China's Hubei: 'Epicentre' of coronavirus

China's Hubei: 'Epicentre' of coronavirus

The growing coronavirus outbreak is casting a shadow over the Chinese Lunar New Year and causing alarm around the world.
Hubei province – the “epicentre” of the outbreak – is facing a severe medical situation, according to an official there.
Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler has the lastest details from Beijing, China.

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  1. Why was that girl putting away the mask and exposed herself when talking to the reporter?? She would've caught by the virus then! The reporter should've known this and he too should've followed the precautions.

  2. They sure are the center of it. NCBI BioProject Name Coronavirus AcCoV-JC34
    Sequencing Center Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan Institute of Virology
    Description GOLD analysis project created from public NCBI/GenBank data.

  3. Wuhan is now the graveyard of the Chinese empire. The new HanCoronavirus is working wonders, working as designed by US germ scientists. It is designed for people of Chinese DNA, to attack people of Han Chinese. This is why to date no Caucasian or non-Chinese has been infected by the HanCoronavirus. The rest of the world is safe. Let Peking the axis of evil rest in peace.

  4. Do the people who use the temperature gun sanitize it between humans? Like with rubbing alcohol. They could be just spreading the disease all day long.

  5. I must say Allah is quite picky where to send its soldiers. There are US and Israel that have been killing its people for decades, yet no soilders were sent their way.

    Maybe someone here can tell me why, not praying hard enough?

  6. So, the mask that little girl is wearing (0:45) supposedly is not good enough. The virus passes through those. The man at 0:51, is wearing the proper mask, the one with a beak. This is what I heard a doctor say.

  7. I think you can expect three months.
    There are going to be clusters of infection before it disappears I would imagine. Then when they finally find a vaccine I will take time to making of it. The best source to come back this is to stay very clean and healthy as possible. One thing that is easy to do is to stay well rested

  8. HK CE should close borders with China, esp those using land travel, where controls r lax n too numerous to detect. people may not hv any fever when they left home, nor any on arrival. loads of people cough, hv runny nose or sneeze. doesnt mean they r all potential risks. however, during SARS, symptons came out later. the origin is always China, n those comg to HK fm China, even if only one day. think clearly, why take risk of increasing viras carriers cmg in.?

  9. Screening people by taking temperatures is futile. If they took a tylenol or advil they won't have a temp. They could also be early in the incubation period and be contagious and not yet have a temp. The temp taking on the forehead thing they are showing everywhere is just theatre to make the public at large feel safer, much like the TSA in american airports.

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