Reporters describes scramble to flee Wuhan before lockdown

Reporters describes scramble to flee Wuhan before lockdown

As China announced a partial lockdown of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, the CNN team on the ground had to scramble to flee the city in time. CNN’s David Culver and Steven Jiang report.
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  1. If Wuhan was a city in Africa, South America or a Muslim country. The U.S government would have put a strict and abrupt travel ban the minute their embassies informed them of the new news.

  2. Idiot hack on the left! No, they don't have the freedom to comment. They can be arrested for 'spreading rumours/adversley affecting social cohesion', no matter how accurate the info they give is. (Especially, in fact).

  3. But the Demoncrats OPEN BORDERS in Merica!! "Chinese Health Minister Ma Xiaowei delivered the worrisome revelation that people can spread the virus before they have symptoms — which a veteran US health adviser called a "game changer," but not in a good way." God Bless CHINA during this Difficult time.

  4. Back in the day when Ted Turner was running CNN,  CNN would be providing up to date breaking information about this virus.  Today, with that clown, Zucker, running the show, they provide no news on this story.   Its Russia, Russia Russia or Impeachment non stop 24/7.  And no one cares.

  5. China should stop people from traveling into china and from china with an epidemic of Corona virus that has no cure and does not responce to any given thing to patients like with the case of sars. China should take action that this virus will not be an international issue as what happened previously with Sars. As a country which started in wuhan and brought fear among other countries. China should band their people to spread this for the reason that it has no cure and needs to be isolated. An action like this will limit the number of people
    to have this virus and will
    show China a willingness to do everything to stop this devastating disease. Please no bad comment. These are just realistic way to slow down this virus from continuing to be responsible to control such disaster that will also help it s own people. I hope that this incident will give the Chinese government a chance to
    prove their real intention with sincere motive as
    what other countries always been making it public right away when such cases arise. Weeks or even days of holding back this crucial health not a good judgement . And with the other countries already affected, the Chinese government did not do their job as they keep this issue for sometime before letting this problem presented to other nations and for the others to be aware
    so to be able act in a timely manner not only to confine this virus and let other countries know what they need to do as this desease already claimed so much lives and with the knowledge how quickly
    it s derive from one person to another by contact. I hope that they meaning all countries to put their knowledge on this outbreak corona virus disease . The lockdown should have been done as early as possible to control but we could hear fear, confusion and disturbing and with the quarantine might be too late even with the government of China claiming to resolve this. They have to act now and work along with other nations that has more other knowledge that could help this desease from spreading and to also think that the Chinese people will have z greater chance to over come this devastating corona virus. Pls no bad comment , it s only to bring attention on how grave this coronavirus that has no cure yet. As I mention I hope China will learn from this case so going forward all countries has to be flagged ASAP on such health issue that might have lessen people from contracting this desease and stop people from dyeing.

  6. Didn't want to expose others–but the most vulnerable to have contracted the disease are the young and the old and I hope the couple got had their son and grandfather tested before they put them on the train. I believe that's how most of the international cases were spread–people leaving, jumping ship, for self-preservation. Nature is fighting back.

  7. A country with almost 2 billion people, the US is less than 6% of China's population, no country has the right of experience to criticize China's gov't or how they handle anything. There is no other country in the world with the population as large as China–there is no country in the world with the experience to manage a population like China–I guarantee you democracy will not work in large population of Chinese.

  8. Remember David Culver. This man basically walked into a zone of a highly infectious disease that kills more than SARS and possibly MERS, and left to come back to the West to tell you how he escaped. Remember David Culver.

  9. The Wuhan market sell n eat those animals for years why now it cause spread of strong virus from eating it? Biological warfare lab messed with it and cause accident leak accident then is more believable …. or they want sizes their population.I don’t believe communists at all!.. just speculating

  10. all these people being checked for temperature and then let loose on the rest of the world. knowing that this can spread for up to two weeks before you even have one notice of infection. looks like this virus is going to be around the world in about a month.

  11. After WW2, History witnessed Cold Warfares, Chemical Warfares, Crude Oil Warefares, Economical Warfares, Proxy Warfares! Now History has to grown up & also learn "Virus Warfare"?

  12. Oh well china. Thank you for spreading coronavirua all around the world now. This happened since even before Jan but people were walking free from china and going to other places. Now it's in California. Isn't it too little too late to lock down now since many many millions have escaped from the wuhan already? Possibly effected??

  13. From everything this man just said, contain the outbreak means let all those who have contracted the virus go home and die. I'm I right on this? He did just say that the hospitals are overwhelmed and can't take anymore people who are displaying the symptoms. So they are told to go back home and die, Right? So the whole of Wuhan is in quarantine. All mass transit is closed gas stations, closed no one can go anywhere. So it boils down to this… if you have the virus your dead, if you don't then you live. That folks is the sad reality of this life. How terrible for these people.

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