Republican BLASTS Trump After Iran Briefing

Republican BLASTS Trump After Iran Briefing

Politicians are not satisfied with the briefing they were given on Iran. Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson


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  1. Wow a republican had a brainfart and accidentally said things that make sense and forgot to lie? Republican politicians are really slipping.. he is letting the side down…S.M.H.

  2. Republicans are afraid of dissension in the government “because it might send the wrong message to Iran”? That ship sailed the moment the Orange Vomit Mountain otherwise known as Donald Trump set foot in the White House.

  3. Trump is the wrong person near the big red button he is a fool.
    This is another tantrum.
    When he becomes angry or nervous he will pull things like this
    Its time Mike Pince to take over if he have the balls. This is a pattern cant you see.

  4. The happy take-away here (and there is one) is that this ploy of Trump's to get himself re-elected (and take the attention off of his impeachment and the Democratic primaries), may blow up in his face. As you say, this is NOT what his base signed on for–more endless war. (Although god knows what they thought bowing out of the Iran Deal was going to bring them). But hey, no one said 'logic' was a big part of the Trump base.

  5. Well, and maybe it was a good thing that Saliemani was trying to reach out to the Saudis. But we'll never know, will we BECAUSE THE US KILLED HIM RATHER THAN ALLOWING THAT TO HAPPEN. Hmmmm.. Could it be that people coming together in the Middle East is ACTUALLY A BAD THING FOR THE US? Duh? Why do we do NOTHING to help the situation between the Israelis and the Palestianians? Because destabilization in GOOD for US interests. Unification in the Middle East is very bad for US interests.

  6. Jayar! I can't believe you just said, "There are plenty of Bad Guys in the World. TAKE PART IN ALL OF IT." Eliminating them? What did you mean? There is this thing called The Rule of Law. You can't be advocating that the US go around the world "taking out" anyone it does not like. Because believe you me, some of those folks would be and have been people we like. THE US HAS NO RIGHT TO JUST ASSASSINATE SOMEONE IT DOES NOT AGREE WITH. AS I have said before, even the Nazi's got trials–as well they should or we are just like them.

  7. I was just just watching a commercial that sells food in case of emergency . If your house gets blown away so does your emergency food supply numb sculls . Will sell anything to make money

  8. THERE WAS NO THREAT OF IMMINENT ATTACK!: In an effort to detract and deflect from the humiliation of his IMPEACHMENT, and with no regard for the blowback it would cause, Trump mindlessly assassinated an Iranian General. NOW Trump, Stephen Miller and Mike Pompeo have the BLOOD of 167 CANADIAN CITIZENS on their hands to account for.

  9. Are the Republican Senators now going to Impeach Trump? No, so they are ok with what Trump did and how he undermined the Constitution. Mike Lee allowed this because he doesn’t really care.

  10. The "Imminent Threat" to Donald J Trump was his IMPEACHMENT. Mr. Trump would sell his own Grandmother to get out of being IMPEACHED. In my second posting, I shall make a short suggestion to any sane rational politicians left in Washington D.C.

  11. Impeach & Remove Donald J Trump. Impeach & Remove Donald J Trump. Impeach & Remove Donald J Trump. Impeach & Remove Donald J Trump. Impeach & Remove Donald J Trump. Impeach & Remove Donald J Trump. Impeach & Remove Donald J Trump. Impeach & Remove Donald J Trump. Impeach & Remove Donald J Trump. There now, that made me feel so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Interesting how this now dead Iranian General wanted to give Intelligence Information to U.S. Forces when the U.S. had first invaded Afghanistan, but the Bush Jr Administration turned him away. Of course that was back in 2001 A.D. or 2002 A.D. Very interesting how that little uncomfortable Fact Gets Erased From History. Once again "Control The Message, Control The People".

  13. Every time Fox has something to report, it is so pre-scripted. They are perfect Fodder for more SNL … they are making it so easy to look more like idiots and that’s not going to go in their favor when Trump is outta there…the ass kissers, the flatterers, have no opinion. They are there to flatter Trump… it’s so pitiful. The insanity of Trump and his cult, is just showing the real insanity.

  14. President Trump is the greatest President in this country's history. He's actually making these oil rich country's pay us back for body guarding them all these years. He pours all that he saves from welfare to work and all that he earns from trade deals & endless wars back into the economy. Morons will probably never understand but take my word for it ; PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN US HISTORY.

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