Chris Wallace GRILLS Kellyanne Conway About Her Lies

Chris Wallace GRILLS Kellyanne Conway About Her Lies

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Chris Wallace is calling Kellyanne Conway’s BS! out Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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“White House advisor Kellyanne Conway claimed it was a “coincidence” that President Donald Trump released the aid he withheld from Ukraine just after it was revealed he tried to pressure their government into going after his political rivals.

As Conway spoke to Chris Wallace during Fox News’ impeachment trial coverage, she was confronted with the timeline that Trump held up Congressionally-approved aid to Ukraine until after the whistleblower notified Congress of his actions.

“The timing is clear,” Wallace said, though Conway responded that “no, you’re looking at causation but it could be coincidence.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. They don't have to spend time arguing in favour of trump, all they need is to wait it out until the majority gives trump a pass, which they've planned to do from the get go irrespective of what proof, arguments or common sense is brought to them by the accusers. I'm surprised they bothered showing up at all

  2. Another line of bullshit by multiple mouth pieces of the Democrat-Marxists Party. Chris Wallace is a Registered Democrat and should be on CNN with the rest of the derelicts of the human race. In the Past Wallace has asked Conway PERSONAL questions on the air that was none of his business. Wallace is very fortunate that he doesn't live where I grew up. The back mountain boys would give Wallace an attitude adjustment. They would smash him in his big mouth with a tire iron and he'd be spitting out his front teeth as they drag him behind "The Woodshed" and beat him within an inch of his life to teach him some manners. They'd be no witnesses. Problem solved. I've flushed better human specimens down my toilet every morning than the likes of Wallace. He has a face I'd love to remodel with my fists. Asshole.

  3. That first comment by Wallace is ignorant. I'm sure he understands how this works so why would he even try to make that point? The Dems from the House have to prove their case. Trump's side has nothing to prove. They didn't bring articles against anyone. This is what made the witness issue so stupid. Schiff and Nads built a case. That is what they brought before the Senate. Admittedly it was weak, or at least without the high crimes and misdemeanors required for impeachment. If they needed more time to build a case, they should have taken more time. Apparently, 3+ years wasn't long enough.

  4. We all knew this would be the outcome. Mitch McConnell said that’s how it would go before it was even brought to the Senate. The Republicans don’t care about Trump abusing the constitution or ruining America. They only care about securing their seat in the Senate. South Park is where all the facts are.

  5. BeavisAnne Conway spewing her "alternative facts" again. For those of you unfamiliar with "alternative facts" they are known by most honorable people as LIES !!!! BOLD-FACED LIES !!!!! And especially coming from that face. She would make an ugly man. Poor George. Must have been during his drinking days when he married BeavisAnne.

  6. What she said about the prosecution is true but she fails to tell you new relevant witnesses and evidence can and will always be used and we will postpone the trial. In this instance there was nothing stopping new evidence and witnesses from being brought forward besides the Republicans blocking it.

  7. Kellyanne is such a used up lying has been. Why does trump keep these clowns like Kellyanne and Rudy. SAFT 2020. Save America Fire trump. Her IQ is zero squared multiplied by zero divided by zero

  8. Who is this dumb broad? Another brain washed democrat running at the mouth without fully understanding that if the democrats had such a strong case and solid evidence , they wouldnt be asking for more witnesses. They had their chance and with such bogus case and corrupt representation , they lost …once again. It is ppl like this garden tool who think theyre so smart , that it never turns out the way they see things. Bull shit news and opinions. Get a real job , garden tool.

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