CDC, Health Secretary Azar Update On Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

CDC, Health Secretary Azar Update On Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Watch live coverage as the CDC Director Robert Redfield and Health Secretary Alex Azar hold a news conference in response to the coronavirus.
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CDC, Health Secretary Azar Update On Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


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  1. <3 End times
    It’s all prophecy in the holy bible .
    Jesus Christ is lord ;Jehovah is God !
    Make your amends with God and repent of your sins in a prayer in the name of the lord !
    •Luke 21:11, 11And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.
    Do you see the world is a state of perplexity ?!
    •Luke 21:25-26, 25And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

  2. When China gov stays silent, you know something terribly wrong happened. Close the borders to them unless you have the cure. According to knowledge and history, you can't blame the dead. China produced this virus to control world population …without your permission.

    Wash your hands, avoid eating foods coming from Asian countries: Vietnam, China, Malaysia, etc…

  3. If this Coronavirus is not a threat as every news out let, social media, and platform is blazing abroad…then why is multimedia social networks and every other news platform raging that there is no reason to worry? After 57 years on earth two things I have learned. 1. Never trust the Government and 2. The media lies to we the people all the time and tells us what the corrupt Government tells them to tell us.

  4. Chinese communist regime didn't learn nothing from the Sars outbreak, they still allowed vendors in markets to sell live wildlife hopefully they ban all sales of live animals and regulate food industry…

  5. This is not time to panic but it IS time to act on objective facts. Its a Darwinistic time, react to change and adapt, or potentially risk your or those around you´s life. I am in a country without any confirmed cases but live close to a larger international airport. Even if they monitor temperature, that doesnt help when incubationtime are 14 days and you can infect others during that time. They monitor passengers but not the ones cleaning the planes. The airplane support staff herunder pilots and nurses shop where I shop and if some of them are unknowing carriers, the persons in the counter at the supermarket also will be etc etc. I have used last 2 days preparing to be able to selfisolate and have asked people close to me to do same, just as I have urged those with kids to keep them home from school. (again many have a classmate who have a mor or dad that are stewardesses or pilots). I have a natural cold storage option besides my fridge and freezer. I have bought stuff like: carrots, onions, potatoes, raisins, lemons, oranges, apples, yeast, flower, sugar, uht milk (for baking), oil, assorted nut (lots actually), dry bread (like crackers type). Soft cheese. Hard cheese. Non consentrate pasturized juice. toiletpaper. I filled the freezer with meat and frozen vegetables. I have also been lucky enough to get face masks. Others had allready had same idear and I just got enough (last ones) for both me and my parents to later each being able to have 9 trips outside to shop/stock up in a full blown pandemic situation, also got airtight painters disposable fullbody suits, disposable gloves, and painterstape to seal. The new information that you can get infected via vira getting in your eyes can be countered with my dive googles. Loaned some to my parents as well. I also made sure I wouldnt run out of pepper/salt/spices/vitamins/soap/chlorine/washpowder/tabs etc. Furthermore I bought some seeds, not because I believe there will be a longterm breakdown of society but to keep myself positively occupied. Pruning and seeing things grow can be a healthy occupation should there be bad news from the world around you. Everything I have bought will be used even in the unlikely event nothing happens, except maybe the masks. I have set up my parents computers with skype so we can see each other. I should be able to survive well without leaving home for min. 2 months if neccesary as long as electricity wont get cut at any time for a longer period. I will, after having done a few things more, later today, as a start, reduce contact with others to an absolute minimum remembering that many can unknowingly be carriers allready. Today its the 29/01-2020 and still international regular flights seems unrestricted even out of Ubei province and China. Cities as Bangkok, Colombo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur have confirmed cases. Tourists from all over the world come there and authorities clearly dont act responsibly. Many countries in the western world will have 1000´s of citisens there as we speak and some of them will unknowingly and undetectedly via airports temperature control come home and infect others. With the underwhelming response and precautions (not) taken I really realisticly cant see how a widespread deep impact can be avoided. Mentioned cities all have open foodmarkets where daily shopping are normal for locals, and where tourists like to stroll just as the locals that shop there might also be working daytime in the touristsector (hotelstaff, drivers etc) I feel confident and sad in predicting mentioned cities next 14 days will see a sharp increase in both identified and unindentified cases. One of the largest tourists areas outside China for the Ubei province are Indonisia, as per today not one single case are reported from Indonisia. I dont think its because they dont have any infected but because they dont go to the doctor when getting flu symptoms, because they maybe dont have testing eguipment outside a couple of hospitals and a limited governmental focus/capacity. Again a place that have tourists from all over the world. I have been to India and cant help thinking about the potential consequences for some of their big highly populated cities like fx Mumbai. Will truely be impossible to contain anything when half of the city live in tinplate houses. So far only Colombo/Sri Lanka have a confirmed reported case.
    In the western world I could easily understand if supermarketpersonal, busdrivers, policeofficers and other servicepersonal that are close to many people daily wouldnt go to work unless they were provided with protective gear when cases begin to surface. Are going to be "interesting" to see if all stock of such have been sent to China if/WHEN we need it here!?

    Will a person that have had corona and have recovered be immune? Or can you get it again and again?

    SO, what do you think about my preparations? Am I overreacting or am I being smart here?

  6. "USA have the FINEST healthcaresystem". That statement didnt excactly raise he´s trustworthiness. Another 2 things that should be remembered reg. USA. Many with symptoms will "wait just a few days more" before making contact with the healthcaresystem because they will suffer economically by doing so. Illegals are in US in large numbers and will they contact the system at all??? Both groups will be "carriertypes" that rest of the developed world wont see due to their free taxpaid healtcare. These last 2 reasons are enough to expect a pandemic will hit USA harder than rest of the western world. The incubationtime of 14 days where you unknowingly can infect others without having any symptoms are a sad gamechanger. I am happy I am not a busdriver, a pilot/stewardess/airportworker/supermarket employee today. Will that type of staff be expected to go to work without being provided with protective gear?

  7. Some are saying that this virus can last for up to five days on the surface of an object or whatever. So, what about packages shipped from China that are in your upper the United States or wherever within 36 hours and then are on shelves or delivered to people's homes and businesses?

  8. Love watching officials talk about Coronavirus. They sound like they’re getting an Academy Award the way they thank everyone and boast on how everyone is doing their best to control the situation.

  9. The rate of increase…. the geometric progression of how fast these numbers grow…..will be VASTLY DIFFERENT….once we know if there is a contagious aspect during the 2-14 day early incubation period, or not. This is a key point to get right before we go and show predictive charts. Yet still…….we don't have a clear answer on this. The Chinese govt who was blamed for not being open on information on previous outbreaks… says the virus is asymptomatic, and is contagious when there are no outward signs. Yet….the US, including the CDC, say that this isn't true….that instead this virus acts like other viruses….and is only contagious when there are outward signs. This policy extends to the "Screening" that is done at airports which include seeing if the person has a temperature, a fever, etc. This method can be totally ineffective…and the rate of increase can be magnitudes more…if this assumption of being contagious only when showing symptoms…is false. We need this nugget of information before we assign any other predictive charts to this outbreak.

  10. 29/01-2020
    Emergency WHO pressbriefing today (LINK BELOW) before emergency meeting tomorrow. Seems they tomorrow will discuss declaring Corona: "A global emergency of grave concern". Watch the entire pressbriefing in full lenght. Its a paradigm shift in level of informatiom. They, among other things say that inside Wuhan Corona has 4 recognised mutations and outside China 2 had been found. They detail how infectious it is (a lot). Its the topbrass holding the briefing. Its followed by Q and A with journalists and again, a completly new frank tone they strike.

  11. @ 25:48 WTF is she acting like "Oh it's OK that we only have 5 cases here in the states"??!!! It all started in China "WITH ONE CASE"!!!! They have no clue and we all should be worried. They should've let NOT ONE of these planes back into the states until there was an "all cleared" call!!! We are all in trouble.

  12. THAT was the most stupid health update I have ever heard. Trump dumped all the real medical professionals and has a LAWYER as Health Secretary. Why don’t we also get the National plumbers association to provide us with another speech just to waste everyone’s time. What a joke. If you want to know any FACTS people, go to the world health video. They will also be making another video tomorrow morning

  13. makes no justifiable sense that alex azar thinks it's okay to allow 8,000 people a day fly in from china. no matter what screening process airports have these people CAN be infected and not be showing any symptoms at all !! I agree with KRAMER, shut down the flights in !!!!!

  14. Can't the world send hazmat help in to Wuhan?

    Those daily numbers look as though that is the amount of tests they can do in a day. By offering to send in help from best practice countries (who are telling us this is safe in our countries) we can help all those terrified people in China, as well as get a better gauge of what's happening at the epicentre. And that might help to ease the fear in our own populations.

    I have followed this story for about a week. I am informed, and thus less frightened. The mass population don't do this, and some of them will panic. Sending in a team means we are inserting in a solution, and taking up the gauntlet for those who are panicking.

    The world responded to the Australian bushfires with support and teams from around the globe. Why can't we do this for China, hands on in ground zero?

  15. For those who have completed their infection to conclusion we have 259 dead and 252 restored to health. That's a current death rate of infected over 50% , half of all infected at end of it have died. Yet, the authorities keep comparing the dead number ONLY to the total infected currently, and urging everyone to believe the death rate is about 2%. As time goes on, we may see a shift in the numbers of dead versus those restored from the infection, but at this point the most accurate comparison and projection of those who will die is between dead versus the recovered.

    current stats on corona virus for Jan 31 at 9:02 EST time in USA.
    confirmed infected 11,374, Dead 259, Recovered 252

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