Ukrainian passenger plane crashes in Iran – BBC News

Ukrainian passenger plane crashes in Iran - BBC News

A Ukrainian Boeing-737 with more than 170 people on board has crashed in Iran, officials say.

Iran’s Red Crescent said there was no chance of finding survivors.

The Ukraine International Airlines plane crashed just after take-off from Iran’s Imam Khomeini airport in Tehran, said the Fars state news agency.

The plane was flying to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Ukraine’s government said a crisis group was being set up to investigate the crash.

President Volodymyr Zelensky was cutting short a trip to Oman and returning to Kyiv, a statement said.

“My sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of all passengers and crew,” he said in a statement.

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BBC News


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  1. All the reporting you do is a lie. Go search for the truth. It was surely the miaails that strike the plane. Common people of this world are not stupid and dumb. When leaders of different nations tries to show off power…. Common people (civilians are the one who suffers. This is so sick and condemnable act on humanitarian ground….

  2. Btw bbc jydt close down your channel. We have better news channel in this world that are more reliable than your bias news coverage. Lost total respect of the bbc channel. You just bunch of rubbish reporters

  3. **Truth about Iran Plane Crash**

    Iranien unintentionally shot down Ukrainien Airliner. REALLY? LOL

    What if US never killed Quasem Soleimani and wanted him to disapear and exit the country for some reasons? The only way was to send him incognito in a commercial flight exactly like in the movie "Argo" released in 2012. Probably also a coincidence that Canadians are implicated in this movie. Even Trudeau father was president at that time in 1980.

    Couple days before they supposely killed Soleimani they fired dozens of missiles that never injured anyone not even hit any real targets. Ohhhh and these supposed targets was on land fixed, not in movement…. And these dozens missiles sent out was not an accident…?

    But by accident they shot down a moving air plane in the sky… Mmmm let me think… It might be  unintentionally… Might be a human error..

    Also funny that Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau said live on air the same exact speech that it might be unintentionnally and accidentally. That even before the Iran admits to "Unintentionally" shooting down the plane blaming 'Human Error'. Wow, kind of strange to see that US and Canadian president says this exact thing before the Iranian did… So it might be the truth…? Is it that frequent to shot down moving air planes with missiles by accident nowadays? Was it the most plausible causes?

    They really think we're dumb enough to think all that bulshit…?

    I really hope people open there eyes one day and see that we're being lied everyday by the gouvernments and medias. I hope people and families who've lost someone in this crash will be able to know the truth.

    Please always think twice and see other side of the news bulshit they can tell us on the news.

    And make sure to check the movie 'Argo' to how it's relevant to what's happening now. It's on Netflix. ;-).

  4. My question is, why did the pilots take off and fly over Iran after the FAA warned and banned all flights over Iran. There was a war going on. The Airline should take responsibility for those poor souls that lost their lives. My condolences to all the family

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  6. If you add up all the facts, it's highly likely the plane was brought down intentionally:
    1. Iranian authority issued an air clearance notice before to make this plane the only one in the sky
    2. This plane was delay for an hour, again made it the last and only plane in the sky
    3. There are no American, Chinese or Russian on the plane, most passengers on plan are from America's allies. Iran doesn't want a war with US, instead America's allies are punished
    4. the Iranians on board could be considered as traitors given the fact they wanted to go to the west at such intense time

  7. Since 2019 lots of plan crash happening people knows one word accident no one is paying more attention to slove the issues all those innconcet are losing life plans needs to be check for saftey before it fly

  8. Rumour has it that theirs an infighting within the iranian government going on at the moment and on that flight was Ghasem Soleimanis bodyguard with a usb containing classified information that would of brought down the whole government from corruption to Organ trafficking, they panicked once they found out he has slipped through their fingers and on his way to the west so they shot down the plane in desperation to cover what ever was on that usb!

  9. Is it just me cause I just went into Tik Tok and this one guy named Mario Reyna and he was in a plane where it looked liked a engine was in a turbine and that’s why I’m here

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