoarded the planet’s wealth and resources. They believed that this orgy of blood and gold would never end, and they still believe it. They do not understand that the dark ethic of ceaseless capitalist and imperialist expansion is dooming the exploiters as well as the exploited. But even as we stand on the cusp of extinction we lack the intelligence and imagination to break free from our evolutionary past

    Our retreat into self-delusion is a career opportunity for charlatans who tell us what we want to hear. The magical thinking they espouse is a form of infantilism. It discredits facts and realities that defy the glowing cant of slogans such as “Make America great again.” Reality is banished for relentless and baseless optimism.

    Half the country may live in poverty, our civil liberties may be taken from us, militarized police may murder unarmed citizens in the streets and we may run the world’s largest prison system and murderous war machine, but all these truths are studiously ignored. Trump embodies the essence of this decayed, intellectually bankrupt and immoral world. He is its natural expression. He is the king of the idiots. We are his victims."

    Chris Hedges

  2. US does not need to be the world reserve currency —- THESE two do not understand the system we have and what money actually is — they gold bugs or Bitcoin bugs with ridiculous Austrian Economics Bullshit. This is why Steve Keen and Michael Hudson never agree totally with what they say. Keen & Hudson realize that money is the measure of the resource — IT IS NOT THE RESOURCE. Money was not created from barter — MONEY was created by govt's to provision their armies — they did this by creating a currency and requiring taxes to be in it. Thus people had to work to get the currency that state made or they had trade to the currency. THIS IS HOW MONEY WAS CREATED. Their Blah Blah about world reserve currency is total BULLSHIT>

  3. I don’t see how buying bitcoin is like investing in the technology. It already exists. It doesn’t need investment. When you buy bitcoin that money doesn’t go to building the technology; it goes to pay the guy who’s selling you his bitcoin. Or it’s going to pay for the electricity that’s wasted to mine bitcoin.

    There’s no point on Max talking about bitcoin unless he addresses the problems with bitcoin which I have yet to hear him do. Point me to an episode if I missed it.

    It may be useful as a store of value but not as a form of currency because it cannot handle the rate of transactions that would be needed. Also, unless the government backs bitcoin it will not work. If the government wants you to pay your taxes in dollars, then you’ll need to acquire dollars to pay your taxes. And there’s no insurance like FDIC. Mining bitcoin wastes a lot of electricity.

  4. the coronavirus could easily be the pandemic that causes a death jubilee. we don’t know yet. historically it’s not just possible it’s probable. if historically viruses always find a way, using the laws of nature, you cannot say or are understanding of medicine is more advanced so this time it’s different. think about it.

  5. There is no heir apparent to the US dollar. The EU is dying in case you haven't noticed. It's financially bankrupt, politically at war internally, and it's in social chaos. China is literally dying. Coronavirus is killing it off. Its real economy is small compared to the United States, its income is low, its debt is huge, and capital and companies are fleeing like rats deserting a sinking ship. The future of the yen is uncertain. Japan is a rapidly aging country with a large debt to GDP ratio. The future of the pound sterling is equally uncertain with Brexit a reality and the breakup of the UK a real possibility. Bitcoin will not take over the world and gold is just another commodity that hasn't even doubled against the US dollar in 40 years. The US dollar will remain the world's reserve currency as far into the future as the eye can see.

  6. How do you wipe out the student debt and not cause the creditors share prices to decline and therefore the bonuses of those executives that rely on share price growth to maximize their wealth. Won't there be a revolt of the powerful? Could we see an assassination of the Orange Retard by these rich and powerful if there is even a whiff of a student debt write-off?

  7. We are witnessing the collapse of the, American Empire. America’s debt is so great it can never be paid back. The USA still hasn’t paid the $11 Trillion loan for Middle East wars so far. There are cities like the neglected, rat infested, Los Angeles that is experiencing the return of Medieval diseases. America has a record number of business failures and sub-prime loans on, wars, cars, student loans and houses. Trump is going to war with Iran. It will be a long protracted war lasting 10 – 20 years and at the end of it the American taxpayer will realised they have lost their Empire, lost their "Common Wealth" and their "Dream of Freedom," at the same time the rest of the world will be racing ahead, living the high life. We in Britain must stay out of this war. What we voted for was “peace and prosperity” though free international trade.

  8. Insider who a making a fortune out of Bitcoin and wants more people to get more people into Bitcoin?.Why?.b
    Bitcoin needs huge liquidity do founders can realise profit by cashing in however like Derivatives this is an integrated "currency, " without any Bn ack up of hard assets. My question is simple -in a financial collapse what is Bitcoin worth and how many Bitcoins exist ( little lady in Siberian mining Bitcoin each one worth huge amount f US dollars making over a hundred a day no change for electricity!. How do you regulate production?.

  9. All it takes is money to do a 51% attack on bitcoin. Any government could do this and short bitcoin to make money on the way down. It also consumes too much energy in mining. Its the Napster of assets. Your absolutely crazy not to invest in XRP

  10. We are not going to mars this is all nonsense.That is just another lie to take our money. We cant even go to outer space. The satellites are all on balloons its all a sack of lies.

  11. Max love the show, could you mention this Gesara NESARA, why has it not been implemented, I admit I know nothing about this topic that's why I'm asking, Thanks, great work

  12. Thanks for the deeper look at what lies beneath BC and why it may be a great investment moving forward.
    I have not heard BC being talked about like this before, so am grateful.
    Not over the line yet, though now have a clearer understanding and a willingness to look more closely. A concern I have is if the economic systems do corrupt significantly (which I believe may be quite likely), the financial contagion will rip through the systems and financial institutions. Many will likely be frozen, and or go under, so how does one get their money from BC?
    So I would suggest that BC, it may need to be part of a greater wealth preservation strategy rather than the bulk of one.

  13. The reason Rome fell was making all conquered nations Roman citizens and settle debts in Roman currency. This is the same as the American dollar New York fed as the settling level for all debts. Barbarians demanding payment for their services sacked Rome making off with commodities of “equal” value. Other nations taking advantage of Roman civilization eventually develop their own systems of value. What’s the Yogi Berra saying… it’s deja vu all over again?

  14. Absolutely amazing you guys are so biased you say sanctions are an act of War but if Iran goes outside of the petrodollar undermining the dominance of the dollar no action should be taken absolutely ridiculous

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