Yemen: The Last Lunch | Al Jazeera World

Yemen: The Last Lunch | Al Jazeera World

Details surrounding the political assassination of Ibrahim al-Hamdi, president of North Yemen, in 1977 are stranger than fiction.

Al-Hamdi, viewed by many as a reformer and modernist, came to power in a bloodless coup in June 1974 at a time when Yemen was divided into two countries: North Yemen, where al-Hamdi was president and Marxist South Yemen. As a moderniser, al-Hamdi pushed for Yemeni unification and was due to travel to Aden to meet with his southern counterpart in October 1977.

Two days before that meeting was due to take place, al-Hamdi was invited to lunch at the home of his army commander Ahmed al-Ghashmi. On arrival, al-Hamdi was taken past the dignitaries and brought to a room where on the floor lay the body of his brother. According to an eyewitness, al-Hamdi was then murdered at the scene.

The exact details of his death remain a mystery. Some claim he was shot dead in a drive-by shooting. A more lurid account places al-Hamdi’s body and that of his brother alongside those of two young French women, who some speculate may have been spies, high class escorts, or both. While nobody was ever charged with the murder, the list of suspects included two future Yemeni presidents, tribal enemies opposed to al-Hamdi’s erosion of their power and forces loyal to neighbouring Saudi Arabia, who vigorously denied involvement in the murder.

The assassination of al-Hamdi still resonates today. More than 40 years on, his family and supporters still search for answers. And with few witnesses left alive, calls for accountability and closure are more pressing than ever.

Yemen: The Last Lunch traces the events leading up to Ibrahim al-Hamdi’s murder and how his death steered the course of a country deeply divided.

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  1. I praise and thank God. I write to all sides: do not bomb people, do not set land mines, do not terrorize people, do not torture people. We have an excellent example in Jesus, for the men. Jesus kindly taught God's Message, explaining what sinning is, and not sinning himself. We have an excellent example for the women in Mary, the mother of Jesus. She guarded her virginity, and did not do sexual sins. She believed in God, and only prayed to God. Mary knew that God does not have parents. Mary never claimed the lie that she is the so called "mother of God". Jesus never claimed to be the son of God. Jesus always prayed to God, our Creator. Again I praise and thank God. God Always Hears and Sees us.

  2. i came into this channel thinking about yemen bcas im reading about it, and i see this! so perfect time. best gift. thank you alJ 🙂 also the introductory music from the previous yemen documentaries is amazing, bring that back, old but timeless lol

  3. The good die young. Alhamdi accomplished more in his short campaign than Saleh's 33 dictatorship. Yemen's GDP has never been as high as he made it. And no leader has dreamed of more for Yemen than he did. الله يرحمة

  4. Yemen was prosperous under leadership of al hamdi but he trusted snakes the likes of Saleh and chashimi who conspired the saudis to kill him what transpired to be the Yemeni lunch the lunch that caused the the life al hamdi and his brother

  5. Yemen needs self-less leaders, who can unite all its' people, over the tribal and religious differences and agendas, instead of playing them against each-other. Then as a nation, Yemen will also be able stand up to it's more rich and powerful neighbors.

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