China coronavirus: Death toll rises as more cities restrict travel – BBC News

China coronavirus: Death toll rises as more cities restrict travel - BBC News

China has widened its travel restrictions in Hubei province – the centre of the coronavirus outbreak – as the death toll climbed to 26.

The restrictions will affect at least 20 million people across 10 cities, including the capital, Wuhan, where the virus emerged.

On Thursday, a coronavirus patient died in northern Hebei province – making it the first death outside Hubei.

Another death was later confirmed in north-east Heilongjiang province.

The province borders Russia and is more than 2,000 kilometres (1,200 miles) from Wuhan.

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  1. This is fake news, the chinese goverment is lying about the numbers of the infected. Please proceed to this video below of a chinese doctor telling the truth to the chinese people (exactly at 0:22 the number of the infected can be seen but i recomment you to watch the whole thing) :

    Also this is a second video of the REAL situation in china, city of wuhan mostly (Warning : graphic content / people dead on streets, desperation, etc.) :

    Some additional facts : 1) the mask that they use is not enough as the coronavirus can spread through eyes (means you need to also wear googles or full masks) 2) doctors are getting infected by the virus. 3) the virus was active one month earlier. Dont believe me!? Here is proof :

    Update :

  2. <Are you ready, UK, EU, USA for the war from the CCP in China >

    I am Snowred Wang, an author. I was born in China and moved to Hong Kong at a young age. I moved to the UK in 2012 because I wanted to experience the difference in culture with its longstanding freedom and democracy.

    I feel so disappointed at events back in Hong Kong. I want to cry for the terrible backsliding of freedom and democracy, in Hong Kong and in all the democratic countries. In the UK my Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp accounts, my computer and mobile were all hacked last year and this year again.

    I was disturbed recently by the Chinese Embassy calling my mobile because I supported the recent protest in Hong Kong. Then I was astonished to find my car had been unlocked without having been broken into. I only knew because my driver seat position had been moved. Later somebody came into my home and opened the back door while I was out one night. Neither event resulted in any theft so clearly these are designed to scare and intimidate me.

     At about 1:40pm on 15/10/2019, I parked my car at Morrison's supermarket and then I went to a church. I left about 3pm for my next destination. On the way I heard an awful noise from my car so I stopped to find out what the noise was and discovered a screw had been screwed deliberately into my tyre causing it to flat.
    At about 3:00 pm On 04/11/2019, I parked my car at Q-park in Chinatown and left about 9:30-10pm. When I drove my car, I found the light in the car was turned on. Because it was later and I didn’t lose anything, I didn’t report to the police. After a short distance, I feel dizzy as a very bad smell was in the air of my car. I opened the window and I felt better. once I closed the window, I felt that I couldn’t breathe again as if there were some poison in the air condition of my car. a few days later, I went to a garage and the technician told me that there were some strange and noxious smell in the air condition.

    At 1:30-2:30pm on 17/12/2019, someone has inserted a screw into the tire of my car again.
    Who wants to murder me? Who can trail me everywhere I go to? who can use almost a country’s power of telecommunications, internet company and professional people to injure a weak woman in UK?
    Recently I used 02, EE, 3 store telecommunications, and I found a lot of horrible problem which maybe all the telecommunications in UK are controlled by Chinese government so UK can’t use HuaWei’s product of Chinese government. It will be a disaster for UK, even though whole world.

    Be careful UK, EU, America including all countries in the world, an evil and bloodthirsty hand of CCP have already spread across your country into all different fields. once they get the opportunity and they will eliminate you in spite of they give you some temporary interest.

    God bless everyone!

  3. Guys, I have a little guide to survive this mini apocalypse..

    1) WASH UR HANDS PLEASE. Shower every other day and keep a good hygeine. Wash ur hands everytime u enter a house or building.

    2) wear a mask, wear your gloves. Remember to protect your skin. Try to not expose yourself as much as possible.

    3) Avoid crowded places. Even if your city or area is not affected, please refrain from getting urself into a crowd.

    4) dont hug or have any physical contact with others.

    5) try to stay home. Like i said, even if you are not affected, or anyone around you, try to stay home for the best.

    6) eat well and drink well to strengthen your immune system.

    7) get a vaccine if comfortable.

    Do not fret or worry because 1 woman has been cured in china! Have a growth mindset and think positive. We will get through this! Please remember these 7 things. Its for ur own good

  4. RIP VENEZUELA, if it reaches it ever reaches it then every ones going to die. Venezuela has shot healthcare and its population is borderline starved. Their bodies immune system won’t be strong enough to fight the pandemic. And immigrants leaving Venezuela will take it to Brazil and Colombia.

  5. These are all lies… there are 11 millions in Wuhan and they only have 830 infections, that is a full lie. Deaths are within the thousands and infections are in hundreds of thousands.. for them to takes such dramatic measures to shut down the country or city

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