'Shots fired' at man in London Bridge – BBC News

'Shots fired' at man in London Bridge - BBC News

A number of people are believed to have been injured after a stabbing at London Bridge, police have said.

The Met said one man had been shot by police and it was treating the incident “as though it is terror related”.

The force earlier said it had detained a man. London Ambulance Service has declared a “major incident”.

The BBC’s John McManus, at the scene, said he had seen a group of men in a fight on the bridge. Police then arrived and shots were fired, he said.

British Transport Police said London Bridge station was currently closed and no trains would be stopping there.

Police have advised people near the scene to follow directions from officers on the ground.

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BBC News


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  1. condolences to the victims and those affected. This breaks my heart. Innocent lives lost.however the comments are absolutely awful about Islam being the reason. U are giving these terrorists the attention they need by bringing hate, this is what they want. Just because one did it, doesn't mean u blame the rest.
    Rip the 2 that died.

  2. Word The Control Of Cocaine& Opium By The Drug Cartel Of The World Pay To Play And Backdoor Politics Needs All That Revenue From European government Countries For The United States Spent Billions Building A Prison To Interrogate Members Of The Cash Cow Pipelines Cutting Out The Low level Middle Agencies & Governments To Distribute Throughout Europe To Make Trillions Yearly And Needs Internationally Control Imports & Exports For Washington D.C. will Not Exept Family Values Or Terms Of A Civilized Organization !
    Drug Cartel Of The World

  3. Why was the man who apparently disarmed the Terrorist running away with a clean knife? He also throws something away. Can you kill two people and injure more with your knife staying clean?
    I'm suspicious, this is a #False Flag event.

  4. The following is food for thought for those with an independent mind, & to be clear – RIP all victims. I condemn terrorism & its many masks.

    We'd do well to remember "First they came for…" because ANY OF US could be the next one subjected to an extra-judicial KILL decision! In no way am i defending the criminal perpetrator/s – I'm looking at the bigger picture. Read to the end before you emotionally abreact.

    Either we all have the right to proper due legal process, or none of us do. Moving the goalposts to suite = despotic tyranny.

    > Citizen / police – use reasonable force to disarm & lawfully detain & arrest.
    > Courts AND public jury – IN PUBLIC (not secret) hold a fair trial, hear all sides, judge & pass sentence (rightly or wrongly, under current English law there are no executions).
    > Government – deliver sentence on behalf of the people.
    > Extra-judicial killing is murder, & a crime even for the military under the Geneva Convention.

    > The public used reasonable force to disarm, restrain & arrest suspect. Suspect was a captured prisoner.
    > Police turned up, ordered & pulled the public away from suspect, then executed him by de facto makeshift firing squad at the roadside.
    > Police justification – shot dead as allegedly harbouring / wearing a bomb.
    > The suspect – a known terrorist – was let out of prison without going before a parole board (yeah right) after serving half or less of his sentence (pathetic legal system), on "tag" (prison licence) & under active MI5 surveillance, & had attended extensive reprogramming programmes. What a total F*K up by all (IF that's the whole truth we're given… doubt it)!

    1. Had there been at least plausible proof of the other alleged murders?
    2. How many shots were fired, & from how many guns?
    3. What warnings were issued by the armed police before shooting – public witness testimony required?
    4. Where on body did the police shoot the suspect? (the act of shooting could have detonated a suspected bomb – so question is, where did they shoot him?)
    5. Did the police shooter/s have advice from bomb experts prior to shooting?
    6. Where is the evidence there was a (hoax) bomb attached to the suspect?
    7. Who established that the bomb was hoax, & how long did it take their assessment?
    8. From published footage, a white male is seen running (media such as the BBC &/or The Standard FALSELY say walking away or backing away, but no surprise with their FAKE news) across the bridge away from the immediate scene holding the alleged knife AND appearing to be with his bare hand – (a) this is proof the immediate crime scene was not secured, & criminal evidence was contaminated – why, this is extremely serious criminal failure of very basic policing; (b) some mainstream media say that said male was a plain-clothes copper – prove who that male was: name, employer, job; (c) if he was a copper, then explain (i) what he was doing there, (ii) his artificial-looking left arm (especially given his alleged job), & (ii) why he ("conveniently") interfered with criminal evidence, let alone touched it with his own fingerprints! (a proper copper knows not to  interfere with evidence, let alone touch it with one's own fingerprints / DNA); (d) why did said knife look rather blood-less, (e) what did said male throw away out of his left jacket pocket as he left the scene (WITH THE KNIFE in hand don't forget)?
    9. Was the shooting a death squad execution?
    10. Could the dead suspect have been subjected to MKUltra or Manchunian Candidate brainwashing / mind control by "friendlies" (UK / US / Israeli secret services etc)?
    11. Is it easier & preferable, or convenient to have a dead NON-TALKING offender or a live, talking one?
    12. As the terrorism "threat level" had just been downgraded (it's done every 6mths apparently), could this event have been staged to conveniently get it re-upgraded, especially since threat level affects service funding (INCOME for the service owners)?
    13. Given the "establishment" is a long-standing expert on mind control & brainwashing, how could it's terrorism reprogramming programmes fail?
    14. Who (SENIOR individuals) from the govern-ment (control-mind), security services, prison service & probation service is going to be sent to a hard labour prison for failing to do their PAID jobs….? Oh that's right, no-one, except maybe (if we're lucky) an irrelevant low-level pawn.
    15. Isn't the timing of this event politically "convenient" (aka suspicious) to ramp up fear – recall:
    16th June 2016 – Jo Cox Murder.
    23rd June 2016 – EU Referendum.

    22nd May 2017 – Manchester Arena bombing.
    3rd June 2017 – London Bridge attack.
    8th June 2017 – General Election.

    29th Nov 2019 – London Bridge attack.
    12th Dec 2019 – General Election.

    > Was "UNreasonable force" used (execution) – LIKELY.
    > Was this "self defence” – UNLIKELY.
    > Was this the "defence of others" – UNLIKELY.
    > Was this “justifiable homicide” / "homicide by necessity”- UNLIKELY.
    > Was this an "extra-judicial killing" – LIKELY: police executed a detained & disarmed prisoner; police took it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner.
    > Was this a "state-sponsored execution" – HIGHLY LIKELY, despite English law & international human rights & EU human rights prohibiting capital punishment, & military law prohibiting it (as you know, we have been engaged in "the WAR on terror" since 2001!).
    > Is armed outlaws in uniform commiting murdering on our streets not the very definition of “terrorist” & "terrorism", just a different side?

    Execution IS NOT the law of our country. Due lawful process is. Deviating from lawful due process makes us the same brainless savages & terrorists the system purports to oppose. This is not “law enforcement”, this is militarised police despotism.

    Consider this – Had Khan been duly executed by order of a lawful, competent & public jury court for his previous conspiracy to commit mass murder, he would not have been out & about killing innocent people….! Raises another question – why wait until after the horse has bolted to execute it…? Rather convenient not to, for many reasons, I'd say – namely (but not exclusively): control the masses through fear, & personal income for the owners of services.

  5. Nothing to do with Diversity. Fact of Life is there are Too many Extremists, Fanatics and Racists in the world today. Causing problems for Everyday folk like US.

  6. The attacker was racially killed for being Muslim. He was in love with his alleged victim. Islam is a peaceful religion. Be careful to critics Islam or I will have your account deleted by YouTube. Praise be to Allah

  7. BBC does not report terrorist attacks on their Front page. #Londonistan (BBC front page is too busy with pro palestinian articles) Trojan Donkey is in the UK. Best to send them terrorist to Ireland they support them there.

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